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The people deserve to know!

iSteve got on a roll last night. Back on March 18th I wrote about what comedian Norm MacDonald calls Tom Hanks Disease… First, I want to thank everybody who has already fired off a comment to the effect that “Tom … Continue reading

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Pareto efficient research method

Re: this comment from “Notes on sleep books”. The purpose of this research method is to find the best 20% of popular technical information for a topic as quickly as possible by cutting through information complexity. I almost always use … Continue reading

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Eric Weinstein all but names the Jew. Unfortunately, he transfers the lion’s share of blame to stateless intelligence agencies: He’s a hop, skip, and a jump from “international Jewry,” which is better than the Alt-Light. I applaud him for going … Continue reading

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Coronavirus anecdata update

Beaumont has 1,500 workers with coronavirus symptoms, including 500 nurses The sick count at Beaumont comes the same day that Henry Ford Health System said more than 700 of its workers tested positive for COVID-19. Beaumont, in contrast, did not … Continue reading

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Leftist phrenology

This is the first good take on the subject of phrenology I’ve seen in years: Tex points out dead amygdalas but don’t forget the one in the frontal lobe for religion, ethnocentrism, and identifying threats. Psychopathy and nihilistic complacency, what … Continue reading

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Spotting central conceits: R (individualistic hypocrisy) vs. k (ethnocentric hypocrisy), spiteful mutants

Good catch by iSteve: Appealing to contradictory attitudes like this indicates either disingenuousness or, more often among NE Europeans, the presence of an underlying central conceit. A good colloquialism for tagging this behavior as you notice it is “playing both … Continue reading

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Notes on sleep books

I don’t have trouble sleeping but I want to be in the top 0.1% so that I can physically recover faster and be mentally sharper. In particular, I want to be averaging 1.5 hours of deep sleep per night by … Continue reading

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What they don’t teach you at the white knight academy

The most profound moment in Ocarina of Time is when you’ve grown up and you enter the town square for the first time as an adult, surrounded by blood-sucking ghouls. For a game that’s aesthetically on point throughout, this represents … Continue reading

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Another conversation with Owl. Only a good conspiracy ever produced a practical political philosophy. that’s an aphrism for the ages lol Well, it’s an inconvenient truth for the armchair politicians of the world. Because only a conspiracy already has the … Continue reading

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This is gayer than anything the SJWs ever wrote. Nothing so far about allowing Kushner to assassinate Sulaimani and then blame him for 9/11. Or aiding ISIS to destabilize Syria, unless you count falsely accusing Assad of obtaining rogue nukes … Continue reading

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