Dad gang

Dutton drops a timely video related to my treatise on wife-beating:

The eventual alternative to friends and family pressuring nice girls into that “happy medium”, as I’ve pointed out several times, is rape gangs in the best case or racial extinction in the worst case.

The way to save the white race is to form big networks of family and friends and get the married women gossiping about what couples would be the cutest and then meddling to arrange meetups, where dads have oversight and veto power. The best part of this plan is it only requires people to act in ways they normally would, if not for extreme ideological voluntarism excusing them from applying natural social pressures on the people they care about. Even libertarian Boomer dads don’t take much convincing to watch over their daughters (although unfortunately it’s not zero convincing), and any girl with the empathy to enjoy Pride and Prejudice can be recruited easily.

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  1. boneflour says:

    Corona News:

    “Some of the revelations have been stark. Although fewer than 1% of the tests came back positive for the virus, the company’s founder Dr. Kári Stefánsson told CNN that around 50% of those who tested positive said they were asymptomatic, confirming multiple studies that show that asymptomatic, or mildly symptomatic, people have played an important role in spreading the virus.”

    What is this? 50% asymptomatic carriers? Who could have predicted this? What do the numbers look like for PREMIUM GLOBAL DATA subscribers who haven’t baked that assumption into their models yet? If only people could have thought with their brains before the Official Science came in!

    “Testing and contact tracing are one of the key reasons why a lockdown has not been considered necessary up to this point,” its Directorate of Health said in a statement to CNN.

    “There is also another reason, no less important, we have pursued a very aggressive policy of quarantine for individuals — suspected to be at risk of having contracted the virus — for much longer and at a higher scale than most other countries we are aware of.”

    What’s this? Targeted, consistent prevention measures… instead of a country wide lockdown a few months after “Lick A Chinese Toilet Parade”? I guess it pays to have cold weather every now and then. Iceland seems to have its pants on!

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