Flake Filter notes

The Flake Filter: How to Handle the Unreliable People Who Waste Your Time https://www.amazon.com/dp/0972981411/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_TKe3DbMBR1AGP

Somewhat basic but good and important topic. Recommend generally, although it’s enough to have the lists from the book written down for reference.

The Flake Filter

-2 Bad
-1 Not enough information
+1 Not applicable
+2 Good

Score bold items with 5x weight: -10 instead of -2, +5 instead of +1, etc.

Have they done an impressive deal before?
Was it down to them or others?
What level do they talk at and what level was their last deal?
Do they have a track record in what they’re doing?
Do they refer to their business accomplishments or instead mention previous employers or education?
Do they claim expertise they do not possess or cannot demonstrate?
How old are they? (Over 40 and unsuccessful is bad.)
Have you made money with them before?
Has anyone you know made money with them?
Do they have a financial motivation for dealing with you?
Is their knowledge accurate?
Have you caught them out in a lie?
Do they make a big show of their honesty? (“The lady doth protest too much.”)
Do they talk about having the resources to do a deal for 18+ months but still haven’t done it?
Do they mention numbers in their discussions?
Do they deliver on their promises?
Do they return phone calls?
Have they engineered their own deals or [just] been in the right place at the right time?
Do they complete actions on time or do they say they’re “too busy”?
Are you paying them by the hour, keeping them on retainer, or are they on a success-based arrangement?
Do they talk in “MBA speak”?
Are they often quoted in the press, but never as having done anything?
Are they punctual?
Do they like to talk “strategy”?

Solid guy – Positive scores on all bold items or a score over 30
OK guy – Score between 20 and 30
Be careful – Score between 10 and 20
Flake – Score less than 10

11 things lawyers do to waste your time and charge more money

1. Charge by the hour
2. Nitpicking, problem finding rather than solution finding
3. Written legal opinions (only useful for impressing idiots)
4. Billing paralegal research hours
5. Clock running – show them a competitor’s quote for a flat fee
6. Friendly chit-chat on the clock
7. Boilerplate
8. Business advice
9. Over billing on hours (because people are hesitant to challenge lawyers)
10. Charging partner rates for paralegal work
11. “Non-negotiable” invoices
Note on intuition: If your intuition says someone is off but the flake filter says they’re solid, trust your gut. Don’t trust your gut when it says someone is solid – trust the filter.

What’s not important for filtering people
-Their level of spending – the kind of car they drive
-Their education or speech patterns, accent, etc.
-How they dress
-The company they work for
-Their offices
-Prestige of their occupation

Methods to deal with a flake
-Try to get rid of them
-Be firm
-Put it in writing
-Call them out on non-performance without getting angry (“You didn’t tell me the truth, did you?”)
-Do their work for them
-Ask “can you recommend someone competent who can do that?”
-Ask “what are the stages involved?”
-Ask “when will you do it?”, e-mail their answer back to them, and let them know you’ll be following up the day of
-Go over their heads
-Chase them constantly
-Tell others you’re waiting on them (social pressure)
-Carrot: Do this then I will arrange X, help you with Y, or get you Z
-Stick: If you don’t then I’ll do X, tell Y, or take away Z
-Trap them into commitment: “You’re not going to let me down on this, are you?”
-Assume the sale: “I’m glad you’re working on this as I know it will get done on time.”
-Name drop (flakes are oversocialized snobs)

How not to be a flake
-Dress professionally
-Get a good business card (people still feel more secure when receiving solid, substantial things)
-Read what you write before you send it
-Put agreements in writing
-Get a contact management program
-Follow up
-Get a PDA and keep organized (2003 advice, needs updating)
-Say no
-Don’t overpromise
-Apologize early and often
-Give realistic quotes
-Quote in ranges
-When promising deadlines, admit when you’re depending on someone else (“if Ben does X by Wednesday, I will do Y by Friday”)
-Address your weaknesses with training, workarounds, delegation, etc.; in business being weak in one area will kill you [Ed: Patton says the greatest general makes the fewest mistakes.]
-Set goals (in writing!)
-Make to do lists
-Never waste time (read everywhere!)
-Be solution-oriented (if you can’t find at least 6 solutions to a problem you aren’t trying hard enough)
-Look for the positives, look for opportunities in problems
-Tackle difficult or unpleasant tasks first
-Don’t procrastinate
-Be persistent
-Think for yourself – people say things that aren’t true all the time
-Finish your work every day

MM visceral reacts:

>What’s not important for filtering people
that whole section is bs. That is all very important for filtering! Otherwise pretty good besides basic bitch nitpicks

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