Another conversation with Owl.

Only a good conspiracy ever produced a practical political philosophy.

that’s an aphrism for the ages lol

Well, it’s an inconvenient truth for the armchair politicians of the world. Because only a conspiracy already has the necessary amount of buy-in to effect a political philosophy. What is really necessary is more than five pragmatists who are already sold on the same ideal. I should say “at least five” because that’s when a conversation splits and “us” becomes “we”.

Success is determined by these factors:
-How effective each man is at getting the things he wants
-How clearly each man can see the vision
-How much each man is willing to submit his other desires to the shared vision
-How closely each man’s internal vision matches each other man’s in every detail

All this being said, the goal for ambitious young men becomes quite clear.

As do certain of the challenges and obstacles

High-IQ, high-openness people undervalue repetition. Influence is all about inertia. Everybody wants to do what they want to do more than they want to do what you want them to do, excepting the more agreeable women. But remember, everyone today is at least a little like those mice who will eat if you put food right in their mouths, but they won’t cross a room to eat even if they’re starving. [Ed: If you’re reading this you’re like this too, except you don’t give up on food, you give up on connecting intimately with people in real life.]

The reason it’s so important to have “we” instead of “us” is “we” can push each other in this way. “We” can push each other and create inertia in a certain direction. Being individually effective at getting what you want is nice and takes a lot of work, but it’s just a taste of real power. Real power is being effective, then finding other effective people who can submit themselves to the same vision. Real ultimate power like ninja. [Ed: You Zoomers are gonna have to look that one up.]

People think this is a time for many barbarian kings, but they’re wrong. Barbarian kings only work when things are simple and one man can have a vision and understand what’s necessary to realize it by himself. The future is not going to be more simple than the recent past, it’s going to be more complex. More difficult to understand. Civilization may crumble but the information complexity will stay, and that’s the kind that matters. It doesn’t matter whether you can find the old NASA library that tells you how to land on the moon (allegedly) if you can’t find the one book that tells you what the hell is actually going on. This will be even more true in the future. We aren’t going to see the weapons of propaganda disassembled in our lifetimes when they’ve become more important than ever!

the information environment, whether consciously or merely emergently, is becoming more and more complex, to a degree that the individual understands less and less of the world around him
this trend is exacerbated by psychological warfare operations intended to do everything to sell more soap to get people to vote a certain way to get people to demand certain changes planned for and intended by complex conspiracies
this increasingly inhibits the ability of the individual to affect meaningful change, not just on an individual level but also on the level of inter-individual co-operation and co-ordination
it’s the shift from “people having ideas” to “ideas having people”

Thus, the future will belong to fewer, bigger conspiracies, not many smaller ones. Conspiracy members must agree on the vision and specialize in application, because there is so much fog that only an obsessive specialist can make sense of any little area. It’s the natural state of things for an ambitious individual to get frustrated and require hours of daily meditation just to keep their motivation up. Learned helplessness is the expected outcome in a complex, static, k-selected society. But five men skilled in influence, who agree to influence each other, will require no extraordinary motivation to keep moving. Times of atomization and complexity are not an opportunity for pirate kings. They’re an opportunity for cabals. Why would the Cabal spend so much time and effort shaping the environment to be more complex and more atomized? It’s the perfect environment for them to thrive!

Losers wait around for the kind of world that will accommodate the kind of actions they enjoy taking. I say fuck the world, it’s going to accommodate me.

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12 Responses to Melontalk

  1. Aeoli Pera says:

    Out of curiosity, I threw this post into IBM Watson. Here are the results:

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      IIRC, the only one that’s hugely different from when I did the Eternal High School post is artistic interests, which was in the single digits. The rest are reasonably close to what they were for that one.

  2. Zeb Zebley says:

    Why wouldn’t conspiracies follow the Pyrrhic cycle of history, like all social orders? Belief in the Vision and Adherence to it?

  3. Man of Men says:

    This speaks to me on a spiritual level. 10/10, better than blockheads.

    >Zeb Zebley

    Seeing this name brings something up:
    Ive used loads of double letter monikers in the past. but I’ll only poast under MM or Man of Men now. Dont want confusion, or to make spoofing me easier.

  4. bicebicebice says:

    >go to store
    >want to buy cucumbers
    >merchant with big nose tell me It will cost me 6 cucumbers for 3 of his cucumbers
    >buy his cucumbers
    >leave store
    >everything is priced this way
    >spend rest of my life in eternal debt

    the digital stonk market is literally the pulse of satan and yeah don’t matter which way Line go, itz uncertainty and chaos where the house always wins. when the world was orderly good sape pushed his block then went to overseer to cash in his good reputation for beer and grain, bad block pusher was sent to the savage lands or thrown into the alligator pond.
    who destroyed this system? the money changers of course, who operated out of holy edifices! who beat this people with a whip? Jesus of course!
    selling money for more money is you side stepping reality always getting ahead when your wallet should be your good moral character.

    Now we see why the CHYNESE are all in in the borgonizer and why the kwanstanians realeased a bio weapon on them! for shame and as the man from texas said; “americans are so crooked they have to screw their pants on in the morning”, meaning no ‘stanian wouldn’t even be elegible for a scrap of bat due to their behavior of worshipping the same big noses who destryoed the system in the first place!

    I do not fear a return of the Pyramids, living in a chynese borgonizer of even the second coming but in this system of kike hoaxes well basically satan rules and it only benefits a very small few select group of people! unfortunately this cabal is backed by every citizen of the united states of america..! many such cases. sad!

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