Objectivist architecture reading

From Ken:

Alright Aeoli. Decipher!


Pyramid over cube over column => Hierarchical systemized judgment, so something like Objectivism. Also it’s pretty, kind of a modern take on romanticism.

Also it’s a lighthouse.

Impressive. So we’ll go with Ayn Rand’s idealized vacation home.

Further homework assignments, since apparently the point of friendship with me is to juice my brain:


Pretty sure those were all in Halo. Also, inside the mind (so to speak) of perfidious wamen:


Pretty sure this is the last level in Halo 3 when Sir Lemmiwinks goes up the Zerglord’s butthole to save that blue e-thot from Avatar.

Serious analysis of these assignments to follow sometime later.

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Maybe do this later?
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5 Responses to Objectivist architecture reading

  1. Obadiah says:

    Love blue sloot
    Love captain Keyes
    Love UNSC
    Love Warthog
    Love scorpion
    Love shotgun
    Love sniper
    Love rockets
    Love ODST lads
    Love blood gulch

    Ate the covenant
    Ate the flood
    Ate the forerunners
    Ate the plasma pistol
    Ate jackals
    Ate brutes

    Simple as

  2. aiaslives says:

    Ayn Rand loathes the second because of the stupid paper strip design of the roof, and because of the placement of the pillars and how they prohibit one from running full tilt into the water and restrict people from putting their shoulders on the islands(?), which also, by the way, have stupid curvy designs that are used everywhere which just break the flow of the place. And the fact that every fat burger-munching boomer can look at the people inside is infuriating and kills the thing single-handedly. I bet they’ll even play Top 40 music there. Philistines.
    The curves are like big warts on the face of someone who’s supposed to have angular, aesthetic bone structure. You can’t even race in this thing, there are no parallel, flat shores to decide on an end. The glass is also bad, it should be one continuous sheet and not this uniform pattern that makes one search for the door in walls.

    Ayn Rand gives a lukewarm pass to the first for the glass, but the way it shutters and the cobblestone(?) that makes the lower part makes it look like a stylized prison. And it’s not even high enough. And random stones to the right, disgustingly just a step away and the grass (ew) and the shrub right in front of the door is abhorrent. And the excuse of a balcony on either side with the door’s light shining off it? What was the architect even thinking? This was a design-by-committee thing. And what’s up with the two random lights? What are they now, proud of the dirt?
    The supports seem to be fixed (why?) which means that the shutters are a farce and the base fans out at the bottom which is just stupid. And the top is undefined and that’s a travesty (stop lying with the shutters!). The recessed windows are, frankly, too much.

    >Also it’s pretty, kind of a modern take on romanticism.
    No. And Ayn Rand wasn’t “modern”.
    >Impressive. So we’ll go with Ayn Rand’s idealized vacation home.
    Objectivists don’t have “vacation homes”.

    Only the object and flame at the centre of the third is redeemable, everything else is crap.

    None of these have any sense of space. They’re for queer cityfag soyboys who post on r/cozyplaces and think “comfort” is being confined to a blanket over a small bed with no movement as they finish the last level of whatever game they’re playing on their shitendo switch while helping their older “gf” find articles on salon dot com.

    Objectivist architecture doesn’t get dirty, ever.

    Note: I am 100% serious.

    Ideal Objectivist pool-thing



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