Coronavirus anecdata

So far I’m aware of four positive tests:

1. A kid at my sister’s daycare.
2. A tradesman at a customer.
3. A tradesman at a former customer.
4. An engineer at corporate HQ for a huge company in the area.

Case #2 was on a respirator and dialysis because the medications were destroying his kidneys. He died this morning. These are all second-order connections, so square the Dunbar number and figure I have 15,750 of those, four of whom had positive tests (1/3937 or 0.025%), one of whom has died. Considering these are lagging indicators and things started really shutting down around Friday, I figure we’ll hit the peak around next Friday. (That’s presuming Trump doesn’t do something really stupid like overturning all of the state-level executive orders to make line go up.)

Worth mentioning.

Update: My sister reports one of her college friends died. He was 30 and healthy, the guy from my customer was reportedly 40ish.

Update 2: Somebody at my company’s HQ got it. Our leadership has been absolutely hilarious throughout this pandemic. I really couldn’t parody how badly they’ve handled it, although as always I’m impressed with the giant testicles of the woman writing their narratives. So I’m actually more forgiving of Trump’s ineptitude than you might guess from my criticism (I’ve seen worse).

Update 3:

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  1. Fox says:

    – what would be interesting is to know whether these people died “of” or just “with” the virus, and how their health status was.
    – how dangerous were the drugs they were given (often this thing is being treated with immune-suppressing substances)?
    – age profile of the two cases is highly atypical
    – in late january you wrote: “I’ve seen an unusual number of people lose family members in the last three weeks. I think five.” Could there be any connection?

    Vox posted something re an array of drugs one apparently shouldn’t use bc it can make the disease much worse. The warning against ibuprofen went from “fake news” to official WHO warning in the course of 24h. And then back to “fake news” a day later or so (there was other evidence for it).

    Here’s the official italian data in english:
    Those people were really old and sick, and a large part were taking medication against high blood pressure .

    – Italian officials plainly state that they don’t count cases of people dying “of” the virus, but everyone dying “with” the virus – ie anyone who dies and had a positive test result (they even test corpses). German medical authorities do the same (except that last bit).

    – The overall mortality profile in italy (no children, “exponential” rise with age, 60-40 men-women) doesn’t fit diseases like the flu (children also die of the flu), but fits “natural mortality” very well.

    – Northern italy has the worst air quality in europe, and more people die of respiratory diseases than elsewhere:

    – total mortality for people over 65 in italy is actually lower than in prior years:

    + much much more, but this comment is already long enough

  2. Fox says:


    – there are a number of sources on the ground, in hospitals in various parts of europe, that say there’s no increase in the number of patients or the number of patents requiring intensive care. Yet, the mainstream media shows everyone stories of overcrowded hospitals in some italian regions. Well, there are studies showing that italy’s health care system is not equipped to deal with the seasonal flu adequately (ie there’s always shortage of room, and things aren’t as well organized as they should be).
    I’ve heard (from an intelligent german doctor writing comments on a german “alt-rightist” site) that people with severe respiratory diseases are being concentrated in certain “focus clinics” in italy. This could explain very high, positively-tested, local daily mortality rates in the communities where those clinics are located.

    – one of the most-cited microbiologists in german (sucharit bhakdi) says the reaction is completely overblown, and that everyday of every year, at least 20, if not 30, 50 or 100 people in germany die while having viruses of that type in their bodies (out of 2200 overall deaths), without anyone giving a shit.

    – wolfgang wodarg, a german doctor and former politician (social democrats) who has a lot of experience with epidemology, has a lot to say about the origins of the virus-test (Summary: You can’t make that stuff up), and states that 5-15% of all people have viruses of that type in their bodies, so if you test very sick people you will always get a percentage of positive results if your test is sensitive to some of the subtypes. He plainly states that if no one knew about any new virus and no one had a test, no one would even perceive a difference, ie things are totally normal overall (except the reaction of course). He gets attacked a lot in german media. Dude’s smart.

    – a weird type of respiratory disease occured in italy as far back as november 2019. This doesn’t fit the narrative at all. Maybe there’s a different cause (chemical, electromagnetic etc)?

  3. Fox says:

    Wodarg with english subtitles:

  4. bicebicebice says:

    “– what would be interesting is to know whether these people died “of” or just “with” the virus, and how their health status was.” post mortem dna-test ftw gotta donate to science, sapes literally can die from falling over on teh sidewalk or eating a strawberry thats how sturdy they are I’m with kaveman supremacist merchant drumphie on this one just the sniffles provided that you actually are a kaveman of course and the majority aint.

    which explains it all; is it beyond reason that sapes panic over the flu begging for a nwo entire globe lockdown?!? nope and statistics and “LOOK AT MY INFOGRAPHH!!1” be damned, society is a melon&sape thang, better men fought the jewish century to prevent the jewish century and failed, and to think that anyone today will be swayed by some thardation on the internet well thats autism and autism is brain damage.

    looks like another win for the treestump let the genuine con-caring of normies sapes groids ooga boogas melons goys etc etc set you free, they mean it when they don’t give a shit about your nasal sprays, a world of death and decay is preferable to living under the goodboy mannerisms of neanderboons and all the fun of watching paint dry (it is fun to watch paint dry, build a treestump paint it and live on the goodfeels for the next month the real guantanamo bay for a sape)

  5. boneflour says:

    Really pissed off that all the ‘health ministers’ in New York City, San Francisco, etc. were going “LICK A TOILET AND LET A CHINESE MAN SPIT IN YOUR MOUTH TO FIGHT RACISM, CORONA CHAN? NEVER HEARD OF HER” up till at least February.

