Four years of loose ends

You may recall I was wondering why the Epstein murder was played out on 24/7 cable news:

On the other hand, the whole thing smells fishy. Why is the whole Israeli apparatus publicly turning out a Mossad agent and all but admitting to a damning honeypot (not to mention a damned useful one)? What’s the motive for Netanyahu? Personal revenge? It doesn’t make any sense prima facie and I don’t trust it. But I don’t know anything about Israeli politics or Talmudry in general so it could be obvious to someone who does.

Well, this and many other questions were made very clear in a recent Fash the Nation segment.

He is the mastermind behind painting George Soros as the lone globalist boogey man to take attention on the right away from Jewish power and influence on the right and direct it firmly at one guy on the left ceding the narrative that Soros was a Nazi collaborator.

Soros is pure evil, a drug smuggler, a profiteer, an extremist conspiracist, a Nazi. This is where it all comes from. This guy, Art Finkelstein and George Birnbaum.

You can find and download the truncated audio version and transcript at either of these links, and I can e-mail them on request if either site goes down:

The long and short of it is a guy named Arthur Finklestein invented modern politics, got Bibi Netanyahu elected, and then the two of them together got Donald Trump elected. This all came out in the documents of Roger Stone’s trial, which proved Stone definitively guilty of treason to the US in service of Chabad Lubavitch and the Likud party in Israel.

And so, you know, we talked about Finkelstein and his involvement with Reagan and Nixon and William F. Buckley and Donald Trump and and so on and so forth. But he took a little hiatus in the mid 90s, took a little break after. Good old Ronnie Reagan. And before Donald Trump got teed up.

And about a year after Birnbaum first met Finkelstein, he bumped into him again in an anonymous hallway of the NRC. Wow. Both these guys are working at the Chuck Singer organization. The NRC is really a powerhouse. Amazing how everything seems to transit through that organization. He told him that he wanted to work for him to do polling for him. And he said, I speak Hebrew, too. It would be great if we could ever do a project in Israel. Well, the assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin couldn’t have come to a moment too soon. It was the turning point for Israel and for Finkelstein and Birnbaum when elections for his successor were hastily arranged. A new comer threw his hat into the ring. Netanyahu.

So I wonder if this is around the same time that Netanyahu met Fred Trump in New York City, was getting a lot of support from the Trump family. And you know, all these people, Charlie. Charlie Kushner, Chuck Kushner seemed to know Netanyahu. They all were very friends with this, good friends with this guy.

It’s like, wow. It’s like, you know, I’m not saying that they’re responsible for the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin, but it is kind of funny that Netanyahu comes out of nowhere and is challenging Shimon Peres, who is a social Democrat.

And, you know, he was one of the guys who wanted to continue Rabin’s peace process. It’s like that all of a sudden it’s like jig nat uprising. And there Finkelstein and Birnbaum are to make sure that Netanyahu wins the race. Israelis initially sneered at Netanyahu’s ambitions and polls put him 20 percent behind. But seemingly out of nowhere, Netanyahu’s Likud Party started carpeting the country with sinister ads. Peres will divide Jerusalem went to slogan, even though Peres apparently had no such intention. Similar attacks targeting Peres appeared on TV, on the radio and in the press. And the final TV debate press stepped into the trap laid by Finkelstein. The first thing he did was try to clarify that he had no desire to divide Jerusalem. The exact topic that Finkelstein wanted him to raise,Netanyahu went on to own the debate. Netanyahu’s campaign back then, from which he has never wavered was. Imagine, imagine it. Think. Imagine if Netanyahu is white for a second. And imagine if this were a white country and you had a white president who had a campaign that focused around what Netanyahu’s did. So his campaign slogan was that you’re either for him or you’re an enemy of the people, which is kind of funny. That’s what Trump said. But that’s not what Trump delivered. His campaign slogan at the time, Netanyahu is good for the Jews. By implication. If you’re not for Netanyahu, then you’re not good for the Jews and therefore an enemy. Right. Because you imagine if we had a president running for office who said, if you’re not for white people, you’re an enemy of the people. And if you’re not for white people, you’re an enemy. Right? I mean, how great with that.

