Re: El Paso shooting, etc.

MM and I are convinced the latest manifesto was a flex to black pill us. It was that bad. Would you start your killing spree explanation this way?

In general, I support the Christchurch shooter and his manifesto.

What’s most notable about the whole thing is the absolute lack of emotion. You’d think the guy was in 6th grade desperately reaching for filler to hit the four-page minimum for his assignment. Presumably that length was chosen because it’s intended to be assigned reading for undergraduates until the end of time, and you can’t expect them to have an attention span better than ten minutes.

If you think I might be jumping to conclusions, try this line in the “Gear” section:

The ar15 is probably the best gun for military applications but this isn’t a military application.

It’s full of cringe like that. I’m surprised he didn’t add that no one needs extended magazines for hunting.

This will also make the elites that run corporations realize that it’s not in their interest to continue piss off Americans. Corporate America doesn’t need to be destroyed, but just shown that they are on the wrong side of history.

Written by an NGO summer intern for other NGO summer interns. Has anyone on the right ever used the phrase “wrong side of history” without irony? I mean, other than the plan trusters.

What can I say, the black pill is working on me. They know that I know that they don’t need to try any harder than this. At least I’m iron pilling out of my mind right now to compensate.

Also, if you say it was Mossad on 4chan you get instantly memory-holed. MM and I got to watch threads disappear in real time. My conclusion on this whole thing is they’re pushing against free speech on the internet in general but this was specifically targeted at 8chan. (That’s who they targeted with it in New Zealand.) If they can shut down free speech and maintain control in the schools they can make real progress on the guns. That puts a time limit on things.

I’m gonna sell water filters and penis pills now. Watch this space!

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14 Responses to Re: El Paso shooting, etc.

  1. Boneflour says:

    Instead of “Workers of the world, Unite!”, we have “PRIDE ETERNAL”. It wasn’t pretty, but the Soviet Union fell. Britain was the empire on which the sun never set. Was.

    The BDS movement in the left threatened Israel enough that they passed all those unconstitutional gag laws. People are escalating in response to real fear of real change, which is the worst time to give into despair.

    There is always hope.

  2. j says:

    Hard to say. Generation Nothingness may actually BE this level of autistic/cringe/etc. They don’t make ’em like they used to. Everything sucks now. Get off my lawn…

  3. chezgr@y says:

    the ‘gear’ section of the manifesto seemed especially forced, very true. NZ manifesto was epic in comparison, great jokes about pewdiepie and the candace owens line had me in stiches, but now NZ are afraid to search for it on the internet. sad

  4. says:

    Wasn’t he an ex lefty? Nothing surprising about a Zoomer writing this way.

    He’s just a Texan, doing what Texans do. Midwesterners wouldn’t understand.

    • bicebicebice says:

      “He’s just a Texan, doing what Texans do. Midwesterners wouldn’t understand.” I was going to write something about “spic immigrant shot up other spics in america, white americans get collectively blamed, have their guns taken away and shat on by the prezzident (MIGA!)”, also something about sapes mutts dysgenics etc et al. but then I just chuckled and realized he was actually integrated. America is a collective pirate effort. The states with the most OG American founding spirit will survive when the “united” is officially over, Texas is thus then in a very good position to move forward. God, Guns, Loot and sort of the constitution and “whiteoid in the racial caucaus”. Looks like the south will rise against the north…
      I still can’t believe a mexican can get away with false flagging an entire nation carrieda long by a jew media saying he is white?!? if any of the current week shooters showed up in swe the “good”-swedes would ask them if they were from syria needing asylum…which means drumphie is also right: you can’t have dysgenics (unbeknownst to him?) video games and guns (and sunshine SSRI+nuclearfamily destruction christianity etc).

      The standard soylent answer is; “I did that and I did not turn out like that”, well, obviously, you are white but they are not. xxx IQ vs xx IQ, the irony of course that modern gaymers are spawnfactories for mixedmutt incels, which are a high factori n these shootings.

      Take away the guns, regulate video games, use red flag systems…now you are CHYNA but without a Borgonizer so you can’t enforce the regulations meaning… and if you manage to do this, you are just keeping a lid on the sapes unless you move ahead with a eugenics program, take away the lid (or let it boil over) and you will unleash even more pented up autism. the irony is that these shootings are better for america than a big bang, seeing as they are not intended to move forward at all, drumphies prezzidency made that very clear.
      Unlike CHYNA. Gotta enforce that trust with deathrobot-AI.

