The price of my vote

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Here’s the video:

If the people still on the Trump train sincerely want to MAGA, then they should have no problem making this a requirement of their vote as well. If they want to believe he’s already built new wall, then he shouldn’t have any problem getting 100 more miles done before November, right?

If they come up with excuses why this isn’t something we should require of Trump for reelection, then it implies either A) they don’t think he can pull it off (contradicts the WINNING 4D chess narrative) or B) they’re not being sincere when they say they want him to do it. So this is a good litmus test for telling apart ignorant MAGAtards versus Bibi’s volunteer army* of jignat shills, who support the 4D chess narrative but whose revealed preference is to co-opt and subvert American nationalist sentiments.

*It’s not actually hard to tell who thinks it’s a good idea to team up with Team Likud (jignats) against Team Ehud Barak (the Zionist version of optics cucks). They cast themselves as “edgy” pan-nationalists but conspicuously fail to name the Jew, which is not really very edgy in 2020.

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14 Responses to The price of my vote

  1. MM says:

    It would take way more than that to get my vote. I’d take dementia Joe over the traitor any day.
    But there is no possibility that Trump loses the election

    Conservatives have been completely asleep whilst they lost more of their culture under 3 years of Trump than 8 years of Obama.

    Immigration got worse, not better. The left gained massive cultural power, not lost it. The far right has been ruthlessly targeted by Trump’s administration, and the internet has been almost fucking sanitized at this point.

    If this shit happened under Hillary you’d have Texas building their own damn wall, and people taking shit seriously because they would recognize enemy action.

    Now? Nobody cares. Twinks for Trump.

    The tribal instinct is incredibly easy to hack. Just say “we the gratest” a bunch then give “lady” maga a handie while you fly to Israel.

    “Trump supporter” in practicality is just a commoditized identity to defend, like “gamer”, or “Oakland raiders fan” or “worthless manchild” .
    Not a description of ideas that SHOULD go past the mere representative who, as we now can clearly see, just told us what we wanted to hear (traitors are WORSE than open enemies, as you will know deep in you bones by the time this is all over).

    Trump is the bedtime story before the demographic winter, and nobody actually thinks America is important enough to make a personal sacrifice for. So “comforting delusion” is what the brain mistakenly chooses, thinking it will produce a group cohesion effect that lets aids you in surviving the tumult. In reality, its the same as a Star Wars fanboy crying over the shitty new movies. Its not taken with the amount of deadly seriousness needed for it to matter one way or another. Its just another piece of endless commoditized content, entertainment, constructed narcissistic personality, fucking meaningless dross.
    Thats what life is now.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Even if I grant all of that, asking for a wall is better than not asking.

      • MM says:

        Its not “asking” its having actual table stakes, and legit walking away if you dont get what you want. Thats why the guns rights people actually get shit done; if you dont do what you want they dont vote for your ass. No endless excuses just because you arent Hillary Clinton.

        If Trump thinks people actually have terms under which he is granted support than of course you are more likely to be thrown a bone.

        Unfortunately the “base” as a whole chose to not hold him accountable a long time ago and things have played out in line with that.

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          The vast majority of his base are the victims in this. Can you really expect a normie to pick a shill out of a crowd? If controlling the media weren’t necessary, then the Jews wouldn’t rule the world.

          • MM says:

            You cant expect a normie to pick a shill out of a crowd, but you must hold them accountable for not listening to the myriad of people across the right who have calmly and objectively laid the situation bare. And Im not just talking about internet rightists. The fox news types absolutely had the choice to listen to Tucker Carlson instead of Sean Hannity. I refuse to believe they do not have culpability, especially when I’ve seen the same mental sickness in many ostensibly intelligent people.

            • bicebicebi says:


              trump never broke the oompa loompa melon code (inb4 I don’t believe in the genetic factor)
              a sape would rather die (or should I say try to kill instead) than listen to a neanderthard rightoid talking about morals which goes against the biological programming of the bunga bunga breed-like-raping-rabbits party (evolutionary survival strategy) which make up more than 80% of the global population white men of good moral character being an absolute total minority online and irl. (inb4 I don’t believe in the genetic factor)

              “nah I don’t believe that genes are a factor in anything” the gun lobby is an interesting example because they advocate that non-white foreigners should have the legal rights to arm themselves and march up and down white burbs where crack niggers steal copper pipes “muh they get shit done” jesus tapdancing christ you are deluded my dude, there isn’t one mainstream organziation in america that advocates for white people only against them and tucker carlson is the same homosexual satanic retard with a hard on for foreigners as long as they vote ‘con because the constitution and bill of rights was literally invented not by but for non-white foreigners.

              Tex called it already accept it the kwa is gone or rather america is the kwa now however do you take his advice and bunker down in the city snacking on 500kilos of rice thinking you can outlast/outlive the problem?!? what kind of life even is that? no wonder white men are turning to the treestump because it is the last refuge of dignity in the western world call me wrong about everything but you can’t tell me with a straight face there is and will be in the near future dignity again for a white man in the west. this is why the CHYNESE skipped jewish clown world and went straight for a borgonized future but we don’t have that window of opportuniy anymore and many believed that letting normies “redpill” themselves with the internet would turn everyone in the west into some moral greek scholar however if you take a white child and put it next to a chimpanzee the ape will influence the human and not vice versa. the west is already dead and itz cnot coming back.

            • MM says:

              “Nah I dont believe genes have a factor in anything”

              Seems like you are arguing with someone who isnt me on that. Im “nature” camp, ruthlessly. As such, I actually agree with alot that you said, such as Carlson ultimately being the same rot. And the usual.

              The question really does come down to dignity, doesn’t it?

              And I wont take advice on dignity from a fucking clown.

  2. Heaviside says:

    Just buy a subscription to the FT and become a globalist. You’ll feel better.

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