And not only. And not only said it, but then when had they had access to the reins of power, actually implement an agenda that reflected that sentiment.

And Trump didn’t even do that. It was I am I am for you. If you’re against me, you’re the enemy of the people and me. The implication was, oh, it’s a white guy, right. But not really just.

Yeah. And and the enemy are the media are the enemy of the people, not because they’re anti white and they hate you and want to destroy you. But the and the media are the enemy of the people because they don’t like Trump. They’re too hurt.

Yeah. So on Election Day, the race between President Netanyahu is too close to call. Around 10 p.m., the TV stations reported a close win for. Perez, based on early projections, Netanyahu grabs the phone and calls Arthur his secret campaign manager. Finkelstein was in New York, of course, but Edzard immediately and told yet Netanyahu he shouldn’t be worried. I always win the close ones when the final count came in. Netanyahu is the new prime minister. Fifty point four nine percent to forty nine point five one percent.

Less than a one percent margin. And a six pointed star was born, wasn’t it, James?

Yeah, that’s a, you know, a foundational point in history. The 16 19 project, nineteen ninety five project. A seminal points in world history.

Absolutely. So, yes. And Netanyahu became hit. The win made Finkelstein a star. Right. He was already popular in American politics, but this gave him a large serving of international panache. He changed campaigning forever, according to a Haaretz newspaper. He it learned to that his formula could work outside North America. Finkelstein’s expertise became much sought after. And in 1998, Birnbaum received a call. It was Finkelstein asking whether he would like to work for the Likud Party in Israel, a dream come true for George Birnbaum. It was here that the two became a team. Finkelstein is captain and Birnbaum as his bottom, probably. While Finkelstein traveled between New York and Israel, Birnbaum kept watch in Israel. Suddenly, he stood guard in Israel, where he became the chief of staff for Netanyahu, organizing his appearances, representing him in front of the press, sometimes babysitting his kids. But Birnbaum wasn’t the only acolyte of Finkelstein’s. He was, but he was probably the most prominent. You need to understand these Arthur kids, these Republican consultants, operatives and managers. That includes Alex Castellanos. George Birnbaum. Beth Myers. Match Bainwol. Ari Fleischer. Jon Lerner. Rick Reed. Patrick Hillman. The pollster brothers. John and Jim McGlocklin. Frank Luntz. Larry Weitzner. Charlie Black. Roger Stone.

Should I go on? I mean, the list is just endless, these these proteges of Finkelstein.

Yeah, I mean, there’s no degrees of separation between him and any of these who’s who prominent figures.

And even if these people didn’t work directly for him, I mean, there are some that are not on this list and that didn’t work directly for him. They were affected by this change that had occurred and had been occurring since the 70s and and the changing culture in in campaigning. Right. And this was the way things were done. Now, campaigning had been redefined, turn on its head, fundamentally changed by Arthur and his proteges. And so even if you weren’t if you weren’t working directly for him, you were still swimming in his mill. You you’re still playing by his rules. You were still doing his strategy maybe in a different slightly different way. But this was the rulebook. And if you were a player in this game at the time, you were playing by his rule.

Well, they didn’t even really have to be convinced to do this, because one thing about Finkelstein’s strategy is that it was very successful. It is it is a very successful strategy to pit people against each other, especially in a veryfertile ground. Right. People are angry because blacks have been unleashed on their community. I mean, we have we still have we’re still living with that today.

We’ll be living with it until a time when that problem has been resolved. But they were dealing with this problem the 1960s. They felt powerless against it. They had all these things happening to their country. I mean, America was being invaded. America was being colonized. America was being taken over. And nobody had any idea what was going on. And it’s like, well, let’s just blame the liberals. It’s their policies that are creating these things that you don’t like. And so it became a very successful strategy and it made them popular. Made. It’s like here I’m a political consultant. It’s this new type of career path that somebody can be on if you’re Jew, if you’re Jewish or you have connections to Jews or you just like playing this game. Here’s the little rulebook. Pit these people against each other. You’re going to win elections time and time again. And it’s in it’s evolved to the point where now they just take turns. It’s like, well, we’re always just going to be in power. We’ll just hand it off to the the red team and then to the blue team and the red team again. But no matter who’s in charge, you know, we’re always going to make progress and move along and whatever. But in the meantime, people like Ari Fleischer, who worked for George W. Bush, all these people could just profit from this. And, of course, you know, think did some work for the Trump organization in the mid 2000s. And he later spoke of the mind boggling power of Trump’s personality.