    And now? Now that everyone and their grandma probably have it, now that the toilet lickers are now the epicenters of the disease, now that even the first “MILLIONS DEAD” doomsayers are walking back the death toll to 20k worldwide or some pussy ass number… NOW we’re going to lock down the country for months at a time?

    MOTHERFUCKER most people don’t have two weeks of bills in the checking account, and you want this shit to go for months?

    We got hospital systems firing nurses if they wear masks, we got states banning the only known treatment because someone drank fish tank cleaner, we got New York City talking about shutting down for 9 months(?!)

    What’s going to happen when all these broke people run out of food? I know you can just steal it in San Fran but some people still have to work for a living.

    The medical system in the US is so bad that even healthcare professionals I know basically go, “Yeah if you don’t have someone with you 24/7 to make sure you get real food, watch for drug interactions, veto unnecessary procedures? It’s kind of a coin toss if you make it out normally or are just fucked.” GUESS WHAT THEY JUST BANNED? All patient advocates and visitors!

    I’m telling you, people really want ratpocalypse. Did all the news people just get really fucking tired of complaining about white hikers? Still got blue balls from the WW3 With Iran Weekend?

    • MM says:

      (This is a genarlized response, not just a response to Bflour)

      >NOW we’re going to lock down the country for months at a time?
      MOTHERFUCKER most people don’t have two weeks of bills in the checking account, and you want this shit to go for months?

      I see this alot (IE Cernovich, RVF, stock boards), and it is mostly based on a misunderstanding of the US economy.

      The US is a service economy. A total house of cards centered around entertainment, travel, and buying useless shit with money you do not have.

      You can choose to not lock things down over the virus and let people do as they will and continue economic activity for a short while- BUT this spreads the virus much much more, and will end up cratering the economy far more when actual millions die (probably mostly from overloading the health system/no ventilators/etc) and the general populace REALLY takes it to heart to stay out of public places.

      Its a damned if you do damned if you dont situation. There is no situation where you do nothing, open up the ecnomy, and everything turn out all right. Completely disregarding how dangerous the virus is/isnt the infection rate and health systems overload would come to freak ppl out in due time… and have the exact same effect. With the added “bonus” of potentially millions of deaths, and a public outcry that could border on revolution. Its easy to see why the gov types did what they did… let it spred enough to become a problem, then act like they are doing alot so ppl dont whip out the guillotine. So they get to cover their asses, take more of your rights away, AND print infinite money/pass a 2 (really 6) Trillion dollar “stimulus” that amounts to diddly shit except essentially infinite money to large companies that SHOULD be the most responsible actors in an economy… and none could suffer 2 WEEKS of “not business as usual”.

      As I said on MARCH THE 8TH:

      “No joke tho last panel accurate af. Greatest tranfer of wealth in world history happening right now. Boomers and lazy index investors provided the liquidity to keep this whole grotesque system going.

      Pyramid scheme. Heh.

      Doesnt matter how good or bad corona actually is, banks will get a free bail out for systemic problems while normies will hear “corona destroyed the economy!” HA!

      The worst part? The bank bailouts arent even here yet. Wait for the defaulting debt to work its way up the system. Hell, they are already talking about ANOTHER “stimulus”

      ***This shit has really unmasked the stupidity and incompetence of everyone, and the inability of almost anyone to do anything else but believe what they want to believe. The head in the sands/disengaged/insane “takes” you see all over the Right right now is a fucking wake up call that, no, this side is not populated with people who can respond appropriately AT ALL to hard times!!!!

      A majority of the people on the right, at the moment:
      >Sapes gonna sape hurr durr let the boons hit the floor. ITZ time!
      >Trust the plan patriots. Eagles over Washington. The god emperor just suspended Habeaus corpus and SAVED FREEDOM! Deep State “Virus” getting eradicated by being given 6 trillion dollars!
      >ItS ThE FeAR Of ThE vIRuS ThaT MaKeS PeOPlE sICk!!!

      The reality:
      >Has one week of food, no social net, and no ability to plan for the future.
      >Lives in a constant delusion, as to not kill self in the face of the truth.
      >Manlet and brainlet
      >Ancestors would mercy kill, as they should.

      Everyone needs to wake the fuck up and take some serious fucking accountability.

      • Slayer Of The Public Boneflour says:

        Oh I agree that this is the best thing for govt types to do to secure power and pay off their buddies. “ITZ the coronavirus, gotta cancel elections for a year at least, guy.”

        Would have been glad to have a 2-3 week lockdown EARLY, travel ban, international flight pause, etc.

        Govt agencies were too busy making sure that COVID-19 wasn’t in any way linked to China and that noone canceled Pride parades or Lunar New Year’s in Chinatown. This thing has spread throughout the country. We’re getting more official cases now because they just now got around to supplying official tests.

        Even up till very recently we have had pretend lockdown. Kids still drinking beer out of random asses, st Paddy’s pub crawls, everyone crowding parks instead of tourist traps.

