A tale of two narratives.

Theory 1:


Theory 2:


The evidence:

2020-03-18 15_15_35-Trump sends signed chart showing stock market gains to supporters after he decla

Saving the world from Satan and Oprah was as easy as giving your 401k away to the Jews. Don’t forget to continue buying the dip!

Remember, if the plan isn’t working, that’s just a sign that it’s working perfectly:

2020-03-18 15_30_17-Vox Popoli - Pale Moon

OK Boomer.

I know Q-tards aren’t in the habit of taking good advice but if they were I’d advise them not to falsely accuse a survivor of child rape who is also a charismatic billionaire of raping children. Survivors of child rape really take that stuff kinda seriously and don’t consider it an accusation you throw around like calling someone a butthead at the playground. But I expect they’ll double down instead and try to fight Oprah in the court of public opinion, so I’ll just do me and you just do you, you know?

Alt-Righters really need to be keeping lists of these people so their shitty genetics can be purged from the ethnostate when we win.

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19 Responses to Alt-reality

  1. Fox says:

    The first theory predicts some quite specific developments that haven’t taken place yet.
    It would be useful to make lists of celebrities who claim to have the disease and see how they’re doing three months from now.

    Speaking about lists:
    “Alt-Righters really need to be keeping lists of these people so their shitty genetics can be purged from the ethnostate when we win.”
    Aren`t you going a bit overboard? “Aeoli went full Naz! on the BQ after being provoked by hitherto unseen levels of Boomer stupidity”

    • bicebicebice says:

      “Aren`t you going a bit overboard? “Aeoli went full Naz! on the BQ after being provoked by hitherto unseen levels of Boomer stupidity”” sapes gonna sape, watch NGE, the dream of every sape larpagan-satanic is their “we are one” unity death mass culling bullhonkey. they are not human never were never will be, they are manbearbonobopigs bred for blockpushing activites take that away from them and they want to die to save the planet. many such cases. Sad!
      but would an orangutang care if all the chimpanzees went insane and offed themselves to make way for more vegetation and to please the banana gods? all the nasal-sprays in the world couldn’t cure even one sape FACTS and #treestumps

      for some reason it keeps giving a censored version here is the entire text;
      Wow… Earth is recovering

      – Air pollution is slowing down
      – Water pollution is clearing up
      – Natural wildlife returning home

      Coronavirus is Earth’s vaccine

      We’re the virus
      4:25 em · 17 mars 2020·Twitter for iPhone
      56,9 tn
      244,3 tn

  2. abprosper says:

    It amazes me that anyone thinks Q is anything but a PsyOp .

    Take Vox Day . He’s a good man, a great fighter on the side of Right but like all believers wants to believe and worse starts screaming about inversion and Prometheans and all that B.S if his narrative is questioned.

    Ah well a man can do what he wants on his own blog I guess.

    Sure everything that says its Q isn’t well Q but that doesn’t matter. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. Hell I’d settle for for any proof.

    • Heaviside says:

      >He’s a good man, a great fighter on the side of Right


      Does Teddy sincerely believe that the Earth is flat? I doubt it, but he’s made posts where he panders to flat earthers while not explicitly committing himself to that position. So how seriously can you take his pronouncements about Q? If his behavior amazes you, or if you wonder why he is friends with Owen Benjamin and Ivan Throne, think about how it affects his bank account.

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        >Does Teddy sincerely believe that the Earth is flat? I doubt it, but he’s made posts where he panders to flat earthers while not explicitly committing himself to that position.


      • Aeoli Pera says:

        Here’s an example from yesterday of him pulling this kind of shit to pander to Q people:

        He won’t explicitly commit himself to saying the border closures are part of Q’s plan to go after Goldman Sachs, but he will imply it by loudly and repeatedly associating the two stories by proximity until it’s a meme.

      • abprosper says:

        Sure his “muh Christendom.’ routine is tiresome but this isn’t a science based movement . A certain amount of religious kookiness is going to be part and parcel of any Western Dissident Right movement.

        As far as making money and a bit of pandering. Even if true, I don’t really care. A man has to make a living.

        Way I figure it he publishes and promotes allied authors, promotes ideals many of us share , actually came up with a decent way to explain the now defunct .Alt Right (the 16 points) and on those grounds has done more than 90% of the people on the DR, .Alt-Right spectrum.

