Reflections on the will to live

Start a “campaign” to bring back the will to live…

This was meant as a joke, but it has me wondering. What is the nature of this elusive creature?

Dutton and Woodley would tell you the answer is to increase religiosity, but for as much as I respect those guys and love their show, I believe they have the arrow of causality backward. Based on my encounters with the abyss, I’m thoroughly convinced that religion is a survival response based on the will to live rather than the reverse, and that survival ultimately begins with the irrational decision to survive. There’s a great deal of wisdom to be mined in the accounts of drug addicts and alcoholics who hit rock bottom, for anyone smart enough to learn this the easy way rather than the hard way. Existential fear comes first, then the decision to survive, then (counterintuitively) desperation, then they cry out to God for salvation, and afterward religiosity is just a continual reaffirmation of that decision like renewing one’s wedding vows.

I’ve noticed people who’ve never had to squarely face the fact of their mortality engage in a strange sort of brinksmanship with their own existence. You don’t see people who fought in WWI trenches or watched neighbors starve to death poking the tips of their toes in the freezing water of nonexistence. They already know how they feel about the question because there was a moment when they weren’t allowed to ignore it. If they had, they would have just died on the spot. (NOW! That’s what I call k-selection!) This is why living on your parents’ money or your girlfriend’s money is bad for you. You turn into a narcissistic NPC with a rictus grin, convinced you pulled one over on reality.

The decision to survive isn’t sufficient, but it is necessary. I’ve been blessed to intimately observe a large number of people come to terms with their inability to crawl out of a hole without outside help. The meme of “flattening the curve” from Covid-19 to avoid overfilling hospital beds has given us an incredible picture of what civil collapse actually looks like. It’s when there are more people hitting rock bottom at the same time than there are friends and relatives to drag their limp bodies out. Maybe the real social safety net was the neighbors we had dinner and watched TV with along the way. The good news is, humans actually have a remarkable will to live when the question is right in front of them. The bad news is, normies do the opposite of flattening the adoption curve by definition of what a normie is, and right now treestumping is normie and government-pilled.


Aeoli’s grand campaign strategy for every endeavor:

0. Decide whether living is worth suffering for (i.e. decide what you want, count the cost, then pay it)
1. Avoid predictable catastrophes (the Germans say “buy cheap, buy twice”)
2. Buy time to answer the only intellectual question that matters (“What is the nature of God?”)
3. Enter the virtuous feedback loop of WINNING: Invest in people -> Invest in yourself -> Invest in people, etc.

When you decide to survive, something you learn about the world very quickly that the real wealth is human capital. The rest is implementation.

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10 Responses to Reflections on the will to live

  1. Baron Julius Evola says:

    Those who want to live let them fight. Those who do not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live.

    Still putting out great content Aeoli. Hope youre staying out there.

  2. Theonormal MM says:

    A mirror improves the ability to think.

    I repeat.

  3. Obadiah says:

    >When you decide to survive, something you learn about the world very quickly that the real wealth is human capital. The rest is implementation.

    The riddle… of steel?!

  4. Man of Men says:

    >Treestumping is normie and government pilled.

    It finally got said.
    I mean, I can understand the sentiment. And maybe some ppl’s natures are such that it really would give them the best life (a tiny minority).

    But nobody gets to act like its not doing exactly what “Roffchild” wants you to.

  5. bicebicebice says:

    “the real wealth is human capital. The rest is implementation.” HEAR HEAR!

    when the state makes more money than any man ever could you bless that holy matrimony of wahaman and (((state))) with some ritualized always online 24/7 e-televitz call anyone objecting a losing dissenter and then you squeeze the lifeblood through those biological automatons down to the last debt-block pushed before you strip them of their organs and chuck em in an incerator.

    if you wake up tomorrow in western society and feel completely fine and ok with everything because you landed a new job or learned a new skill or changed your mental-gymnastics whateverthefuck you worship satan. you can’t go from complaning about everything, rightfully so, in the modern west and then the next day be at peace. boomers are the real doomers and look at how fucking happy and positive they are completely sickening and if you wake up likes this tomorrow be very fucking afraid.

    chinks don’t have souls which is why they do live like they do but when it comes for the west the last thing anyone will ever be is a real man again. dignity will eventually run out, like it already has for some (Man of Men says:April 20, 2020 at 5:11 pm) and basically getting a treestump and bombing the government if they wrong you is manly, whereas nothing ever “accomplished” on the internet will ever be while you wait for your digitalgoodboypoints to buy bread cooping up in communist australia thinking you “convinced you pulled one over on reality.”.

    You have the beginnings of a great atheist dictator aeoli and there is only One Man in society the man at the top the rest are lost amongst the masses and you can’t have two tigers on a mountain!imagine that 8 billion “souls” but only one real man! in the defense of the treestump it does make you a man which I can see the appeal but, as you said my friend; “the real wealth is human capital. The rest is implementation.” you need them human eggs to scramble into omelettes and with enough people around they even applaud you when you break a few eggs in order to do so! not so much in a low pop high trust community! good thing those tr0000 neanderniggers died out all they did was complain about progress and jerk off in caves and stumps talking about Jesus Christ god what a joke hiheho *sensible chinese chuckle*

    // Your Friend Xi 共產主義革命萬歲

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >You have the beginnings of a great atheist dictator

      In the Western tradition we respect the jester’s trade whereas Asian despots have them executed in creative and colorful ways. So you’re not being 100% precise, very unprincipled if you think about it.

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