        Would be great to have an effective response to this disease. It’s real, it knocks people out, it’s been allowed to spread unchecked for months.

        The current official numbers, testing only symptomatic cases, the worst hit… Are 559,000 cases and 25,000 deaths. That’s 0.044 death rate for the end of the world plague, with medical care. Seasonal flu is at 0.100ish with medical care.

        It’s possible that not everyone is dead yet. Maybe the hospitals will become overstuffed and we will get all the way to “the flu” mortality for the worst, symptomatic cases. The 30-40% of the country that got it and shrugged it off not counting for official cases.

        If this thing was smallpox or polio numbers we would have bodies in the streets and I would be telling everyone I know to go full treestump since February at least.

        • MM says:

          >Slayer of the Public Boneflour

          Grow up.

          >If this thing was smallpox or polio numbers we would have bodies in the streets and I would be telling everyone I know to go full treestump since February at least.

          No, you’d be saying exactly what you are right now. People don’t change once some arbitrary line is crossed, this disaster has shown that very clearly.

          Hell, how many of ANY of the people on the right are prepared for ANYTHING?
          After years of ITZ talk!
          Id love to compare Cleve’s shit to my own, to be frank.

          Here’s the deal:

          We don’t know how bad this actually is.

          We have some strong data points like the communist Chinese (who dont give a flying FUCK about their people) shutting down, followed by the rest of the world.

          Personal horror stories all over social media, yada yada yada.

          But yeah, it could all be just letters on screen, completely berserk and delusional panic.
          Humans are certainly capable of it.

          It could be a government hoax to consolidate power. Sure.
          (there are loads of reasons to NOT think that, considering it hurts many initiatives like the great replacement, but it’s possible. And they have certainly been capitalizing on it, as they always will in any and every crisis)

          But there is no supportable reason yet to definitively assume that it has A. already infected 40 percent of the country or that it is B. not even as bad as the flu.

          The economic effects are already going to happen, and they will be bad. So you should feel free to adjust your worldview without regards to trying to delude your way out of the stress of your financial situation. Thats already going to be horrible, and you will have to deal with it. So now is the time to just see what the world gives you and respond to it effectively.

          AND- Its always better to be safe than sorry.

          Personally, I think it will be pretty bad. It may produce some really good societal effects. It may just be a horror show and lead into greater tyranny. Or maybe it will be a minor death toll with enormous economic repercussions. Who knows right now.

          All I know is that all of this “assuming” about the world that everyone is doing is straight DUMB, and if I am wrong I will freely admit it. I was dead wrong when this thing appeared- I thought itd be nothing. But I adjusted my worldview fast and will continue to do so in line with what information is provided; always leaving room for that large “I dont know” component!

          • Slayer Of The Public Boneflour says:

            Priors are:
            -China covered it up for weeks

            -Main stated goal of “Covid-19” name was to stop people from isolating from chinese

            -“Hug a chinese” parades as late as February.

            -Virus is extremely contagious.

            -Asymptotic carriers

            -delayed testing

            -Basic red pill shit

            Giving an extremely contagious disease a two month head start at least = large percentage of population already has it.

            I mean, you can argue that gays are actually pretty sanitary and will stop eating ass to prevent disease.

            Or that the virus isn’t that contagious/deadly…

            If it turns out teenagers don’t do dumb shit in Florida on spring break and then fly back home? I will absolutely need to reevaluate my worldview.

            I’m telling ya, people really want that Ratpocalypse.

            I might check back a couple weeks after the New York Times catches up to see if you’re “freely admitting that your wrong” or not.

            Calling it now though. Pussy numbers. Unless they really start killing off old people with sedatives, “not even the flu” numbers.

            • MM says:

              The directness of your prediction is much appreciated, as is the directness in general. Win/lose conditions nice and clear. If it kills more than the flu in the US this year, I win. If not, you win.
              No stakes but pride, unless you want to change that hehe.

              Do think more on the bit about the economy though. Major opportunities next week to short VIX instruments (VXX) with LEAP puts, yada yada yada.

            • boneflour says:

              Official prediction is less than the flu for US, barring retarded policies increasing the death rate, or ignoring positive tests on healthy people to goose numbers, etc..
              i.e. If the rush job vaccine turns out to give you AIDS, not blaming that on the virus.

              Flu is 0.1% per season. Going by average instead of 2020 flu cases because I’m betting on flu cases counting as corona-chan.

              I hear these kinds of things come back in a second wave next season. So if someone wants to count this outbreak and next seasons’ likely resurgence? 0.2% is the number to beat.

              In summary, >0.1% for this season, >0.2 for two seasons to match flu numbers. Numbers right now are at 0.012% or so, but it’s early yet.

  6. boneflour says:

    Normally I say “It’s a problem, but not my problem” because while I haven’t personally been fucked by X, it’s still something that society needs to solve.

    This thing hit me a little bit, though.

    I have family out of state that went in for a broken hip. Old man with a broke hip in the hospital is dangerous in the best of times. He had the surgery, had complications, went to rehab to get back on his feet. In rehab he got infections in his mouth, a urinary tract infection, ‘mild pneumonia'(?!)… was out of his mind from pain and isolation, got so many sedatives they had to give him Narcan, AND the people refused to move him out of the rehab center to another area.

