Comparison of Asperger’s to adult children of alcoholics

Snippets & Ruminations In The New Anthropology #2
How I got Lost In Space At The Age of Four Years Old


From the first time I saw [Lost in Space] as a toddler, it exerted an eerie grip on me that precluded everything else. I was so rapt watching the show it was difficult for my parents to even speak to me when it was on. I still had a dummy in my mouth and took it out frequently to point to the screen when it was on during some part of the show that resonated so strongly in me I had to highlight it. My fascination was with the Robinsons. Not Dr. Smith. Even at this young age I felt Dr. Smith was like the people I saw around me in real life. He was nefarious. He had a forked tongue. It was impossible for him to say anything without actually working on another angle at the same time. The man was so crooked he must have had to screw on his pants in the morning. Dr. Smith I recognized as being similar to the adults I knew in the world around me. The Robinsons were something else altogether to me.

Something in the curves of their faces and their builds and their self-expression triggered a powerful response in me. This is how proper people talked. This is the way proper people communicated. This is how real men and women should comport themselves if they were healthy and normal. Everything about the Robinsons struck a chord in me. I saw them clearly as being of my own kind. Dr. Smith was part of The Others. Even at four years old, I saw this as clearly as you see the sun rise in the morning. When adults were speaking to me and attempting to charm me I could see several different ambiguous emotions in their faces at the same time just as Dr. Smith’s face looked when he talked.

I began to tell my mother that the Robinsons were “my real family” and that Penny and Will were my real “brother and sister.” I began to speak to Penny and Will as my imaginary friends. I told my mother that the Robinsons were going to come get me in the Jupiter-2 and take me back to their home planet so I “could be with my own real family,” a frequent delusion seen with “Asperger’s Syndrome” about being separated from one’s “real race.” My mother and father tried hard to laugh at my strange notions and obsession with this television show, certain it must be some kind of stage that is normal for a child to go through. It isn’t. It is distinctly bizarre and outlandish. These kinds of feelings of alienation as a child that young is a truly odd expression of development.

My parents never knew what kind of sadness came over me as I got older and began to understand more of the mechanics of my situation. The Robinsons were never coming to get me in the Jupiter-2. I was never going back to be with my own kind. I was to be left here, forever, amongst the Dr. Smiths. The Others had taken me from my people and I would never, ever be returning to my true home. I knew, even before I started school, that all of these people were Dr. Smiths. Their ways and the ways of my people, the Robinsons, were as far apart and incompatible as a bird in the air and a fish in the water. The Others were going to raise me as one of their own and they would make me compete against a society of Dr. Smiths. There was something about this that even at a very young age I knew was wrong.


2019-09-04 17_26_53-Adult Children of Alcoholics_ Expanded Edition - Janet G. Woititz - Google Books2019-09-04 17_27_03-Adult Children of Alcoholics_ Expanded Edition - Janet G. Woititz - Google Books2019-09-04 17_27_21-Adult Children of Alcoholics_ Expanded Edition - Janet G. Woititz - Google Books2019-09-04 17_41_20-Adult Children of Alcoholics_ Expanded Edition - Janet G. Woititz - Google Books

The similarities are likely due to a shared perception of chaos in the social environment. In the same way that neurotypicals commonly describe aspies as robot-like, aspies commonly describe neurotypicals as druggie-like. I’ve found that I can actually empathize with people a great deal more if I pretend they’re on crack.

This desire for a simple, saccharine family life is, incidentally, why autistic people like My Little Pony.

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27 Responses to Comparison of Asperger’s to adult children of alcoholics

  1. Obadiah says:

    Red Ranger: MT
    Blue Ranger: TT
    Black Ranger: TM
    Green Ranger/White Ranger/Twilight Sparkle/Asclepius/Osiris: MM
    Girl Rangers: Affirmative Action hire wammenz

    Zordon: Green Man/Occipital bun
    Alpha 5: Neurotic Starchild

    Bulk and Skull: Cro-Mags

    Rita: Snake melon
    Lord Zedd: Arch-Melon

    Putties: Homo Sapiens/NPCs

    (((Ivan Ooze))): Just a humble traveling merchant selling perfectly healthy purple drank to the huwhyte chilluns. Why do you persecute him so?

