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The white redneck stereotype presented by mass media is the projection of secular Jews’ disgust for the shortcomings of ultra-Orthodox Jews onto white gentiles. Ref: Inbreeding, genetic defects, incest, pedophilia (especially by local rabbis, as projected onto priests), alcohol and drug abuse, aggressive religious fundamentalism, dysfunctional families and communities, shitty but extremely self-confident personalities, particularly closed-mindedness (as opposed to secular Jews’ very high Openness), and low average IQs.

I can’t find the direct quote, but this idea follows from Steve Sailer’s model of internal Jewish conflicts generally being redirected outward to preserve ethnocentric solidarity. Here’s a related article that I found while looking for the quote:

Actually, what distinguishes Ashkenazi angst from that of the Germans and Nordics (we English-speakers have the word “angst” from Danish theologian Soren Kierkegaard) is not greater anxiety, but greater extraversion, energy, humor, and self-confidence. As Smith implies, Woody Allen and Philip Roth don’t churn out a movie or novel per year by being paralyzed by neurosis. Bernie Madoff worried less than was appropriate for his situation.

Instead, acting out feelings of angst in a comically exaggerated fashion is, I would guess, a shtick that Yiddish-speaking or German-speaking Jews picked up from Germans and made funny. Nervousness made Germans better organized, richer, and more powerful than the more lackadaisical Slavs, so Ashkenazis imitated Germans rather than Slavs in this, as in so much else.

Borat captures how Ashkenazis traditionally viewed Slavs as happy-go-lucky goyishe kops, but the real Slavic problem is excessive inclination toward philosophizing rather than planning. When I was staying in the Russian countryside in 2001, I ran into a situation where I desperately needed to make a call home to my wife. All the locals helpfully suggested courses of action, but each time Plan A failed, they had no interest in generating a Plan B. They saw the failure of Plan A instead as a welcome opportunity to philosophize warmly with me about the inevitable frustrations of life in this vale of tears. Finally, a visiting Dutchman came up with a Plan B that worked.

In contrast, Sephardic Jews and Oriental Jews in Israel and America are not known for being big worriers. Persian Jews in Los Angeles, for example, don’t seem to worry much about Iran getting the Bomb. They’re more into planning their next family reunion in Tehran.

I don’t know how far back German worry-wartism goes, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Prussians cultivated anxiety as a motivational tool in response to disorganized Germany being kicked around by the rest of Europe during the Thirty Years War.

In general, the enormous impact of German culture on Ashkenazis is being forgotten, but it’s hard to make sense of, say, Freud, Einstein, and Marx except as Herr Professors-types from a German cultural background.

A stereotype in mid-20th Century American movies was the unworldly professor with the thick German accent, such as the chimpanzee researcher who assists Ronald Reagan in Bedtime for Bonzo: Gentile or Jewish? I couldn’t tell. But definitely a product of the German world’s famous universities. The last such character I can recall in an American movie is the German-accented UCLA professor of meteorology whom Howard Hughes hires in Scorsese’s The Aviator to help him get his WWI airplane movie finished and becomes Hughes’ scientific advisor.

In the 21st Century, there’s a growing tendency to rewrite Jewish history solipsistically, with no outside contributions except persecution. It’s all the Golem of Prague and the like. The problem with this is that Ashkenazi culture was self-constricted and claustrophobic until Moses Mendelssohn and a few friends noticed in the later 1700s that the Germans weren’t as poor and backwards anymore as Jews traditionally assumed, and thus launched Reform Judaism and the Jewish Enlightenment in imitation of the Enlightenment.

-Steve Sailer
“Do the Jews Own Anxiety?”

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10 Responses to Spicy hot take

  1. Robotnick says:

    Seems to explain Nietzsche’s paralyzing neurosis and resentment against his owb German background, and his insistence that he was a Polish nobleman towards the end of his sane life.

    • MM says:

      Not defending Nietzsche here, but if there is any group that should understand the emotional need to differentiate from a group that you do not fit into then it should be edenists.

      – your local 69 back spider moonchild manchild atlantean neandernwah denisovan brachiocephalic kill all sapes boon

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >Seems to explain Nietzsche’s paralyzing neurosis and resentment against his owb German background, and his insistence that he was a Polish nobleman towards the end of his sane life.

      I’d argue his work is what you’d expect from breeding Stirner with Dostoevsky, so it would not be surprising to me if he were both nord and slav.

  2. Obadiah says:

    “Carol Schvitzing Baskovitz”

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