He probably sense that this guy was the perfect next big bet early on. And of course, Trump’s campaign was stuffed full of Arthur’s kids, Larry Weitzner, Tony Fabrizio and Roger Stone and George Birnbaum. Just it’s kind of funny how they all just pop up there. And these are the people who these are the apostles of of Finkelstein’s. Right. Go out and do Finkelstein’s work around the world. And that’s what they did

This suggests that anyone who has both A) heard of Arthur Finklestein and B) defended Roger Stone and Michael Flynn is either compromised or was working for Chabad Lubavitch’s vision of a Zionist new world order from the beginning. There are a lot of names you’d expect, like William F. Buckley, but there are some more shocking names like Viktor Orban (an unambiguous, direct creation of Finklestein).

2020-05-15 14_37_03-Window

This would explain Vox’s support for Noahide laws against blasphemy.

Therefore, removing Epstein was Bibi’s way of cutting off the power of neoliberal Jewry at its source, and Epstein’s public execution was a message to Ehud Barak, George Soros, and the neoliberal establishment that Chabad Lubavitch has enough power to murder people in broad daylight and get away with it.

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10 Responses to Four years of loose ends

  1. bicebicebice says:

    Glad to see that the two only races that believe in Edenism are actually completely totally and unironically WINNING good luck to them inb4 cope from righteous whiteoids who fiddle around all day voting ‘con thinking they gonna change anything by eating 500kilos of chinese rice (the irony).

    what do you even say at this point?do you even say anything? looks like another win for the jews the CHYNESE the treestump and separatist christian white men good luck to the rest

  2. MM says:

    Really great post.
    Im not sure if Epstein was necessarily killed to send a message to the neoliberal establishment considering his strong ties to dershowitz and other tings. But this seems to be getting close to the truth.

    There were so many parties at stake. The others stood back and let it happen, because nobody wanted his shit out there. That being said, he was re-arrested after a joint investigation by the FBI and the NY police…
    They sent their people to all of his properties and got what they could… who knows what went down to ensure the non-trigger of dead man’s switches (yes that includes the “he’s still alive” theories, which at this point… fucking maybe tbh. We are trusting “their” info on all the details)

    Anyway, methinks big man Jeff was real special and honeypotted everyone, but following the trail of his rise (and his connections to the mossad) he seems to be more in the zio camp then the liberal.

    For example: Epstein was given a bunch of shit by Les Wexner (hardcore zionist).

    But who knows… there are still soooo many unanswered questions.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >Anyway, methinks big man Jeff was real special and honeypotted everyone, but following the trail of his rise (and his connections to the mossad) he seems to be more in the zio camp then the liberal.

      The neoliberals are also Zionists.

  3. Obadiah says:

    So Q is basically an Israeli intelligence-controlled vaudeville kabuki theatre sockpuppet to give normiecons their jollies? Or is he a legit US military intelligence group? Is there a meaningful distinction between Israeli and US intelligence at the top level or is it just transnational hermetic Luciferianism errwhere?

    ]activate sessions[

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >So Q is basically an Israeli intelligence-controlled vaudeville kabuki theatre sockpuppet to give normiecons their jollies? Or is he a legit US military intelligence group?


      >Is there a meaningful distinction between Israeli and US intelligence at the top level or is it just transnational hermetic Luciferianism errwhere?

      The latter.

      >]activate sessions[

      Q is Sessions shitposting on 8chan in his underwear.

  4. William Owlson says:

    I once had delusional thoughts I could have all the girls in the world too. Everyone does that. Thats what narcissism is and one of my basic moral principles.

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