Cernovich re: Epstein

Another guestpost from MM, because I apparently can’t be bothered to write my own posts anymore.

-The idea that Cernovich was the one who has caused this second look at Epstein is total horse shit.
His suit was paired with DERSHOWITZ- one of Epsteins own buddies and a visitor to the island
(and who has been personally charged by the girl who ACTUALLY brought this case back to prominence- Virginia Roberts).
Cerno was NOT suing Epstein or to get the original records unsealed!

-Trump’s secretary of labor, Alexander Acosta, who just resigned btw, was the one who gave Epstein his sweetheart deal. Of course Trump knew about that shit. He knows all too well…

-James Comey’s daughter is the prosecutor on this new Epstein case!*

-Nobody knows how Epstein went from a math teacher to fucking billionaire
BUT- we do know the man who hired him for his first post-teaching Job… Trump’s attorney general Bill Barr’s father was the one…

-Google, Wikipedia, etc. delisting Epstein searches and editing any referance to him being jewish. Of course.
Also scrubbing photos of many of the famous people he has been seen with- but leaving up photoshopped versions to make it seem crazy and conspiratorial…

-There is an OPEN second set of rules for the ruling class.
There is ZERO moral authority in US law enforcement, especially at the highest levels (Dennis Hastert was another Epstein figure, and there are loads of them).

-The Zios are using this Epstein case to harm Barak (Netanyahu’s opponent, who visited the island) but it seems unlikely they would
do so much possible self-harm to get Barak, so it is almost certainly just opportunistic.
-Devon stack wonders if the whole purpose of the investigation is to get some of Epstein’s sweet black mail stash to muscle people. Pretty good theory.

-They can literally just say that they lock him up. How do we know, and why the fuck should we trust them? (Epstein is now being charged for raping an underage girl WHILE IN PRISON the first time),

-If this doesn’t lead to high profile arrests and real convictions, you know whatever is up aint no good.

Better info in regards to Mike Cernovich and Dershowitz, they were suing a VICTIM, not Epstein!:

π™»πšŽπšŽ πš‚πšπš›πšŠπš—πšŠπš‘πšŠπš— ⏳ (@stranahan)
Exposing Mike Cernovich’s Lies About the Jeff Epstein Case…

Start at 4 minutes. 8 min 30 sec to 11 min ish for those that just want the TLDW.
We all know Cerno is shitty, but people need to understand that he is literally an enemy agent.

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2 Responses to Cernovich re: Epstein

  1. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    The more that I hear about this, the worse it gets. First, if all this dates back to when Bill Clinton was President, doesn’t the statute of limitations apply? Second, if the matter has already been adjudicated, doesn’t double jeopardy apply? Thirdly, if this is the quality of justice available to the powerful, why aren’t we in the midst of a revolution?

  2. J-Dog says:

    I keep hearing about the whole Barr’s father hired Epstein trope, I was under the impression Barr’s father was forced out and his replacement brought in the perv.

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