  2. Obadiah says:

    Master Vile: Satan
    Zedd: Cain
    Goldar: Tubal-Cain
    Finster: Crypto-Jew/Marrano banker nebbish

  3. bicebicebice says:

    “I’ve found that I can actually empathize with people a great deal more if I pretend they’re on crack.” there is no such thing as a sape on crack, they are born on something much worse, fiend is a good word but think demon instead. now you are Edenist you can’t empathize with animals that is how the west was destroyed..!
    A Man can only have one desirable persona, the Christian one, because he is naturally Eugenic. The rest are just dysgenic and find creative ways to garner sympathy from men struggling to be Christian, if you have to struggle to be a good person, you are not a good person. This is the nature of the Eugenic beast! Nature don’t do centrism.

    But I agree, the people who can glimpse at what normality actually is and can’t get there, they will suffer, sapes don’t suffer, and if they try to “save” the sapes they will create hell on earth. “Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society” and all that shite. I think that giving up the Eugenics programs is what created the current year, when good men do nothing etc etc. People are so nice these day, they believe that anyone can be and do anything. All crimes are written off as misunderstandings. This leads to the lowest amongst us setting the highest standards, you really get an inversion of literally everything.

    “This desire for a simple, saccharine family life is, incidentally, why autistic people like My Little Pony.” a sape in the jungle lives on drab mudshithouse coloration, the city sape craves obnoxious yelling-out-loud color. Both lack temperance, both are destroyers. “well then we just teach them the good book, bring out the nasal sprays and the forgiveness” and “I am really struggling to be a good person” ..but evil then comes naturally one must presume?!? How do you do good 4 out of 10 times? How do you aim for 6 bad deeds out of 10?!? Is there even a method?

    If you apply that to everything else, you get a broken piece of aleatoric, BROKEN, design… you are not allowed to roll out a car produced this way, no human built anything etc. But a sape has the right to show up in court 30 times for rape and cannibalism?!? Then he votes, he breeds, people think he is champion of someone who “doesn’t give up on trying to bettering himsel”, then that person becomes a politician or a media-goy or whatever the fuck.

    This is what fucks me off the most having been raised in swe, you were Never allowed to put sapes in their place, especially as a child, if you did, which i did, the whole of the dormant-society would suddenly rustle back into life and defend the poor “victim”, this was, and still is to this day, the only time they will show some “intelligent” life signs. they spring to life only to defend their own kinds devilish deeds, then they celebrate, and go dormant again.

    This is not clown world, this is not satan rules on earth, these are the mechanics of a tribe of big apes called sapes, of which we live in a 8 billion strong bubble, of, in our time. You don’t give away shit for free according to the bibble, no free fish, empathy and sympathy shouldn’t be dealt out freely either, especially to a sape. Teach an animal to fish, literally, then the ooga boogas can live along the shores and do nothing but fish, like the savages of the sentinels island. Or pick scraps from the tropical forest floor, like headhunters do.
    This is why white women have started to marry dogs, they believe everyone is a “magical spiritual energy beings and God(s) bless everyone” etc etc.

    The niggers have been taught to fish and forage for themselves. The commandments have been fulfilled for the lower beings of this planet. There is no guilt for the White Neanderboon Man.

    No more need for nasal-spray solutions. You never need to think about the current year ever again. Just focus on your own family. “but bice I need to own the libtards on twitter, I need to debate with this ooga booga who wears a suit works as a politician and says he is white but is not, I need to save the sapes from the globohomos!”

    if you are a thard you need to stop being one today because you are the only one who will suffer in these times! the only problem with Edenism is that itz true all of it because there are orangutangs and chimpanzees, there are neanderthals and there are sapiens.
    The most obvious examples are adopted brown kids growing up among whites always turning into real train wrecks, but when a white kid grows up amongst the wrong whites that is just dismissed as “oh well he is just a retard”. That was before the DNA revelations. to parahprase ali g: just test my piss if you don’t believe me i’m clean”

    The amish eugenics program is interesting, they let kids live in the city for 1 year and if they stay they are wicked people, 99% come home. That is good breeding stock. Neaderboon program is the reverse, not many make it to the treestumps, because they are emotionally, wrongly, shackled to the “save the devils” think. Signs of terminal illness must include having sympathy for the devil, a popular popcultural saying amongst the western whiteoid middle class.