    His wife, a nurse for decades, is of course barred from seeing him at all, and has to call 10 times to get anyone on the line in the first place. “We’ll give him antibiotics on a picc line, he’ll be fine” “Ooops, the picc line guy is involuntarily quarantined with the coronavirus so we’re just going to sit on our asses while he gets septic. No, we aren’t going to move him somewhere where he could actually get antibiotics. No, you can’t see him.”

    Turns out if he dies from the most retarded shit, but you stuff him full of drugs, it’s not your fault. But if you have to move him to someone with their pants on, people might start thinking that you did something wrong to have to transfer him.

    Hospital Acquired Infections were estimated to kill 100k people a year in US in 2002, something like the 5th leading cause of death annually

    Think that’s been ticking up or down after 10 waves of diversity graduates? 10% more deaths from losing advocates is 10k deaths from the panic shutdown, and that’s 2002 numbers. I would bet on it being higher.

    Doing absolutely nothing at all and writing themselves a check for 2TRILLION would be better than doing the worst things at the worst times. But hey, people might start wondering why they’re paying people trillions of dollars to sit around with their thumbs up their asses! Nobody gets fired for buying IBM. Nobody gets fired for DOING SOMETHING in a TIME OF CRISIS. In fact, if you don’t DO SOMETHING, people get mad at you! Systemic pressures and all.

    Retard policy may end up killing more people than Corona Chan, but at least we DID SOMETHING.

    • bicebicebice says:

      “Doing absolutely nothing at all and writing themselves a check for 2TRILLION would be better than doing the worst things at the worst times.” sapes doing anything is always how any problem starts, melonboons and big blocks of stone or henry ford and assembly on a line is the only thing that works any jerb that involves freedom will instantly confuse and anger the sape leading to the ITZ.

      sry to hear about your family, in 2006 I researched healthcare abroad, uk and germany, and beein going there since 2007 because swedish one collapsed in 2003. I blame the televitz many know that sex and the city fucked society but they ignore greys anatomy and such shows, sex and the city on steroids. this can also be said for all jobs that followed involviong wahmen minorities and ooga boogas depending on where you live and how fast it took for the collapse to catch up to yous.

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        >sry to hear about your family, in 2006 I researched healthcare abroad, uk and germany, and beein going there since 2007 because swedish one collapsed in 2003. I blame the televitz many know that sex and the city fucked society but they ignore greys anatomy and such shows, sex and the city on steroids.

        An underappreciated observation. We wouldn’t have as much trouble in healthcare if we weren’t flooding the 18-year-old female mind with promises of a series of dramatic relationships with increasingly sexy doctors.

  7. Fox says:

    Let’s call the following two posts my summary on the topic:

    A page from which I obtained a good part of my info on the panicdemic (english version)l:
    (scroll down they make big updates every day)

    Some may ask: If there truly is excess mortality in the last 2 weeks in italy among the elderly, doesn’t that prove that the “new” virus is responsible? No, bc:
    1. Spikes in excess mortality among the elderly are experienced every year during flu season in italy, and in 2017 and 2018 those spikes were higher than that from this year so far (re the data for all of italy we have so far)
    2. no one bothered to test the positively tested people for other flu-causing viruses as well, just as no one tested for the “new” virus (and many others) in the previous years. If someone had, whether in this year or in previous ones, bothered to test as many severely sick people for influenza or other viruses, the positive test results re the “new” virus would be much more meaningful.
    3. Other countries with old populations and high population densities didn’t experience anything like what is happening in italy – in some cases despite a much more relaxed reaction to the thing (Japan).
    4. The italians count those who died with the virus, not those who died of it – and they even test corpses! Plus, the patterns of those casualties (no children, “exponential” rise with age so that the average is 78, more men than women, almost all severely sick with a mean number of 2,7 chronic diseases) do not fit an epidemic at all, but rather natural mortality + a regular flu.
    5. Testing is mostly restricted to the ill, which inflates the association between that virus and death. Further, the tests are sensitive to certain subtypes of viruses, meaning that if any of those subtypes is prevalent among normal people or can be found regularly on sick people (“passanger-virus”), the test will yield a positive result despite no influence of the virus on that person’s health status. The test wasn’t validated (as tests have to be), so no one can exclude aforementioned possibility. Experience with other tests and viruses however indicates that that possibility is very likely.

  8. Fox says:

    Further points that render the “pandemia-hypothesis” preposterous:

    5. Testing is mostly restricted to the ill, which inflates the association between that virus and death. Further, the tests are sensitive to certain subtypes of viruses, meaning that if any of those subtypes is prevalent among normal people or can be found regularly on sick people (“passanger-virus”), the test will yield a positive result despite no influence of the virus on that person’s health status. The test wasn’t validated (as tests have to be), so no one can exclude aforementioned possibility. Experience with other tests and viruses however indicates that that possibility is very likely.

    6. The extreme measures taken in various countries can very well increase the actual mortality rates, as they lower the average quality of health care and the average “emotional” and psychological well-being of people (human contact, warmth turned into isolation and “fear thy neighbour”, huge economic and “logistical”/”density” problems causing additional stress in millions of people.).

    7. The organization that played and still plays a central and decisive role in the pan[ic]demic and the governmental reactions to it is inherently untrustworthy, as it knowingly sold non-starters like the “swine flu” as pandemics in the past and even changed its definition of “pandemic” to the point of meaninglessness for that purpose.

