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Tyr and Fenrir (Punished Inuyasha)

Owl, re: Fox, Ok, so tyr and fenrir Tyr holds his fist in the mouth of fenrir as collateral while the gods bind fenrir he knows that the prmise not to bind him wil be broken, so he stays there, … Continue reading

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La Biblia a la Luz del Esoterismo

From Kensuimo. It is time. *dramatic music* *ominous chanting* The circle of acollytes parts to accommodate their master’s entry In his hands, a package wrapped in cloth and a knife At the center of the circle, a cauldron. He beings … Continue reading

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Building a mental toughness toolkit

This post is in response to a particular person’s situation but it’s also an area of inquiry that doesn’t receive anywhere near as much formalization as it needs. There’s a lot of talk about the importance of mental toughness, but … Continue reading

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The rule of human faithfulness

It’s never a question of whether a man, woman, or child can be trusted, but wherein and on pain of what. Faith is a heuristic, and no one is smart enough or rational enough not to rely on deeply held … Continue reading

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Re: Jewish neuroticism

This topic came up in a recent comment section, so you may want to familiarize yourself with the argument before reading this addition. You will then appreciate the irony of my argument in favor of being nice to nice people … Continue reading

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Behelit myth, fully articulated story version and less anime

There once was a son of a nobleman who’d fallen on hard times and could no longer support the estate. “I’m sorry my son,” he said, “you will have to earn your food with your labor like a peasant.” So … Continue reading

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Why do anything?

There’s a misconception that the political left spreads lies for their own sake, in worship of a platonic deceiver. That assumes quite a bit more agency than I believe is warranted. It is more correct to say that truth is … Continue reading

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Boneflour posted it on his blog:

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Comeback kings

I have a working theory that some denominational differences, like Calvinism and Arminianism, are differences in explanatory style (with Calvinism being optimistic to a fault). Dutton often cites Calvinism as an example of a highly adaptive ethnocentric religion. Basically it … Continue reading

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