Compulsive explaining as self-soothing

Recently someone I know made a sizable donation to Nick Fuentes. That person was then castigated by his social group as “wasting money” even though these people are red-pilled, Alt-Right, etc. They would have praised him for spending that same money on a gaming graphics card or something similarly self-indulgent, despite their vocal support of Nick Fuentes, prosocial behavior in general, and condemnation of low-trust behavior. This post is an attempt to explain, somewhat ironically, the attitude which actively opposes attempts to act productively in accordance with shared beliefs as stupid and treasonous, regardless of intent or effect, as if action itself were problematic, a priori.

Malevolent leaders and elites will tend, either consciously or unconsciously, to set up double binds for their dependents because they are disturbed by happiness in the people they lead and hate. They will therefore always find a reason to punish their followers, regardless of the results their followers get or the methods they use. Typically their malevolence stems from a narcissistic disregard for low-status people coupled with the necessity to think hard and deeply about the needs of their dependents in order to maintain the institution which affords their elevated status. The demand for cognitive work to consider the needs of others (e.g. the logistics of feeding peasants) while desiring not to do this work feels like slavery, an unreasonable imposition. On the other hand, giving up status to relieve this burden is inconceivable.

Some of the dependents will then fall into learned helplessness. If they discover schemata for understanding their pain (e.g. Culture of Critique), this will give them comfort in the same way that religion gives a sense of meaning that comforts. This comfort will have an addictive quality. The behavior associated with this comfort, such as reading anti-Semitic material, can therefore become compulsive. The failure to engage with these double bind problems realistically, even given schemata for navigating them correctly, comes from this compulsive “explaining as self-soothing” behavior.

Autistic people and socializing
MGToWs and modern women
Rightists and political pragmatism

In many cases where the behavior of explaining-as-self-soothing becomes a shared identity group with its own culture and vocabulary, particularly the latter two examples here, the strongly identifying self-soothers will attack anyone who engages with the malevolent double-bind (intending to navigate the meta-game to achieve a win condition) as traitors to the identity group. This is because successfully solving the double-bind problem threatens the addictive compulsion by invalidating its reason for existing.

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19 Responses to Compulsive explaining as self-soothing

  1. oldfatalis says:

    So what you’re saying is, these people don’t want to win because they’re addicted to being losers?

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      No, not really. There are two ancient proverbs from China and India that may help here:

      “A philosopher may be unemployed, but he will have a very good reason.”

      “The great question is not whether you have failed, but whether you are content with failure.”

      So to be precise, they’re addicted to philosophizing and unemployment enables this, and they’re content enough with this type of failure to oppose other NEET philosophers becoming employed (because it implies they should too).

      • Obadiah says:

        I remember going on at least one drunken, adderall-fueled rant about what a stupid and worthless idea “philosophy” was when I was in college.

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          I think it’s fine as long as we understand it’s autism, with all its pros and cons. The trouble is wypypo be cray, so they want to signal their intelligence but also signal that they don’t want to signal their intelligence (because that’s autistic). I don’t think they’ll ever really come to grips with their autism because that would mean acknowledging what Tex has been saying all along, that everything white people think of as good came from people they despise.

          • Obadiah says:

            Yeah I was signalling for Utilitarian good boy points by critically attacking the worthlessness of philosophy majors–not realizing that by doing so I was engaging in philosophy.

            >that would mean acknowledging what Tex has been saying all along

            The underlying gist of Tex Arcane is not unlike the underlying gist of the Bible in that you don’t have to be extremely bright to understand it–its more that you have to be psychologically or spiritually developed to where you are prepared to apprehend it

  2. Fox says:

    Glad you’re back.

    Worldviews become parasitic entities controlling your behaviour (if you let them). Prime mechanism is the identification of the human with the idea. Hence the “addictive” character – akin to people rewatching the same series/movies (or replaying the same games) at regular intervals, it becomes something ritualistic, a custom if you will.

    Two conditions have to be met for people to start solving the problem:
    1. recognition that there is a problem, and understanding of its depth and nature (at least up to a point)
    2. Available energy and time and the ability to allocate both to solving 1.
    The “learned helplessness” people you describe meet 1, but not 2., active and entrpreneurial “normies” meet 2. but not 1. The former is held back by lethargy, the latter by a limited worldview and lack of understanding.
    I think most lethargy is due to “physiological” reasons induced by external factors. Overcoming the effects of those factors must be the prime immediate goal for anyone who wants active participation on a greater scale.

