With commentary by secret billionaire financier Kensuimo. If you play the waveform of the audio file backwards at 666 Hz and view it through the decoder ring you’ll be able to hear his voice, but if you have the decoder ring you already knew that.

Here’s the picture I promised at around 41 minutes.


Update: prefc reveals the TRUTH BEHIND TRUTH.

That’s right, the philosopher’s stone is made from human coofs in mass numbers.

Update 2: Triangle man shares stock secrets that THEY don’t want you to know about. Wall Street hates this guy!

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5 Responses to Coofcast

  1. MM says:

    RE shitty cigars.

    buy the alec bradley 2nds on cigar dot com. 2 and a half dollars each and fng good anyway. Pretty sure there are only robustos in stock right now (cant check atm) but thats prob what you want anyway.

    Or get Corona Vita Liga Privada No 9s like me because lol
    (No 9 is actually amazing, corona vita is just a size. Far better than the cigar of the year, the aging room quattro Nicaraguan wtvr the fuck which is mediocre tbh)

    • MM says:

      Nica Libres are also a great cheap cigar if you stick them in a humidor and let the harshness go away. 4 months or so. Also the perdomo minis in the black tin are so good.

  2. Fox says:

    You gave some anecdata in the previous posts.
    – do you have more info on the cases from the hospital your mother works at, like prior health status of the infected, and what symptoms they showed – ie was there, clinically, anything the hospital staff doesn’t see dozens or hundreds of times a year?
    – also: If your two colleagues had had the very same symptoms a year ago, would you have thought: “Gee, these are weird symptoms, might be a new disease” or would you have thought: “Well, they got the flu” ?

    • Obadiah says:

      >do you have more info on the cases

      I’ll ask her for details on what’s going on tomorrow when I can get ahold of her–I’m sure the amount of people and patients’ conditions have changed since I last talked to her.

      >If your two colleagues had had the very same symptoms a year ago

      Yeah I would have thought they had a routine cold.

      • Obadiah says:

        There are now three people in the hospital for Coronavirus–but they’re only “suspected” cases.

        These people have high fever and cough (those are the symptoms they’re screening for) and are being kept in the designated “Coronavirus” area of the hospital (the first floor–my mom is working on the third floor, or the normal hospital, non-Covid area).

        Only one of these three people currently has severe symptoms and is in ICU–but he’s not on a vent.

        Otherwise, the four people mentioned last week have all recovered and been sent home. These people had the symptoms of fever/coughing/early onset Covid symptoms. However, they don’t even know if these people had the Coronavirus because it takes so long to get actual test results back.

        So the numbers for my mom’s hospital currently are:
        15 total (possible) cases
        1 death
        11 full recoveries
        3 people currently in the hospital with one in ICU–but he’s not on a vent yet.

        Last night the main respiratory therapist was away from the covid area for a while and up on floor three talking, joking around and in a good mood, which implied that all three current patients look like they’re going to recover.

        Keep in mind we live in middle America and not Jew York City so our numbers are going to be less severe.

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