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Notes on and checklist of elements for deliberate practice

I’d recommend reading the book Peak through once, then using this particular summary for review: (This is the link I typically send people to explain the concept since no one ever actually takes book recommendations.) I mostly like it … Continue reading

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Example of my corollary to the Iron Law of Bureaucracy in the book Zero to One

Recall: Those dedicated to the propagation of the organization itself at the expense of its original purpose will be strongly inclined to seek out and socially punish activities which serve that original purpose, because the greatest threat to their institutional … Continue reading

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Incest and narcissism (Vaknin)

Unfortunately this post is just an infodump without commentary. It feels like I failed in my job after not following up on this: Incest porn alone, even if everything else in the modern world were a blissful utopia, may represent … Continue reading

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What is going on with the mortgage market?

I’ll admit the mortgage market right now has me puzzled. I was predicting a crash in demand as the demand for labor drops like a rock. So I’m initially tempted to say it’s financial interference as in the meme… …but … Continue reading

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Reflections on the will to live

Start a “campaign” to bring back the will to live… 🙂 This was meant as a joke, but it has me wondering. What is the nature of this elusive creature? Dutton and Woodley would tell you the answer is to … Continue reading

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On weaponizing autism

Very productive conversation with Owl this week. how to direct good impulses to productive urges? read a comment this week that people who contribute to things liked wookiepedia would have been amateur scientists/scholars/librarians in previous centuries so how to direct … Continue reading

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Cataloguing Covid-19 responses

Thesis: The incomprehensible complexity of the Coronavirus event has allowed us all to explore the epistemic limits of our confirmation bias. (E.g. If you believe the Coronavirus phenomenon was actually quite simple, this tells me you probably believe most of … Continue reading

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Risk and cost-benefit (Covid 19)

Somebody asked on a different platform: How many would be worth “Sacrificing at the alter of capitalism”? I figure the value of saving a human life depends whether we’re talking about the value of their work, the economic value of … Continue reading

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Regenerator myth as neanderthal too stupid to die

I started thinking about this in response to the character of Father Anderson in Hellsing: Father Anderson is a “Regenerator,” meaning that he is able to restore body parts that are lost and heal himself. This is clearly demonstrated in … Continue reading

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Pre self-authoring thoughts

Now that Jordan Peterson is out of vogue, it seems like the appropriate time for someone in the 3rd percentile for Agreeableness to buy his overpriced Kool-Aid. I’ve been wondering for a while if it’s any use, and if so … Continue reading

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