Blockheads: Electives

Some hard-hitting political commentary here.


And everybody lived happily ever after because they all got what they wanted.

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6 Responses to Blockheads: Electives

  1. bicebicebice says:

    shoop the garden of eden into the background and the foreground is still the human-manbearbonobopig curse complex…

  2. Fox says:

    inverted triangle is TM or spider?

  3. Fox says:

    I think political activism is a complete waste of time.The only way it can be effective is by activating existing social units, by mobilizing forces and allegiances present in a community.
    But those things don’t exist in a mixed salad of atomized, deracinated individuals.

    This is why attempts to enact change by political means have failed so hard and so consistently since – well, the 30s ?

    I find it both irritating and disappointing how few people on the right have grokked this, despite experiencing the god-emperor-hype and its 3-years aftermath first- or second-hand. The right must be far stupider than I thought (this is not a compliment for the left; the opposite in fact, since its members are even dumber).

    Everyone who isn’t already part of Idiocracy should consider just how awfully dumb you need to be to still be on the trump train or “trust the plan” in 2020. But those are the people the rightist activist wants to organize and moblize, they’re his people/race/church!

    – and that last point shows that the activist himself isn’t propelled by rational or even sane motives, but is stuck in some kind of behavioural and thinking pattern he can’t escape. A broken record.

  4. MM says:

    No joke tho last panel accurate af. Greatest tranfer of wealth in world history happening right now. Boomers and lazy index investors provided the liquidity to keep this whole grotesque system going.

    Pyramid scheme. Heh.

    Doesnt matter how good or bad corona actually is, banks will get a free bail out for systemic problems while normies will hear “corona destroyed the economy!” HA!
    Volitility= opportunity! And the VIX is to the moon…

    SPY 250 P
    Expiry July or later.
    Hold till +300 percent gain lol
    – Triangle

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