Resources re: the evolution of power and class

I think it’s easiest to think about the formation of occasional non-Jewish mafias if we propose a personality trait for extended kin selection measured by a “mafia quotient” MQ. That is, the personal tendency to engage in mafia formation. Then it’s not surprising if we observe the occasional Irish, Sicilian, or Latvian mafia to form. These groups, despite their low average IQ, will occasionally have enough of them in the same place with highish ability, the right economic factors, and the absence of higher-MQ competitors. If we then propose that this MQ is the same thing as ethnocentrism, we have a working model.

I’d be curious to determine whether mafia formation is more of a positive or negative ethnocentrism thing, but I’ll have to read Dutton’s book for that. (I suspect it’s positive ethnocentrism, based on the example of Irish politics in Minnesota.) So instinctive subversion of a host society is likely the simple result of being a minority group in that society with high positive ethnocentrism. If Western policy is the practice of favoring law-abiding citizens over criminals (traditionally) through a private protection racket, then the mafia is a parallel structure competing to provide private protection with the intent of favoring the minority group.

So we can begin with the naive, Ancap assumptions about the world, then add ethnocentrism:

In its raw form, class looks like this:

In its next form, government looks like the mafia:

In a society where trust is in short supply and democracy weak, the Mafia sells protection, a guarantee of safe conduct for parties to commercial transactions. Drawing on the confessions of eight Mafiosi, Diego Gambetta develops an elegant analysis of the economic and political role of the Sicilian Mafia.

This effectively requires the existence of guilds, so you don’t see anything above simple gangs in e.g. Africa.

Anyway, just some notes for building up Overwatch theory a bit more. If you imagine that the purpose of “dark side” elites is to sign off on legitimate commercial operations and the purpose of “light side” elites is to sign off on legitimate drug deals (by choosing which ones to bust), then you end up with a very stable and logical system of loosh wicking upward and negative transference downward like in The Wire.

Other stuff I’ll probably want to refer to:

Kevin MacDonald’s books
War is a Racket
The Underground History of American Education
Propaganda (Bernays)
Yuri Bezmenov stuff
The Creature from Jekyl Island
Codes of the Underworld
Class (Fussell)
The Power Elite
Liars and Outliers
Surveillance Capitalism

I also need something that explains the simple economic utility of occultism for elite groups in a straightforward, analytical way.

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7 Responses to Resources re: the evolution of power and class

  1. bicebicebice says:

    America was founded by european pirates who found christianity european christians who found piracy, america is still a mafia and you are right and yes the world is run by gangs of smugglers who worship weird shit because reasons codes and itz easy to know who is a fellow fellow with the right paraphernalia.
    Now we know why people of such high moral fabric don’t really care that much about 50 million beaners in amerika.
    Best case scenario america was founded by a few good men that got overtaken, worste more real scenario a few satan pirates had some good ideas and wrote em down, then went on with their american business and voila just modern day america is the overwatch.

    I just want to say you are right but I don’t know how yet, itz just doesn’t need to be that explicitly highlighted I think to “get” it. Anyoneone can be an amerikan, just sign the club papers and you are in. Welcome abord matey-

    TLDR: america never being a “good country” explains everything faster. Facts. On the bright side america won’t “collapse”…

  2. Obadiah says:

    Class in Kwanzstania really becomes a matter of misanthropy once you get above about the upper-middle level. The elite and the lumpenproletariat are basically both criminal elements that extract resources from the blue-to-white collar work-performing law-abiding middle-section.

    • Robotnick says:

      Exactly. Parasites on both sides draining the upstanding but naive and slavish citizens dry. Judeo-capitalism and democracy work hand in hand. The Lumpen and rich parasites reinforce each other by keeping the productive down.

      Being a “good citizen” is just being a slave now.

      Get a tribe or be drained.

  3. bicebicebice says:

    “Obadiah says:”
    This. “wicked in itz origins”. This is not drumph but still on topic:

    This is america in one picture

    itz literally in the constitution that basically no one can actually become an american, only good white upstanding men of repute, everybody else falls under the one drop rule which means defunct.

    the upper echelon power structure can never be a democracy, if it is a democracy it is only by merit of competition aka active participation. errebody else gets a note to vote but itz a formality and the mafia just rationalized that shite away with.

    neanderthal gangs when? what is the nich between melon gaypyramiding in the west and sc borgonizing of the east? larping as holy men amongst the sapes in the mena and south amerikas and india?

    I need a new career so if any third wolrd shithole is interstd give me a call, I know of people (which is not popular because people say they want to get to know themselves but only if itz good news and well do I got newz for you).

  4. Heaviside says:

    “MQ” doesn’t equal ethnocentrism, because according to Dutton Northeast Asians have high levels of both varieties of ethnocentrism and yet they are pretty terrible at forming mafias outside of Asia. (Conversely, Jews and other diaspora “mafia” ethnicities are completely powerless when they end up in Asia.)

    • Fox says:

      Maybe that’s bc they lack initiative aka entrepreneurial ability aka criminal energy.
      At home, they have byzantine and stable networks that are nigh-impenetrable to infiltration and slowly suffocate people with more initiative (like previous steppe invaders or contemporary westerners). It’s the low initiative low disagreeability strategy – immobilize the enemy while hiding behind a facade of benevolence.

    • Fox says:

      ^if that’s correct, the proverb “lord protect me from my friends for I can protect myself from my enemies” has special significance in that region of the world.

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