    6. The extreme measures taken in various countries can very well increase the actual mortality rates, as they lower the average quality of health care and the average “emotional” and psychological well-being of people (human contact, warmth turned into isolation and “fear thy neighbour”, huge economic and “logistical”/”density” problems causing additional stress in millions of people.).

    8. The governmental reactions are way past anything that could be considered appropriate or even sane, if one assumes honesty and good intentions. The opposite assumption, that they are using lies to increase their power and control over the populace, makes a very awful lot of sense given that we’ve see the sudden emergence of country-wide restrictions of freedoms unheard of in the last decades. The “Cui Bono?” question answers itself, and that answer is deafeningly loud.
    Thus, all the official reporting, data and statistics regarding this “crisis” are selling points in favor of the existence and severity of said crisis and should be understood as such.

    9. The mainstream media is running a 24/7 campaign in favor of the WHO’s and the government’s point of view. While that media sometimes says (relatively) true things as well, its past track record shows that when it goes into full-propaganda-mode, it’s reliably anti-truth and furthering the agenda of some force behind the curtain.

    10. The reactions of most western governments and their country’s media are extraordinarily similar, right down to the exact wording, implying that all of this is being coordiated.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      We’re fortunate that your opinion doesn’t have any real-world consequences.

      • Fox says:

        Have you not bothered to read the sources I linked to?
        Or to check what Tex thinks: “It’s only the same people who die of flu every year … The real facts show that the fatality rate has now dipped below the annual flu … You could tell in the first couple of days this thing was a hoax.”

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          >Have you not bothered to read the sources I linked to?


          > Or to check what Tex thinks

          I read Tex every day and his Coronavirus takes have been unimpressive, to put it mildly.

        • bicebicebice says:

          sapes dying for the melons is always a hoax to a neanderboon, america is an agreement between the jew-inclined immigrant “making it in amerikwa” and the american goobernment, dying for the stonk market aka the digital pyramid and it will “work” until the day it doesn’t. why would you not want absolute control of your subjects and why is it the business of aloof autistic caveman who likes to watch blue paint dry?

          there is also the dysgenic aspect, people are so shit these days they keel over just by looking at peanut butter and many politicians freak out because they realize they are the prime age of dying from the common cold. we live in a world where people go to jail for typing NIGGER on the internet because hurt fee fees, the response to locking down the world because the flu thusly becomes adequate and not over the top at all.

          you can fake the economy you can fake anything but you can’t fake having good genes aka eugenics it don’t matter how long this marathon is because in the end manbearbonobopigs are not winnarz.

          “what” is the “hoax” and “where” is it? only Edenism will give the best answer right now but here are some pointers; sapes gonna sape melons gonna melon and thals gonna thal with the joker card of thards gonna thard

  9. Fox says:

    2020 aeoli:
    – blacks moar neurotic than yews
    – neandercuck strategy (“”Forget the Entwives, lad, you should only “breed” by helping your retarded brother’s spawn survive”)
    – buys into craziest NWO panic since WWII
    – disqualifies without bothering to read or look into sources

    You left the chat 5 months ago – doesn’t seem like it has done you any good.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Try complaining and see if that helps.

    • Fox says:

      Immunity to criticism can be quite dangerous, and stubbornness taken too far becomes a vice.

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        This from a guy who can’t be convinced that material reality exists without any regard for his opinion.

        • Fox says:

          Is reality any “less real” if it’s “consists” of something else than tiny particles and empty space?

          And why should a purely “nonmaterial” reality cater to anyone’s opinions?

          None of the 4 issues mentioned above even require thinking about “material reality”, so your general disqualification makes no sense.

          You might be surprised, but the sources I mentioned re pan[ic]demic all believe in “material reality”, the existence of viruses and bacteria – and the pathogen-theory. There is a line of thought that believes in the first two, but regards the last as wrong.

  10. MM says:

    Anybody need toilet paper just call the federal reserve. Id be thinking what PHYSICAL assets fhat hold value/utility you should be acquiring right now.

    You see, people usually seem to think that inflation is just a nasty byproduct of all the money printing and “stimulus”.

    The truth is the the inflation is the entire purpose of such actions (besides kickbacks of course). If you have a population out of work that is hoarding its meager wealth, how do you get those people to spend their money?

    By making it become worthless at a brisk pace, of course!

    (Insert pic of trinagle next to money printer. Ball on top of pile of chuckie cheese tokens: “Im rich now”)

    Seriously though do take some sensible action to hedge against a hyper inflation scenario.



    Interesting language, was that a slip? Lel

  11. bicebicebice says:

    if corona is real then white genocide and cultural marxism the jewish century etc etc was never real, no conspiracy no nothing. Those are the implications for falling to this super-sniffles narrative. Even rumpie for all his faults called it a hoax. IF corona is real and thusly white genocide not real, there should no longer be people on the internet complaning about feminism, general ooga boogery and the “fall of western civlization”. Look at how caring they, the mainstream, are about white people today, you can’t go outside because we don’t want you to get sick! THANKS JEWS! :O:O:O

    I fully expect corona-believers to never complaing ever again about the usual suspects and their suspiciois activity because that is nulled now clean blanket slate and it can never appear again, that thing that never was can never appear again. As a matter of fact im gonna go log off right now and go ask the nearest somalian to spoit in my mouth and give him some money wtf I love the current year clown world now. Feels good having been completely wrong about everything.

