White pill – epicenter genius job posting for a blue-collar Khan academy

One of my pet peeves is the conflation of selection and training processes. Selection, properly understood, has no value-add. Its purpose is to filter for nodes that are already high-value so that individual value can be siphoned to create a higher network valuation. Training, properly understood, increases the value of the nodes. Due to the partisan dialectic between blank slatism and fatalism and our historical meritocracy, one of our central conceits about education is that it will serve for both selection and training because these are the same thing.

And, as a society we have a revealed preference for plug-and-play relationships so we won’t have to understand what makes people tick. In the workforce, this means zero effort toward intelligent recruitment and ads for professionals who will “hit the ground running”. In training, this means the answer to every question is “you should already know that”, as if somebody who sat through a sexual harassment powerpoint in onboarding yesterday has the same wellspring of understanding for his job as a veteran with 35 years of experience. In dating, it means that if you weren’t already banging 6 year olds when you were 9 (she told me she was 7 your honor) you’re basically a different species and should go live in a tree stump in the park.

A lovely side effect of this silliness is you can pick up useful knowledge for pennies, since everyone else thinks knowledge without social validation has no economic value. Used to be, if you knew how to grind your own lenses the local guildhall would send Isaac Newton around to break your legs. And as far as I can tell, epicenter genius is the more extraverted side of genius, curating massive amounts of content and correspondence from a network of content creators into something ordered and sensible. E.g. Dutton for a modern example. (Not to mention attainable, since it’s hard to imagine duplicating Aristotle or Leibniz.)

I can’t remember who to attribute this to, but somebody once pointed out that you can’t be surprised when white people are expressing slave morality when it reflects their actual, complete economic dependency. So if you’re looking to save the white race through economic means and earn the title of a history-influencing genius, copy-pasting an HVAC curriculum alongside a Wonderlic and an online certification test is a relatively straightforward project for getting there. I’d advise you to make the content free for two reasons: Firstly, because this is on my project list and you won’t be able to compete with me on price, and secondly because anything you can put a price on that’s good for white people the Rothschilds will buy with money fresh off the printer and then burn it. But hey, I’m just a regular-type genius, you do you.

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4 Responses to White pill – epicenter genius job posting for a blue-collar Khan academy

  1. MM says:

    Twas me, and its going to become even more true as the economy necesarily reacts to the realities of the past two months, and of future demand.

    What happens when a fourth of white people are on the dole? It certainly could happen if we get another corona wave.

  2. Obadiah says:

    The mind (IQ) is a car driving on the road. When a person’s Associative Horizon is given too much gravity, they will begin to veer off to the right, eventually running off the road into the ditch. When their Conscientiousness is given too much priority, they will veer leftward into oncoming traffic.

    I veered off to the right into the ditch. But instead of trying to get my car back on the road, I followed a strange urge in my heart, wandering into the thick brush, eventually all the way into the heart of the forest. It was there that I stumbled upon the Shaman’s dream hut…

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