    Come home, white man

    • glosoli says:

      An emotional roller-coaster of a comment bice. 4 out of 10 made me smile.
      The rest was saddening.
      Home, itz not on this little planet, that’s for sure.

      Separately, fancy a long weekend at St Andrew’s golfing, Oct or the Spring next year?
      Aeoli has my email.

      • bicebicebice says:

        the problem with sape stories is that they read like sap stories, culturalmarxism has elevated the sape class, by using the existing leverage of egalitarianism already present in the white mind, into the biggest social layer that gets to decide everything, and one day even the melons will get evicted and eaten. no sape can ever be in the wrong.

        I got off easy, but there was social rank and order when people wore top hats and canes, as funny as it sounds, and it was clear to me a long time ago that the idiots were starting to run the show, even a child could do it because not even one adult would oppose them.

        today we have the 16 year old autistic (autism is brain damage and not assburger) climate-prophet running sweden, my brother has taken the cue, and has not gone to school since she spouted her message, citing the “why because the planet ends anyways”. Cue more Fortnite and watching youtubers.
        Today they openly give chillums the reasons to do what I saw 30 years ago on the sort of hush-hush and “it will pass”. “just let him cut off his penis itz a phase it will pass”.

        The snownigger meme is unfortunately true, Sweden was a good country only for a while because less than 20 swedish men implemented eugenics, which is good because the scale is so small. It took decades and all the jews in the world to destroy it, against a VERY small effort by VERY few men!
        What would happen if 20 men in every country did the same thing? It would take the jew 6gorillion years to destroy it all, even Aeolid would agree to space having been colonized in that time.

        the separation of church and state is a funny thing, because that is literally the opposite of Heaven… if God himself don’t intervene in any human exchange, you automatically forgive, you wait, you do the same thing over and over, people say God is not real and they regress into globomo satanic apes. You need to be a Christian in order to do anything at all, even if itz just to discipline a child! Anything goes will just raise hell on earth.
        The other is instant forgiveness because you don’t believe in anything, which is why the jap thing about expert level NEETING is interesting because the men in the househoulds never raised their chillums and the women were helpless and just forgave everything.

        How can you find 20 Men in a non christian country? chillums are raised by smartphones today, the man is out of the picture, the woman gets bux from the welfare state and pimps food and gadgets to the tranny kids.

        itz sodom&gomorrah on a global scale this time

  4. Mr. T. says:

    It’s of course easy to think that an autistic/asperger’s based society would work ideally or much better, but it’s difficult to say how the neurological differences would play out in real life/larger scale. I’m pretty sure there would be plenty of trouble and problems even if current habitants of the planet would have mostly autistic neurology. Maybe different trouble, but still.

    Of course as an autistic person currently living among neurotypicals you would have less social trouble/friction and “compatibility problems”, but an ideal world?

    Well, autistics are still humans with many of the same the problems and failure modes “normal people” have. So I’m a bit sceptical that everything would work perfectly — much better maybe, but it also might be that autism couldn’t scale well at al for some reason. Or something else that would point to big structural problems with large autistic societies. Maybe they just wouldn’t work for various reasons, hard to know.

    • bicebicebice says:

      sape society is too big to fail
      neanderboon society is too small to win

      sapes can afford the collateral, if it takes 1000 years to wash out 1% neander-dna, it is a good investment, when the neander has been groided, he joins the sapes and builds thingamjings to enable purple drank, chikkums and rap music machines.

      this is a fallen creature. you need to a be a literal nazi to follow the one drop rule, which existed up until recently actually in white man society.

      • Mr. T. says:

        I’ve tried to remember the basics, “do to others as you would have them do to you” and “beam in your own eye” recently. Applying things isn’t always easy and my Notes app has reminded me of Colossians 3:12 for a while now: . Running societies is difficult business and individual differences create some complications. It’s the end times after all, so we should expect things to get worse and culture to detoriate. We’re all fallen creatures, that’s for sure. “Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.” (Colossians 3:2)

  5. Mr. T. says:

    “I’ve found that I can actually empathize with people a great deal more if I pretend they’re on crack.”

    Unfortunately I don’t know how people behave on crack/no life experience of this sort. Should I research this somehow? (Pretty robot like, I must admit.)