    What a relief! No more internet hate machine for me! Normies here I come!

    welcome to bizarro internet where the former redpillers took the bluepill
    Kramer: well *slams door* I got corona
    *audience laughs*
    Jerry: you what?
    Kramer: yeah yeah I got it Jerry, the big C, the killer bat flu I got it all baby!
    *audience laughs*
    Jerry: my god are you sure?! how did you find out?!
    Kramer: well I rushed over to the doctor after a chinese man SPIT on me after I took an entire case of toilet paper from his shopping cart
    *audience laughs*
    Jerry: why are you taking toilet paper out of people’s carts?
    *audience laughs*
    Kramer: Oh Jerry it’s a madhouse out there! I mean don’t you watch the news?! Half the countries gone berserk trying to get supplies to survive we’re like…like..caged birds pecking at each other *imitates pecking birds with both his hands* YAAAH YAAHH
    *audience laughs*
    Jerry: but toilet paper I mean why that specifically? I could maybe see…canned food or instant noodle soup but toilet paper?
    Kramer: well you know….
    Jerry: what?
    Kramer: geh *montions his head towards his butt*
    Jerry: what what what is it?
    Kramer: eh..poo poo
    *audience laughs*
    *Jerry rolls his eyes*
    Jerry: oh come on
    Kramer: no jerry don’t you see? they set us up…!
    Jerry: who?
    Kramer: *looks around ominously as he gets closer to Jerry’s face* the toilet paper industry *tck*
    *audience laughs*
    Kramer: yeah see they planned it all out from the start..the virus, the paranoia, the media frenzy, see they caused it all to make a couple of bucks oh they conned us Jerry they conned us real good..OOOOH YEAH!!
    *audience laughs*
    Jerry: are you done?
    *audience laughs*
    Kramer: what what you don’t believe me?
    Jerry: well I don’t know I mean going to all that trouble it seems highly unlikely-
    Kramer: o-alright alright you blind yourself from the truth like the rest of the cattle, but you’re only hurting yourself Jerry and when there’s a dirty bum that needs wiping and there’s no more paper to clean it with you’ll know who to thank!!
    *audience laughs*

    • Man of Men says:

      How many hours of your life have you wasted writing these disjointed and stupid diatribes?

      How many hours of other (better) people’s time has gone into decoding your trash thoughts?

      I’ll let you in on a little secret: you were the ‘sape’ all along.

      You will hide in your treestump, under your weighted blanket, and wait for the end like a good goy.

      Its all that people like you were ever going to do.

      • Harlem Globetrotters Boneflour says:

        What an escalation! This nigga be SHOOK

        Don’t do it MoM! Bice has a cane AND a top hat!

        • MM says:

          You need to get over your hangups in regards to class and money.
          Fucking hell you seem to think I’m Mr Peanut or the monopoly man just because Ive had a crazy good last few weeks.

          If you disdain power and find it inherently evil, that’s not a great starting point to get anything done.

          And I couldn’t give a fuck less about an individual’s money or status outside of them being willing to use such things to make the world more like what I want it to be.

          I judge people:
          A. On what they do (and how that effects things I wish to happen).
          B. What they say. (The ideology that is revealed through their words)
          C. On their ability to accurately perceive reality/ adjust worldview in a sensible way in the presence of new info.

          As such, Im not a fan of the treestump and of everyone on the right retreating into their own personal delusion bubbles and being… pretty much worthless in terms of changing things.

          Changing things takes power and resources…

          I understand fully that my words here are probably wasted, but the lurkers may get some kind of spark from what I am saying.

          • boneflour says:

            Wholey shit! What a read! Next you’ll tell me I’m a short lardass, I hate that about myself. Bring back your manlet meme, that one put me in therapy.

            Man, if I’d only known I hated rich and successful people earlier, maybe I wouldn’t be STILL stumping for Trump. Oh right, I also worship successful men and want them to be father figures. Thanks for that nuanced perspective, MoM!

            Here’s NPR complaining about how big, expensive, and over-engineered the new Wall is:



            ” The structures rising southwest of Tucson are as tall as a two-story building. They look like they could hold back a herd of T-rexes.”

            OH NO

            “”This is a wall to fulfill a campaign promise. It’s really clear. And that’s what makes so many of us so angry. It’s being done so fast outside the rule of law and we know it’ll have an incredible impact,” says Kevin Dahl, Arizona representative for the National Parks Conservation Association.”

            Man, I’m with NPR. Trump STILL on that Wall? Just to fulfill a campaign promise? And he’s going FASTER THAN THE SPEED OF GOVERNMENT?

            How could I have been so blind?

            • Man of Men says:

              In his briefing on thursday Trump himself touted 160 miles of wall. Now that could likely be cut down alot of you count merely replacing existing wall (only 15 of the 50 miles of bollard fencing built 6 months ago was in new areas) but lets go with 160…

              Thats still less than Obama built. I know, Obama was the paragon of anti-immgration but maybe Trump can do better if he is elected president or something.

              >manlet thing.
              That wasnt directed at you. My criticism of you falls in the “believing what you want to be true in spite of loads of reasons to the contrary” category.