  3. bicebicebice says:

    based post, but it “just” sounds like you are describing modern white people. YOU aren’t expected to break any constraints and YOU are not allowed to promote yourself via hard work into another social strata. YOU should work hard and fail, that will teach you not to be better than others. YOU should mention this in passing as the current hum-hum but YOU should not act on it. You need a license for that, are you a politican or a policeman or a librarian?!? No YOU are not. namsayin=

    This can just be ignored, as long as you are prepared to lose some phoney friends and family, and never be disappoint over the fact that people won’t “rise up”, hence make that money and get a treestump. The CHYNESE will whip these snowniggers into shape when they come to Bogonize.

    • Obadiah says:

      Orangutan manbonobo hybrid

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >based post, but it “just” sounds like you are describing modern white people.


      >This can just be ignored, as long as you are prepared to lose some phoney friends and family, and never be disappoint over the fact that people won’t “rise up”,

      I have yet to cease being disappointed, which according to my own rules is an intellectual failure to adjust my expectations and become the acting man, the ubermensch fox who knows many small things. On the other hand, it motivates my criticisms as a hedgehog who knows one big thing, so it’s not quite counterproductive.

      • Obadiah says:

        Let your anger be as a monkey in a piñata, hiding with the candy, hoping the kids don’t break through with the stick

      • Koanic says:

        If you want the people to rise up, you have to kill the Jabesh Gileadites. Anger’s got nothing to do with it.

        • Obadiah says:

          That’s a lot of blood (in Minecraft). In the Bible the JGs were a minority of people, now the fighting men are in the minority.

          • Koanic says:

            No nation stands a chance that refuses to separate from her traitors. Informing them that their families’ lives are forfeit is a convincing argument for segregation. Remember, cowardice motivated their defection in the first place.

      • bicebicebice says:

        “I have yet to cease being disappointed, which according to my own rules is an intellectual failure”

        sapes = the shittier things become in the west the happier they will be

        melonboons = Borgonizing will be the exact same thing except that the stone pyramids are now in glass and steel. very happy

        so yeah that is a failure actually in scientificand biological terms, math and edenism. I too realize that there is nothing to “rise up” against if you are a sape or a melboon or somewhere in between. this is why I advocate treestumps for thards. the next best thing is Borgonizing because then the sapes at least won’t eat you in the streets, since the church is not coming back to enforce social standards I mean.
        It could also be fun for tharded people to commit “heroic deeds”, a popular topic amongst autistic people on the internet and amongst autistic people throughout history because it is nit a bad thing really. but sometimes the big majority don’t need your “good helpt” even if it is good, sometimes sapes just want to be sapes and get whipped around by melonboons sometimes meaning always. Otherwise, the work will not be efficient and the output will be low. the raw deal is that melonboons will bring sapes social standing, neanderboons can live without such a thing but 99% of the population can’t. I think this is why “turn to Christ as your lord and savior” seems too little in the eyes of most, they just can’t go forward living on that (prayer). itz literally too “Woo” but there is no Woo at all, really.

        if an orangutang thinks about a chimp for more than one second he probably will get a mild depression. if you are a melonboon and think about sapes you will get a dopamine surge, if you are a neanderboon and think about sapes you will get a deficiency, especially if they live in a nice place, tear it down and start marching down the streets naked waving their sexual organs in front of chillums. sapes gonna sape

        “RISE UP” then literally means rise up in motion walking away creating distance from the shitplace you just rised out of. get a treestump or summath

    • Dumbo says:

      The CHYNESE will whip these snowniggers into shape when they come to Bogonize.

      Lol. They already are, at least in Chinkouver:

      #Jeff stanl on Jul 24, 2019 :
      yes most bosses here are Chinese .they work very very hard and expect thst from you.
      it makes no difference if you are a tin Horton worker or a optician in walmart very high chance your boss will be Chinese and will expect Chinese standard of high work.

      I was in rest room my boss shouted at me he said Jeff you are 1 minute over…you multiply thst by 6 and then 50..num of employees. he said thst is 300 .if I pay 10 dollar hour ..u will make me bankrupt.

      I said yes Mr Chan

      #davis on Jan 13, 2019 :
      basically your spending 90 percent of your salary on living with not enough to go out- if you go out your in debt even if you have a good job modern slavery is vancouver. but its beautiful but quickly becoming like Hongkong in the sense of smaller and smaller apartments long commute times, very hard work and employers from abroad taking advantage of you as your boss from abroad imposing ridiculous work hours and hard conditions that have relation to Canadian law. .

      #SINGME A SONG CHONG on Oct 11, 2018 :
      vancouver was once a beautiful city but its own beauty has been the cause of its destruction.

      everyone especially asians have been attracted to its beauty that it now looks old and used.
      the beauty is there but its hard to see it as its cover with scars and shows thats it really has been used.

      The rich asians are loving it here , as they dine out daily and have the best money can buy.
      but for most its a touh place. i mean real tough.
      The asians (chinese ) make very shrewd employers and god forbid you take a day off .. you’ll be fired.

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