        Good enough for me.

    • Heaviside says:

      Why extend him the charity of calling him a “good man” when he is often as uncharitable as he could possibly be in his interpretations of other people’s actions? How often has someone given him the most gently worded criticism only for him to say that they are only pretending to be his friend as part of an underhanded plot?

      As for “great fighter,” it’s the same thing you hear in political cults all across the spectrum. Avakianites and LaRouchies will defend the behaviour of their chosen supreme dork lords with reference to totally intangible and unquantifiable contributions they have made to “the movement” or “the revolution,” and Vox will never have even a tenth of the real world influence LaRouche or Avakian had. He’s just as politically irrelevant as his fellow soi disant philosopher colleagues Stefan Molyneux and Curt Doolittle.

      • abprosper says:

        Have you done more than Vox has to promote .Alt or Dissident ideals?

        Our host can make a claim to having busted his hump with this blog and whatever else he has done but odds are like most of us, you’ve mostly replied and carped about the issues.

        Do I think Vox Day should be in charge of stuff, well no, for many of the reasons you pointed out. Not that he’s want it since he has a publishing house to run anyway.

        Is he uncharitable and downright abrasive at times? Sure.

        Lots of Dissidents can be jerks. The question is, does he support a workable Western civilization model. Yes he does,

        Is he roughly on the side of rightness? Yes, even if his views are a bit out there at times.

        I’ll punch Right where needed but even with this (H/T Bill Maher) Religulous views, arrogant nature and Q nonsense , he doesn’t even come close to deserving it.

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          What we’re claiming is he’s a deeply dishonest person.

          • abprosper says:

            Thanks for the patient explanation here. I think its a fairly made assessment even if I don’t see it.

            Its also possible that I have lower standards on some things than I should or a blind spot pandering for commerce, avoiding some questions and even the all too human tendency to life and self delude.

            Weighed against his other stuff, I’m OK with it.

            I’d prefer a higher level of honesty, dare I say Thal level truthfulness but I don’t think he has it in him. Religious converts have that blind spot or it could be in his genes.

            That aside, I’ve given up posting on his blog as I don’t think he has more to say that I especially care about. I’ve probably posted more here in the last couple of days than in a year on Vox’s blog.

      • Fox says:

        He has done a lot.

        1. With his frequent blogging, he offer thousands of people a daily alternative to mainstream media. It’s like cultural detox, which would be more difficult without regular bloggers like him and sailer.

        2. The same must be said about his political books, which are best-sellers in their respective categories and have been well-received in other parts of the “sphere” (see roosh reviewing them). He offers a framework with which to identify and counteract the SJW-phenomenon, which has also helped a lot of people.

        3. Further, by writing about various “conspiracies” in a serious and non-derisive manner (quite the contrary actually), he gives a lot of impulses for further research. This has affected me in at least two important cases.

        4. Vox gets, say, 8 out of 10 things right, which makes him superior to all mainstream and a good deal of alternative media.

        5. He is the thought leader of his own “alt-vox” and thereby an important part of the “sphere”. He has organized and helped organize various actions/movements/projects that were successful in their respective domain. Compare these successes to the failures that typically occur in alternative rightist circles (jorjani’s “pirate empire”, cc, various neo-natsoc movements that go nowhere).

        Yes, you two are right about his character, but that doesn’t negate or erase his accomplishments and his positive influence.

        • Heaviside says:

          I’ve never been a fan of Vox; in all the years I’ve known about him via his proximity to you guys not once did I read one of his blog posts and come across anything particularly novel or insightful. I don’t know how someone can churn out multiple daily blog posts without showing any signs of passion or curiosity — while being such a bore! However, if you or anyone else reading this thinks that what he does is valuable then you shouldn’t be afraid to criticize him either in public or in private. He’s been in an obvious downward spiral over the past year, and do you think he’s going to get any better if he is allowed to drive away anyone with self respect so that he can replace his audience with Q-tards and flat earthers?

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          We can point to some excellent work he’s done. SJWs Always Lie, for example, is an essential and irreplaceable book. But he’s basically been acting like a drug addict since 2017. I don’t think there’s a 12-step program for Q copes.

  3. aiaslives says:

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