Brian Tracy “future of freedom” video boildown

Guestpost from MM.

A note on the meta:

BT is a striver free-market type and does not seem aware of many of the systemic problems (the typical Boomer problem).

Still, he is very smart and fully gets the “free money and status” parasitic game of the left. So the politics part of this video isn’t anything new to us, but did not expect Brain Tracy to be borderline based and redpilled. Pleasantly surprised.

“All of Washington is elites who are negotiating over paying the people who voted for them just enough so that they will vote for them again next time”

Its the same thing with fulfilling promises- do the BARE minimum to get re-elected. This is why the right wing refusing to bitch at Trump was so destructive towards our goals. He knew he could get away with anything.

The good stuff (Notes):

Another problem with almost all humans is expediency-people want what they want, and they want it NOW, and with as little effort as possible on their part, and they often care little to none about the long term implications (even for themselves). (partly this is may be lack of intelligence, but people on the whole are just not wired to look far ahead). SO, it is something to very much be contended with.

Another basic bitch implication: democracy relies on winning popularity by appealing to what people see as good in the HERE AND NOW. The long term horizon has little effect on persuasion on the average man. Yet another reason why things turn out so shit.

1. Humans are lazy. People always seek the fastest and easiest way to get what they want, and will not take a harder road to the same goal if an easier one is avaliable. This is responsible for most of our increases in lifestyle, and provided the incentive for alot of tech development (war spurred most of the rest, probably). So, its both a good thing and a bad thing. Certainly on the individual level too much laziness can destroy someone, and we’ll soon see what happens on the societal scale…

2. Humans are greedy. People prefer more (of good things, to be simple) to less (it does not necessarily give them more pleasure, they just want it).

3. Humans are selfish, and think of themselves most of the time. There are good and bad ways to fulfill selfish needs, but it is not obvious that any needs
do not go back to the self (morallity, identity, etc.). IE- One person’s selfish needs (to feel like a good person, for instance) can be fulfilled by helping alot of other people. Perhaps another person is a crack whore, and will kill and steal to get their damn crack!

4. Humans are ambitious- they want to improve their conditions. (MM- True, but addictive demons can literally overwhelm this drive to the point that very little of someone’s behavior will reflect it. Also, see number 1. If an ambition takes too much work someone won’t do it. Unless they were too convince themselves it IS worth the effort, nothing will happen.)

5. Humans are vain. They think highly of themselves. They thinker they are smarter, better leaders, more attractive, than average. And that’s just the baseline. Some people are so full of themselves they have no ability to even sense reality.

6. Impatience. They want things NOW. If you can have something now or later, you will choose now unless the later option accrues interest (and MOST people have a hard time picking this second, better but postponed option).

7. Ignorance. All of your decisions are made with profound ignorance. You know very little about the structure of your own body, of the economy, of anything. Most of your ‘thinking’ is nothing but shortcuts, guesses, intuition, and the regurgitated opinions of your past self and of others.

What Do People Want? (Hierarchy of needs)

1. Safety. People don’t like dying.
2. Survival. Food, water, etc. A bit longer timescale “not dying”.
3. Security. Life insurance, investments, etc etc. People don’t like losing what they already have (especially status).
4. Leisure. Entertainment, fun, etc.
5. Love. Others in general, and more close relations for those in the correct frame of mind.
6. Respect. Status, etc. Because of expediency people want status with as little work as possible. Hence, both victim and priest classes (victimhood being ever more popular because its easier).
7. Fulfillment. They want to reach their complete potential.

The fastest way to get any of this is with money and power.

“The most popular word in any language besides ‘more’ is ‘free’ “

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5 Responses to Brian Tracy “future of freedom” video boildown

  1. Boneflour says:

    Noice Poast.

  2. So in conclusion: Machiavelli

  3. Texas Arcane says:

    It’s a good post.

    Like to add – the only type of personality capable of overcoming all these human limitations is the shamanistic personality, who doesn’t give a damn about pain, hardship, misery, poverty, status or much of anything if they think their current course of action is going to result in a colossal serotonin payoff at the end. They will undergo any kind of ritual, trial by fire, brutal self-examination, ruthless self-castigation if they think somehow they will acquire some superhuman ability at the end of it. Ordinary people are nothing like this. The Shaman is the only person who will walk on coals to get some abstract and rare reward at the end of it in terms of spiritual insight or further control of the universe around them.

    The Neanderthal race were Shamans and that is why they are the only people capable of escaping this vicious animal cycle of nihilistic emptiness and ultimate failure. The Neanderthals persisted with dog domestication for 250,000 years. There must have been dog attacks, dogs killing children, dogs going rogue, bad dogs and worse dogs. The Neanderthals didn’t care. They want what they wanted and the modern dog, basically a saint whose paws barely touch the ground, is what they got. Cro Magnons could have never, ever achieved such a thing. They didn’t have the patience, foresight or shaman’s persistence towards the impossible goal that only they could even imagine.

    Over the long perspective, the only winning biology for bipeds is the Shamanistic type. Think about it long enough and you will see all other approaches are just animals at the mercy of the elements. As Stan Gooch pointed out, modern man might appreciate what the Neanderthals had as an end result but could never duplicate the unique personality and inner life that produced it. They could only try to steal it, rape it, parasite on it and borrow it.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      This is related to the New Age idea of visualization–because in a limited sense those damned hippies had a point. If you have the instincts to conceive the right vision and a stubborn streak you can achieve what R-selected homo sapiens believes is impossible: modify the environment to raise the carrying capacity. Homo sapiens sees a herd of 200 cows and figures you must have raided 10 villages to steal so many.

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