Operation Headache

Owl and I recently developed an interesting form of brainstorming potential collaborative writing projects where we goof off on the same Google doc for a couple of hours. The first one we tried was Operation VRY SRS THINKERZ, an attempt to reconstruct Disraeli’s One-nation Toryism while correcting its shortcomings with a core of religiosity and ethnocentrism. This one is “A very important invention for SOCIETY: the science of mental athlete performance and training.”


This link gives commenting privileges but not editing privileges. The main thing is to showcase the method of goofing off together productively in case you’re into collaborative projects and may want to steal it.

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Maybe do this later?
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1 Response to Operation Headache

  1. MM says:

    Fasting, elimination of omega 6 fats (vegetable oils), reducing pervasive stress that fries your brain and causes burnout. Almost infinite more thingies probly


    I can understand the thinking here with the vitamin A palmitate and whatnot, but you can get that from grass fed butter. Also, livers from factory farmed animals are going to be toxic af, very bad. All livers are full of iron too, and unfortunately heavy metal toxicity from iron is a very real thing. I would suggest leeches but when I bought them they were already dead…

    Get a good leech dealer.
    Then pop them all over the bathroom to add color and impress women/twinks.

    That document in general is basically my laptop. Im trying to process it now, but its a nightmare. The music theory info alone is just overwhelming. Thats why Im just making a midi file of all the chord shapes then categorizing by feel and usage. Then you can just write in c and transpose for color. Blah blah

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