      “j says:
      August 6, 2019 at 12:41 am
      Hard to say. Generation Nothingness may actually BE this level of autistic/cringe/etc.” this is just the truth of it when you TLDR because dysgenics and miscegenation. Autism is actually brain damage.
      The succinct (sapes can’t understand facts/reality fyi) way to phrase this is always: Eugenics/dysgenics, 80/20, r/K. But people are so saped in the IQ they be too dumbie to even understand what evil and bad looks like. This is the problem with hearding sapes, they have no innate feelz about good and evil nor right and wrong. Cue opening pandoras box again; LET THEM VOTE, LET THEM ADOPT, LET THEM IN, BAKE THE CAKES (bacchanalia aka the bungabungaparty in Edenist terms).
      This is the compounded negative interest all man made empires faced and not a single on of them knew how to manage that expense. Neanderthals managed it by not even going there aka keeping the population low, or rather, survived it for a while (skating around the issue) but nature don’t do half-measure.

      And then there was Edenism – sapes not even once

  5. Fox says:

    28 July : “Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting”
    1. August (four days later): New Moon and end of Mercury Retrograde
    3. August: “El Paso shooting”
    4. August: “Dayton shooting”
    5. August (four days after the 1. August): “Terminating Service for 8Chan”

    • glosoli says:

      But you’ll not see any video of the shootings, nor any bodies, or blood.
      I did however see a news interview of a noble black hero, who supposedly carried dozens of abandoned kids out under each arm.

      I repeat below my comment on this issue at an earlier O/T post:

      Trump is becoming more overt in his threats to put all of the autistes from the chans into internment camps.Even as the shootings are obviously faked.

      They’ll do it, and the autistes will all go quietly, because they’ll have read the latest Q post telling them it’s all part of the 4d chess game,

      Then they’ll all be dead.

      (H/T CultState: )

      And that’s probably how our Neanderthal ancestors were wiped out, they were duped to death by the Satanic Melons.

      Sad times, only Jehovah can save the world now. so pray hard.

  6. Fox says:

    What is cloudfare’s justification?
    “The El Paso shooter … appears to have been inspired by the largely unmoderated discussions on 8chan which glorified the previous massacre”
    “they have proven themselves to be lawless and that lawlessness has caused multiple tragic deaths”
    So: Based on a very tiny number of group members who perpetrated horrible crimes, they make judgements about the group as a whole and decide to punish all members by shutting the whole site down!
    This very reasoning would be called “hate”/”discrimination”/”racism” (and lead to social stigmatization and likely economic or even legal consequences) were it applied to certain ethnic/sexual/religious/ideological groups.

    • Fox says:

      “First, we are a private company and not bound by the First Amendment”
      Exactly. The ongoing privatization and corporatization practically nullifies all these nice-sounding laws

      “Hate online is a real issue. Here are some organizations that have active work to help address it: Anti-Defamation League Gen Next Foundation Perspective API 7 Cups”

      The second is connected to “Against Violent Extremism”, which is “managed by the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD), an independent think-tank based in London” ( It was founded by George Weidenfeld, who “was a British publisher, philanthropist, and newspaper columnist. He was also a lifelong Zionist and renowned as a master networker. He was on good terms with popes, prime ministers and presidents and put his connections to good use for diplomatic and philanthropic ends.” [wikipedia]

      According to their own site, they’ve “Trained over 32.000 activists …”, “Engaged 80.000 young people in education programmes”, “Produced over 75 research reports and policy briefings”, “Advised 40 national governments” and provide “strategic advice, policy support and training to over 44 governments and 120 cities worldwide”.
      Is there anything on the rightist side of the spectrum that has even a tenth of that power and clout?

      • glosoli says:

        Jehovah and Jesus, infinite power, infinitely Right Wing.

        Stop sweating the mortal shit, we know itz happening, prepare for it.

  7. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    About El Paso, I just found out that the mall was another gun free zone. Mass murderers only care about one thing, high body counts.

  8. Schrödinger's Psych Evaluation says:

    Wait. They’re shutting 8chan down? Wow, I feel sooo much safer now. I’m sure that getting rid of that uncensored shitposting forum will dramatically increase our odds of not dying at the hands of some random lunatic with a gun, a manifesto, and a lack of knowledge about how power dynamics actually work. Let’s all get together and thank our unprincipled leaders for pressuring Cloudflare into placating the frightened mass–I mean, for doing all that they can to keep us safe.

    On the other hand, you could be right about the whole psy-op thing. Either way, to hell with all of their censorship.

  9. bicebicebice says:

    “I’m gonna sell water filters and penis pills now. Watch this space!” what about podcost-cohosting? With america ITZED, bigly, surely you must have some topics to talk about? the people have spoken podcasts now!

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