          • boneflour says:

            >”And I couldn’t give a fuck less about an individual’s money or status outside of them being willing to use such things to make the world more like what I want it to be.”

            >”As such, Im not a fan of the treestump and of everyone on the right… being… pretty much worthless in terms of changing things.”

            Reminds me of an old Moldbug bit:
            “This is the great thing about President Obama’s “change.” What he means by “change” is, of course, “power”—as in the phrase, “change the world.” Everyone wants to change the world. That is, they want to exert personal influence on the world. That is, they want power. This will get them laid, or so they think. It’s really not all that complicated.”


            Why are all these losers so unwilling to be used as tools for your personal power trip? Don’t they know that you will even look past them being broke or low status so long as they serve your purposes?

            It’s a mystery! Or is it?

            • Man of Men says:

              Right, expecting people to do better so that this country doesnt fall into greater and greater decay is just a cynical ploy. All power is evil, all responsibility is evil, and if someone says that you have a modicum of self responsibility you must remind them that all problems come from society and cannot be solved by group action whatsoever. You cracked my code, I am Obama.

      • bicebicebice says:

        “Man of Men says:
        March 28, 2020 at 8:22 pm”

        In the real world, I can leave my house whenever I want and you can’t. What is this “curfew” you anglo-merican goys live under? No such thing in Sweden. Go petition your jewish overlords if you can take a sneeze while real sturdy white folks enjoy springtime with the good genes we cultivated over the millenia.

        Feminized mongrels who piss away their own consitution and lock themselves inside because they are scared of the flu are somehow going to war against chyna when they surrendered this very year to the goat herders in afghanistan And the flu?!? Who’s really hiding inside?itz your official government policy not mine.

        “MM says:
        March 29, 2020 at 6:00 am
        As such, Im not a fan of the treestump and of everyone on the right retreating into their own personal delusion bubbles and being… pretty much worthless in terms of changing things.

        Changing things takes power and resources…” yes and you can only change a behavior by enforcing severe punishments for not following it which is what the chinese are doing with their Borgonizing, however it is not natural behavior and it will break when the punishments go away which is why “tharded” people are leaving society which they also should if they are so genetically inclined as I’ve stated many times society is a melonboon-sape agreement. There ain’t even no conflicts on interests going on, after the failure of trump it would be dishonest to call certain people quitters at this point after that effort. “changing things” doesn’t even mean anything concrete if one wants to get autistic, the change I want is not what the guy next to me wants etc etc.

        If a melonboon called himself a supporter of the treestump I would call him a liar and I expect him to call me a liar if I say “damn I just love the current year and society because the reasons how do we fix X and save Y”.

        I fully expect all rightoids to be the first in line to accept mr.bills magical mercury and forehead tatoo because that is what they are saying and if they are saying that they are accepting the whole package and have no right to complain about anything past present and future.

        the irony right now is that rumpie is dabbing on lockdown cucks funny how the biggest zionist is somehow still the biggest supporter of america right now?!?

        Time go outside and enjoy my Swedish Freedoms, I’m thinking a nice 90 minute brisk powerwalk just to make that homo “man of mutts” seethe, maybe I shall upload some pictures of the scenery lest ye forget what the outdoors looks like? Don’t go too stir crazy hogging the four walls heres to hoping you get the mental ´healthtreatment you need.

        Damn feels pretty sweet being Swedish right now

  12. Obadiah says:

    My mom is a nurse in a hospital in our fairly rural area. They’ve had 12 Coronavirus cases thus far.

    1 57 year old man got really bad and died
    4 people are in the hospital being treated at this moment, with one of those people being in ICU
    7 people recovered fully and have been sent home

    • boneflour says:

      That matches up with other things I’ve heard. Definitely something real that does kill a number of people. Still worth taking reasonable precautions even it it’s not the Ratpocalypse.

      IRL I’m trying to get children to wash their hands, adults to stop the insane panic, and old men to actually stay inside for reezy though.

      My other grandpa is smart enough to go, “34 cases in a population of 100,000? Those are pussy numbers!” but he’s actually in the danger zone for the thing. So we might have to lean on him to take it more seriously, funnily enough.

      • Obadiah says:

        >adults to stop the insane panic

        This whole thing feels kind of like a test or trial run to gauge peoples’ reactions, secondary effects; etc. I think there’s a strong possibility that eventually a legitimately lethal bioengineered super-bug will be unleashed on us and an actual true civilization-resetting mass die-off pandemic will ensue, and then it’s novus ordo seclorum full-scale government takeover (depending on how well this trial run goes).

        Pack your rice, stand and fight, get ready to do a bit of both.

        In minecraft

  13. William Owlson says:

    Corona has eliminates a lot of a specific type of virtue signaling, particularly those that revolve around schooling and getting a good job.

    Healthcare workers, a part of what is the most prestigious layman job, have been kicked in the ass by coronavirus. We see where they stand in terms of our society, its importance and their roles but we also see that they stand to serve just like any other profession.

    Doctors are such an asset but are used for counterproductive measures, like keeping dysgenics alive. Now we see that their true purpose is to protect and serve the general public. Just something that’s been on my mind.