  6. Mr. T. says:

    Some seeming problems with asperger’s:

    “What is this unspeakable truth those with AS try so hard to hide from the world? They are incapable of empathy. And because of their lack of empathy, their spouses, partners and children suffer extreme emotional neglect, abuse and significant trauma.”

    This lack of empathy not exactly true but AS behaviour can sure often seem like it. AS people can be quite crude, self contained and lack neighbourliness. The site has many descriptions of violent and uncaring AS people; these probably exist in same proportion than in normal populations. “Perfect family life” may not happen even in an AS family for various reasons.

    • Mr. T. says:

      More stuff: “Their suffering and trauma should come as no surprise when one considers life with a person who has serious limitations in their ability to engage in reciprocal relationships. People with AS do not exhibit reciprocity; do not show empathy or compassion; cannot put themselves in the place of others; have difficulty with mutual communication; do not recognize the neurotypical partner’s reality and attitudes; cannot read others’ intentions and emotions; find it difficult to learn from experience; cannot assess complex situations; cannot nurture a relationship; cannot see their responsibility for their own actions; cannot negotiate, seek compromises or resolve conflicts; and has inadequate capacity for adult impulse control. It does not take an advanced degree in mental health to understand the emotional deprivation and extreme psychological stress that would result from ongoing interaction with such a person.

      Symptoms include physical illnesses, stress-related health problems, depression, fear, loss of self-esteem, doubt of their own reality, loneliness, fatigue, involuntary social isolation, and more.”

      A lot of this is probably “natural friction” in communication styles between AS and neurotypical people, but AS style processing can be seen as problematic from a “neutral” point of view as well. It’s not all ponies and happiness.

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        >A lot of this is probably “natural friction” in communication styles between AS and neurotypical people, but AS style processing can be seen as problematic from a “neutral” point of view as well. It’s not all ponies and happiness.

        This. Aspies get along reasonably well with each other except when they don’t, e.g. Koanic and me. It was likely the confusion of hierarchy that was the real problem.

    • bicebicebice says:

      “Mr. T. says:
      September 5, 2019 at 3:54 pm”

      They are describing autism, which is a sape who managed to string two words together making him “gifted”. Autism is brain damage. Incidentally they are also describing regular sape behavior.
      Proper assburgers is just high neanderthal dna, which is a real thing.

      “A lot of this is probably “natural friction” in communication styles between AS and neurotypical people, but AS style processing can be seen as problematic from a “neutral” point of view as well. It’s not all ponies and happiness.” imagine chimps clashing with orangutangs over territory. Or seagulls fighting magpies over Norfcones. Birds. Big Apeoids. Same species different race.

      There can be no peace with an inferior creature, and if you are high Thal you have a biological imperative to care only for your race.

      “the thal was mean to me and acted like a social retard because I invaded his lands bohooo *writes jewish science paper* “… there are no male sapes, only dishonest wahmen like creatures, which you can observe at the nearest pride parade, where they openly proclaim their “one sex 6gorillion pronouns”, worshipping the pagan “earth mother” and diddling it up bunga bunga style, cue the overload of resources due to high pop and watch the mass casualty event. This is their lifecycle.

      If you have “aspergers”, come from a “aspergers” family, you just laugh at those words you cited. Nothing could be further from the truth and Tex is right in his poast, but it is strange and cruel if he did not have a sperg family to grow up in like I did. No guile no backstab no venom, much like “fantasty cartoon”, to a sape who can never have those things because he is a vile twisted ape demon.
      Of course, when you enter society, you are no longer at home, and you live in the sape world. The wear and tear could make a perfectly healthy man go insanely blackpilled.
      The first goal of Eugenics is to stop the genetic lottery, reduce it as much as possible. Maybe Tex was a lottery winner/victim?


      • Mr. T. says:

        My mindset easily drifts towards the Biclical idea that “To those whom much is given, much is expected”. If you happen to have (or think that you have) in some sense advantageous genetics (altruism, talent), then you could be considered privileged. You should (especially) remember that you don’t deserve your genes and we can’t choose them anyway. Use your talents well and try to be neighbourly, merciful, virtuous etc. Humility not pride, kindness not envy or scorn, patience not wrath, etc. The Bible doesn’t tell you to idolize your DNA.

