Charisma is inductive mindfulness

Thought for today: charisma is induced meditation. I.e. Causing the audience to enter a more meaningful state of mind by focusing their attention in ways that they could do for themselves through meditation, but without requiring that expenditure of willpower. You could read books on mindfulness and just induce those ideas, etc. to be charismatic. The metric for charisma is the feeling of importance. If your audience feels they are important, you are important, the idea being discussed is important, the product on the table is important, etc…and most importantly THIS PRESENT MOMENT is important, then you are being charismatic. This is the creation of a reality distortion field because by creating this feeling you are temporarily magnifying their attention on some preexisting value.

It should go without saying, but won’t, that different people may have different responses to the same phrase, visualization, etc., so projection may fail. However, I suspect that 95% of people respond to 95% of the same basic triggers the same way, so projection of basic meditative techniques will succeed about 90% of the time. For example, walking someone through the exercise of imagining themselves lying in a canoe in a placid lake will produce relaxation for almost anyone. On the other hand, playing God of War (again, a sort of meditation) will have a different effect on boys than girls. For a less theoretical treatment of charisma, see The Charisma Myth.

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18 Responses to Charisma is inductive mindfulness

  1. Obadiah says:

    Your mother is inductive mindfulness.

  2. aiaslives says:

    >The Snug Vest does not carry that burden, and it is reasonably priced – $365 as of this writing, in the USA. They were offering 20% off when I saw them in Chicago, and I have to expect similar deals can be found in the future. For less than $300 this is a no brainer. Just one meltdown averted and it’s worth the price. If it averts two meltdowns remember you heard about it here, and send us $20.

    >At that price, a Snug Vest is about the same cost as a high performance inflatable life vest and considerably more soothing, if you are an autistic person or just someone who’s comforted by steady pressure. And its air chambers offer some level of flotation, so if you find yourself unexpectedly deposited in a lake or river, the vest will help keep you afloat. But it won’t look like you are walking round wearing a life jacket, which many individuals would find dorky. Plus, the design of the vest is very similar to the design of the under-seat life preservers found on many regional jets. Snug Vest wearers can be assured of having a leg up over other travelers in the event of a water evacuation from one of those aircraft. Less fortunate passengers will be struggling to don their aircraft vests while you step out the window and enter the water in style.

    >Another thing about a Snug Vest is, it makes you conscious of being overweight. It’s the opposite of baggy clothes. So it’s a good thing to wear, to encourage better eating habits. When fully inflated you will find it effectively deters gluttony.

      • aiaslives says:

        >By time Asperger’s officially entered my life, I was forty years old. I had married and fathered a child. I had designed video games at Milton Bradley, directed research at Simplex, and then left the corporate life to found J E Robison Service Co, a specialty automobile business. Chicopee Savings Bank had named me to their board, and I was involved in my community. By most standards, I had a full life. If you asked me who I was, I’d have defined myself by those achievements.

        >If you asked for more, I might have fallen back on the basics. I was a white male, six foot three, two hundred twenty five pounds. Born in Athens, Georgia. If you pressed me some more, I’d volunteer that I was middle class, and generally conservative. That was how I’d describe myself.

        >Suddenly, with the receipt of The Diagnosis, none of that mattered. The whole concept of “people like me,” took on a whole new meaning. All those former adjectives were out the window; rendered meaningless. From D-Day forward, I was a guy with Asperger’s. Everything else was rendered secondary to that new facet of me.

        >The doctors are quick to tell you autism isn’t lethal. Yet it’s still one of the big scary words in medicine, like AIDS or cancer or Alzheimer’s. As such, it’s no surprise it came to dominate my thinking. I thought of what I’d previously known – or thought I’d known about autism. I thought of Tommy, the kid on the St. Elsewhere television show. I thought of Rain Man. I thought of all the silent lost people on the grounds of the Belchertown State School. Were they autistic, too?

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          Not cave bear. Might have Asperger’s, but I can’y play the video for some reason.

          • Schrödinger's Psych Evaluation says:

            The kid has the aspie face. His father has the Tex face. They both meet many of the diagnostic criteria for Asperger’s. That is my assertion.

            Also, um… Pro-Gamer Move: If the video isn’t working, press F5 over and over again while swearing loudly at the screen.

        • Psychiatry is fake says:

          So is hobby is a Mental Illness? I guess all those cuckball fans are fucked in head then.

          • Psychiatry is also gay; it is, therefore, "fake and gay," if you will. says:

            >So is hobby is a Mental Illness?

            If society doesn’t approve of it and you won’t stop doing it, then hobby is indeed a mental illness. Wait. It also needs an official-sounding label and a description, so, after the intellectuals make those, it becomes a mental illness.

            >I guess all those cuckball fans are fucked in head then.

            Yes, but society approves of cuckball, which means that it’s not a mental illness.

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              That’s not how mental illness definitions work.

            • Schrödinger's Psych Evaluation says:

              Well, I should have said, “It points to the presence of a mental illness if your society doesn’t approve of it and if you can’t stop doing it.” There’s also the thing about mental tendencies “causing distress” to the patient, but I forgot about that part because I don’t tend to trust these people enough to tell them about anything that distresses me. Still, cuckball is A-OK because society approves of it, and making splosions without a license is mad and bad. But there are several varieties of deviant mental patterns that can lead one to blow stuff up without permission, so don’t forget to look at the other symptoms.

            • bicebicebice says:

              “Aeoli Pera says:
              September 18, 2019 at 9:56 am
              That’s not how mental illness definitions work.”

              just wait for the DSM-6! That is the best thing about Edenism. You only have dysgenic people vs eugenic people, r/K. dysgenic r-mensch are good at breeding, but they can’t maintain anything even remotely associated with civilization.

              “Psychiatry is also gay; it is, therefore, “fake and gay,” if you will. says:
              September 17, 2019 at 9:36 pm”

              definitions can only be defined with Edenism aka Eugenics aka moral healthy christian men aka no democracy in heaven. the rest ist just sape garbage.

              if a melon tells a sape to cut his dick off and the sape is happy with that, you can’t use the term “definitions”, on their terms. if only there were podcasts to discuss these things…

  3. bicebicebice says:

    “Inductive reasoning is based on the process of induction.
    relating to, involving, or operated by electrical or magnetic induction
    producing a reaction within an organism, esp induction in embryonic tissue
    Induction is the process by which electricity or magnetism is passed between two objects or circuits without them touching each other.”
    …but sapes can’t reason?!?

    the mindfullness-feelgood-industrial complex is the same thing as propaganda, you have a melon telling a sape what to buy, what to feel etc etc. if this is to Woo for you, just imagine a jew telling a goy to cut his dick off and force feed his children to a pack of feral niggers itz basically the same thing.

    this is how melonboons sell charisma or (((self-improvement))) to thards. don’t forget to donate to my slush fund! time to escape the plantation, whiteoid man

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