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Oh you sweet summer child

On the bright side, this is the hottest Q-anon take I’ve seen yet. Meanwhile, back in 2018 EA released Battlefield 5, a WW2 game with a female soldier protagonist sporting a prosthetic limb. Tex, I hate to be the bearer … Continue reading

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Flake Filter notes

The Flake Filter: How to Handle the Unreliable People Who Waste Your Time Somewhat basic but good and important topic. Recommend generally, although it’s enough to have the lists from the book written down for reference. The Flake Filter … Continue reading

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Took long enough You’ll probably want to download these, they’re hard to find.

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The psychological motivation behind the philosopher’s stone and conlangs

Yesterday I was thinking back on an autistic behavior that Vox Day once pointed out, where autists will tend to consider natural language expressions of logic to be imprecise and categorically inferior to symbolic expressions. It’s an irrational attitude because … Continue reading

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White pill – epicenter genius job posting for a blue-collar Khan academy

One of my pet peeves is the conflation of selection and training processes. Selection, properly understood, has no value-add. Its purpose is to filter for nodes that are already high-value so that individual value can be siphoned to create a … Continue reading

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Divine hiddenness and the last man

This coincidence interests me: Divine hiddenness in one form or another looms large in these theologies, but God’s love and existence remain unchallenged. The idea that divine hiddenness counts against the existence of God is largely a twentieth-century phenomenon.11 In … Continue reading

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Uncontroversial biblical example of God’s hiddenness

One of my goals for this year is to find a compelling explanation for the hiddenness of God. Particularly, I want to know why he’s more hidden now than he was at a couple of different times in the past. … Continue reading

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Illustration of the difference between intelligence and judgment

Speaking of Sherlock Holmes jokes, every seen this one? Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson decide to go on a camping trip. After dinner and a bottle of wine, they lay down for the night, and go to sleep. Some hours … Continue reading

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Operation Headache

Owl and I recently developed an interesting form of brainstorming potential collaborative writing projects where we goof off on the same Google doc for a couple of hours. The first one we tried was Operation VRY SRS THINKERZ, an attempt … Continue reading

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List of eugenic vs. spiteful narrative elements

Several years ago, I bought a big old KJV Bible from a Salvation Army for a dollar (mostly because I liked the pictures and hadn’t quite kicked my bibliophilic addiction to keeping big old books around yet). Here it is … Continue reading

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