        Of course outside this tiny little bubble on the interwebz you are probably going to have pleeeeenty of trouble with people and your “genetical advantage” will not be thought to be so. Should help with not developing too much narcissism. And so of course in real life most ASD/thal people will just think there’s something wrong with them and develop additional pathologies and mental health problems.

      • Mr. T. says:

        But I can (probably) understand that if one for example has had really bad experiences with “normal people”, you could get confrontational and somewhat extreme about things. People develop their identities around all kinds of things, I don’t want to sound all judgmental or like I know better. I haven’t considered all perspectives and I’m not sure that I’m seeing the world as accurately one might hope. I’m a relatively new Christian still trying to figure things out. The world is a complex place and I would like to stay peaceful, “live and let live”.

      • Mr. T. says:

        “If you have “aspergers”, come from a “aspergers” family, you just laugh at those words you cited. Nothing could be further from the truth”

        By quoting that site I was just saying that (SOME NOT ALL) AS people can be like that or at least seem like that to others. Or occasionally behave like that. I probably should have added a lot of disclaimers.

        That Heartless Aspergers site is pretty much the opposite point of view from this community’s point of view, and they probably have/point to very different samples from the Autistic/Asperger’s/Neanderthal-gened population.

  7. Mr. T. says:

    I would say I’m still often “pretending to be normal” and that’s the way it’s probably going to be.

    Hopefully one can find some situations and spaces when you can “just be yourself” and get some self esteem and value in the sense that one is not unfit and shamefully broken (getting better personally, had a “toxic shame” related collapse ten years ago). But at least my personal normalcy meters and normalcy horizons are probably quite wacky: being on alert constantly even in “perfectly normal social situations” is stressful. Acting is stressful. That assumably bigger old school (retro?) amygdala doesn’t help either.

    BTW I quoted this post to my therapist today, she had some knowledge about adult children of alcoholics (that unpredictable chaotic environment) and thought that crack cocaine idea was funny (I also described crack users as “lively”, dunno if that was a good term) and I also noticed she may have felt it off putting (maybe because “you shoudn’t smear huge people groups like that”, or something). People are complex have somewhat strange and unpredictable reactions.

  8. bicebicebice says:

    the problem is this; you go to a doctor with zero proof tell them you are a woman and they cut your dick off. You go to a doctor with your neanderboon DNA-papers, tell them you want a pronoun change or whatever and they throw you in the looney bin.

    the best collective term for biology is Edenism you don’t even need to extrapolate into religion because itz clear as day. the entry price you pay into current year sape society is drugs, alcohol, tranny pills happy pills whatever erases your neanderboon expression will help you fit in. the real price is of course your soul because wanting to fake into a fake society wow thats hella dysfunctional… all of this comes natural to sape which means you can’t do it like them.

    the only problem with Edenism is that itz real, exacerbating the problem in our time is erasing borders culture social class race etc etc forcing people into the middle which is majority-majority sape. you may know this as “wahmen naggers and juice can build bridges and societes too you know also we need more thirld world immigration and wytes should have no children because climate change is bad also satan and eat the FUCKING bugs goy”.
    the last ditch effort of many whiteoid men was voting “conservative”, because it brings back, in theory, patriarchal layers in society, a man can have pride as a lowly cook a christian and a husband all his life just as an aristocract can have pride all his life as a nobilid a christian and a husband etc etc etc. That didn’t work of course hehe. Why? Because only white christian men can be white christian men, leaning on asking for permission and counting on the others to praise you without the slightest discomfort well thats just straight up satanic homosexuality.

    the white man is basically asking satan all day long if he can protect his family and surprise surprise satan says no everytime. but the white man still keeps on asking. itz too scary for the white christian man to be a white christian man so he is whipped along all day long by wahmen naggers and juice, even his own tranny children.

    turn to Christ unironically and start belting people, they will love you and respect you for it. the only civilized person on the planet is the white neanderboon man from oxford and the rest are animals. Heaven isn’t a hippie camp, start enforcing the commandments from the good bok and save the planet today.

  9. glosoli says:

    I wrote a new post at my blog, have slacked a bit recently.

    This one updates on the dreamed and visioned stock market crash, coming very very soon.
    It celebrates the two-year anniversary of baptism in Wales on 7th September 2017. It was a good day wasn’t it Aeoli, and a good week, glad you came over for it.

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