Definition of Boomerism

Boomerism: “A conceited refusal to accommodate one’s worldview to new information.” (“Accommodate” is used in the Piagetian sense here.)

E.g. A Boomer’s worldview is stuck in 1969. Vox’s worldview and writing have not changed since January 2017.

A person without accommodating faculties relies entirely on counterfactual reasoning for assimilation, i.e. “how does this prove my existing models of the world?”. (Fox prefers: “In which way does this [piece of evidence] show that I’m right?”) Just as all incorrectness is subversive and all deception is protectively insulating, all conceits are ego-protecting in origin and function. The strength of the conceit is proportional to ego investment in the self-serving narrative, and I have a hunch that loss aversion also plays a multiplying role. So if a person has X ego investment in their financial situation and a conceit has allowed them to make Y dollars, only a loss of 3*X*Y dollars will cause them to question it.

I found a description of a bias in investing that explains this in a bit more detail. These screenshots are taken from here.

2019-08-28 14_43_21-The Psychology of Money-9dbc86.pdf

2019-08-28 14_44_53-The Psychology of Money-9dbc86.pdf

2019-08-28 14_45_03-The Psychology of Money-9dbc86.pdf

Just imagine this bias inflated out of all proportion because the upside of growing up in the biggest economic boom in history means that the factor Y in the formula 3*X*Y is huge.

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9 Responses to Definition of Boomerism

  1. bicebicebice says:

    dank and big D poast

    “current investment beliefs depend on the realizations experienced in the past”, probably why people with shame and standards become hikikomori/treestumpers and also probably why a nigger will never stop muh dicking around ever also why Mike P rule is essential because wahmen,

    what is the evolutionary reward of changing your belief? lower class marry lower class, upper class marry upper class, but the middle class…que the globohomo gaynakedpedoclowntrain.

    One should change their beliefs but also never.

    there is also something here about democracy

  2. Mr. T. says:

    That “anchored-to-your-own-history bias” is good to remember in a personal sense as well: I have an unfortunate tendency towards depressive thinking which often brings to mind the negative experiences in my personal historical timeline. Negative thinking is easy to change, if you only get enough constant positive reference experiences (asperger’s doesn’t help, of course). Mental reframing of the life situation works as well: that thankfulness post of yours would be good for that, even though I have been too lazy to do the task for now. Plus those pesky aspie organizational issues…

    After I became a believer I had to change a lot of old thinking patterns and I’m still wondering how exactly the world works, what I really should be doing, what is really good, what’s worldly, what my neighbour needs etc. Getting religion and spirituality later in life (in my 30’s) really can adjust your worldview in a profound way (even including psychosis). There’s a lot of new meaning in life but a lot of uncertainty as well.

    “Vox’s worldview and writing have not changed since January 2017.”

    How so? I read his blog pretty often and lately he seems to have increased his use of religious language to paint his opponents (including/especially Disney) in as bad light as possible. I wonder if this is really healthy use of rhetoric that I would consider quite serious. He definitely has to think that he’s absolutely right and has figured everything out to use such language. Dunno if some humility would be good occasionally instead of using such broad strokes.

    (There were some problems with my WordPress log in, hopefully there aren’t duplicate comments.)

  3. Fox says:

    While I think you’re mostly right and the same applies to the article you linked to, there’s too much of a knitter’s perspective.
    Your own experiences may be quantitatively only a very small fraction of all experiences in this world, but qualitatively they’re normally (depending on how normal you are) one of the dozen (or so) major types of life experience occuring in your country/society in that particular era and social class.Add to this the first-hand knowledge obtained from family members, friends and acquaintances, and you’re, regarding that particular geographical, political and social domain and era, quite well informed, with typically only small, marginal or ideologically hidden phenomena eluding you.

    • bicebicebice says:

      “Fox says:
      August 30, 2019 at 5:23 pm”

      Good point, which is also the problem. A current year persona, from current year “society”, is not Christian. The boomer phenomena is interesting if it is recurring, if you spot the boomer, you spot the rest of the problem-personas they just pop up etc etc.
      Only Christianity can break this cycle, but if a sape gets hold of the bibble, he will say “God always forgives me”, and start to live like the people of sodom&gomorrah because love is love.
      Was current year overflow of goods so strong it broke the illusion of “cannibal rapist headhunters who eat their own children can be christian too you know you just convert”, or… ITZ very possible that only Christians can actually unironically be Christians! Because the shit I see in the west from people claiming to be, they are worse than satan who is honest about his devilry shenanigans.

      Dysgenic people can never be good people because they never fully matured into grown ass neanderboon men from oxford with a 200+ IQ. Policing based on Divine laws makes for good policing tho, it worked well until the sapes went full globohomo-sape, which just comes more naturally to them. Why? Because they are sapes.

      TLDR: Only White Christan Neanderboon men can cure the world of histrionic current year larpagan jews who offer up men parts to women, Eve came from the rib not the other way around you dumb fuckoos. Sapes gonna sape until they sape themselves out of existence.

  4. Fox says:

    Money/finance is an artificial system for extracting ressources from normal people, and hence it has to be both overly complicated and, at critical times, unpredictable.Maybe more importantly, the forces that drive it are both obscure and obscured – the results of billionaire meetings, non-written agreements between major investors and executives – decisions made far away from public eyes and ears among “insiders”, kept secret, and tailored to produce the best outcome for the decision-makers (and thus necessarily a rather bad one for most non-deciders).
    Put differently, if markets made sense, you couldn’t fleece investors.

  5. Heaviside says:

    >Vox’s worldview and writing have not changed since January 2017.

    Perhaps he thinks that’s what his audience wants to see.

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