Modern leftism as esoteric Hitlerism

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14 Responses to Modern leftism as esoteric Hitlerism

  1. bicebicebice says:

    hitler shut down the weimar-bungabunga party republic. sapes like that. put 1 and 1 together. sapes will call anyone advocating for civilization hitler, this is why the west hates CHYNA and the Borgonizer. 20 credits deducted for jaywalking, instant death penalty for fat naked pedos walking down the streets in gayparades.

      • bicebicebice says:

        the funny thing about communism/socialism and the Borgonizer-angle is that no socialist leader ever, hitler stalin mao castro, were champions of the gay. western commies should love CHYNA, but they don’t because real communism, the one that never existed which their heroes never actually preached for, real communism is globohomo? that never happened ffs, and the only sphere that pushes that shite is the current year west, which they hate?

        itz just so fucking dumb, then of course you have the “import the entire 3world which throws gays from the roof”, but they just shrug it off and call them oppressed workers of the world, just like themselves.,, so why does hitler bear the brunt of the hate, when again no utopia leader supported the gaypedos? their ethno-western centro worldview probably explains hit (which is a bias they always claim to never have).

        those who can’t teach, and those too dumb to learn on their own become students, itz a perfect cercle vicieux..! This is why the Borgonizer gag has a lot of mileage left to go before it becomes stale and boring, I just want the leftards to get the real deal communism they always wanted. I think hitler would like eastern communism in 2019, and Castro… well…”May 12, 2019 – Cuban gay rights activists held an unauthorized independent pride parade in Havana on Saturday despite the Communist government warning …”-france24

  2. Obadiah says:


    >Aeoli uses the word “antisemite” unironically in the year of our Lord 2019

    Interesting new Anti-Christian tack you’ve taken up. I’m really only an antisemite because the Pharisees tend to be such wild antigentilites.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >Interesting new Anti-Christian tack you’ve taken up.

      I’m confused.

      >I’m really only an antisemite because the Pharisees tend to be such wild antigentilites.


      • Obadiah says:

        >I’m confused

        By buying into the Jewish concept of “anti-semitism” and then comparing anti-semites to WASP-hating leftists you’re accepting the Pharisee’s framing of reality, which is always anti-Christian either explicitly or implicitly.

        Was meant to be a tongue-in-cheek comment and not a serious accusation of your being anti-Christian; would probably have come off more smoothly if we were speaking in person.

        *Goes back to anti-ZOG command center in mom’s basement*

  3. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I have given this a little thought. From an historical perspective, comparing Nazis to present day libtards grossly insults Nazis. While we were correct to fight a big war against them, it would be hard to sell libtards on the need for it.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >From an historical perspective, comparing Nazis to present day libtards grossly insults Nazis.

      It’s the logical extension of Jonah Goldberg’s book “Liberal Fascism”. But it’s bad rhetoric too (basically DR3 on steroids), I only shared it because it was clarifying for me.

      • fuzziewuzziebear says:

        I have had to defend Nazis before. What is it that allows people to accuse them of stuff they were philosophically opposed to? I hate defending them, but they do make great villains.

    • glosoli says:

      You just have to read Miles W Mathis’s papers on Hitler, on the Beer Hall Putsch, and on Stalin, to know that all of it was fake. It was all for the money (and the slaughter of millions of Christian men).

      How can anyone not see their plan, it’s so obvious, so fake. No wonder they laugh at us and hate us, we’re so stupid.

      Communism is fake too, invented to hide the plundering of the financiers in Rusia.
      Irans Mullahs, totally fake.
      Trump, fake.
      Boris Johnson, Putin, all of it, fake.

      Not fake, just arriving, Central Bank Digital Currency (China first to introduce it shortly), then all of the rest. No more cash. You will need it to buy and sell with. ring any bells?

      ITZ happening, right now. Stop navel-gazing.

  4. says:

    Let’s clarify the historical point: we (Anglo America) fought against them because we could not compete technologically or economically against them, they stood in the way of empire. How can the ‘melting pot’ compete against a society that actually works to elevate it’s human capital, not debase it? A society where Labour is the wealth of the nation? All the propaganda comes later.

  5. Obadiah says:

    Naziism was basically the wrong answer to the right questions.

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