  14. boneflour says:

    Replying here because comments only nest so far:

    I agree with MM on shorting VIX through VXX if you can get the right position/timeframe/know what you’re doing. An index structured to decay in value except for temporary bumps like right now? Noice. *NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE – OPINION ONLY – NO CASH VALUE*

    • Man of Men says:

      Thanks for looking into it, its the best “sure thing” atm, especially since market should go down quickly enough to drive VIX and VXX higher next week.

      Sure thing strike (puts of course) would be 45. August expiry or later. Just wait for VXX to go back above 60 (could go back into 70s but cant count on it) buy in and use a limit order 20 percent or less above the mid. Once it hits tje strike just sell for free money and if it goes back up you get more free money. Wouldnt hold and wait for it to drop out though (it will at some point) because the only way you coukd get screwed is if Corona came back in a second wave and drove volitily back up right at end of expiry… which you shouldnt have to wait anywhere near that mong anyway but advice still stands. If you wanted to be gutsy just do 30 or 35 strike and longer expiry.

      • Man of Men says:

        “if it goes back up you make free money” in regards to if you sold, to be clear. All bear markets have rallies or can have a green day after a huge drop (which lowers VXX usually by 9 percent or so lately. You could set the strike at that level and just play on the intra week action, selling and rebuying when appropriate, but that requires a time commitment likely outside what you coukd give it)

      • boneflour says:

        Yeah would not want to put in a market order on options right now. Will keep a look out this week for a good entry point, thanks.

        • chezgr@y says:

          i accidentally bought a put option on SPY at the market a couple weeks ago after MM’s timely advice. learning about iv crush the hard way, and limit orders. best way to learn. April 24 200p. this is fun

          • MM says:

            Yeah theta gonna getcha on that. April 24 is pretty soon and theta is logarithmic.

            TSLA went up alot after hours today so its looking tempting for tomorrow (puts). Cars always hit hard af in recessions and F and GM have seen downside already.

            But yeah.. at least a couple months expiry. For safety.

            • MM says:

              Im guessing your SPY put is already down so much that its prob best to hold it in case it works out but thats up to you. Itll be a crazy next 2 weeks

            • chezgr@y says:

              You’re right that its declined enough to where I’ll just ride it out. Interesting times indeed. Will be more careful in the future. It’s incredible to see bad news on bad and the markets barely react. Wasn’t it Keynes who said the market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent ha. Americans need pain to wake up

      • MM says:

        In retrospect, buying puts on vxx/vix/volatility (directly) is basically always a bad play…

  15. Pingback: Coofcast | Aeoli Pera

  16. boneflour says:

    Breaking it out because nesting limits:

    Right, I ‘disdain power and think it’s inherently evil’
    I’m still rooting for that Trump guy to Executive Order his way through 80% of the permanent govt to build a massive wall because I JUST REALLY WANT HIM TO, not for any rational reason, despite all the evidence going the other way.

    You’re like Robin Hood or something, shooting a bullseye into another bullseye.

    I don’t think you’re Obama, man. Obama can give a persuasive speech. I think you’re the ‘everyone else’. It’s a normal thing to want people to listen to you and to feel important. “Change the World” is code for “Power Over Others” for everyone that speaks it, because how else you gonna do it? Treestump? Manual labor?

    I know it makes me feel pretty YUGE when people treat me like I’m personally responsible for WW3 because of some jokes in an internet comment section. KONO POWA WA

    P.S. You don’t remember the manlet meme? It was your best work! Hold on, I think it was when you pingbacked to my blogging blog… there we go:

    Wait, the title of the image is ‘boneflour sucks lol’? I’m even more crushed! Powerful stuff!

    How do you keep that piercing insight so on target? I probably don’t even lift!

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      This has been fun but you guys have started to just repeat yourselves so start wrapping it up.

    • MM says:

      haha oh yeah that was great.

      And dont be coy, you were directly provoking. So you got what you wanted, right?

      >when people treat me like I’m personally responsible for WW3 because of some jokes in an internet comment section.

      Bruh. When you support someone and dont give them push back for their failing to meet promises, or for doing the wrong thing, then of course you have some responsibility when they feel emboldened enough to do dumbass Zioclops shit like war with Iran, which is nowhere near off the table for the next term. Obvious.


      Ok fair enough.

      Its more like: globohomo member, satanist, zionist, and elitist Donald J Trump doing all he can do for the glorification of his narcissitic persona for his whole life, and then conning the American people in a totally cynical ploy to win the power of the presidency, is totally fine because he said “build wall” and by God you really keep an eye on the facts of whats going on in his administration, and his very storied life history. His power is your power. You know it, and thus it is so!

      I wonder how many women Trump has called up and said: “Your aborting that baby”
      He used to hang out at the ‘studio’ in New York yaknow.
      FUCK you dont even know that much about the object of your admiration, do you?

      But- you dont like me.
      So I say “power” and its bad.
      Its cynical and manipulative.

      Im telling the poor, the downtrodden, forgotten middle Americans, to support me and Q in making Israel great again!

      And if you get punched out, or lose your job, or get labelled a terrorist, you can be sure that absolutely nothing will be done to help you. Because, this MAGA thing?
      It was a fucking con.

      What you are saying is correct… but not in regards to me…

      If you want to bicker more then write a blog post and put some work into it. I dont exist to argue with people who will not show good faith, and our host is tired of this nonsense here.


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