A superior treestump (normie supremacy redux)

I crossed an entire category of goals off my list this weekend because, you see, we live in a society.

A friend of mine lives with his family deep, deep in the Bible belt of the Midwest in a place where virgin brides are expected and rifle-bearing men are greeted with smiles and home-baked cookies. In a country where 6 year olds often get addicted to hardcore porn because the modern idea of nurture is “here’s an unrestricted tablet”, you may think I’m exaggerating, but I’m not. His wife apparently thinks funny cat videos are this silly thing only he and his silly out-of-town friends are into. I visited over the weekend and we heard more gunshots at the various neighbors than were probably heard at all the George Floyd race riots happening around the world put together. My friend explained that we would only be concerned for their health if a whole weekend went by and we *didn’t* hear them out shooting.

He and I discussed a number of important things, among them plans for the future and prepping for the p-zombie apocalypse (ref: At Our Wits’ End, available for free on Hoopla!). Chief among these was the need to build an explicit common understanding of community-level sustainability and defense which is already reflexive around there, but ought to be reinforced a few layers of expectation deep. He mentioned, offhand, that I would be welcome to stay with them if the apocalypse happens. Being hip-deep in children, homesteading, church community, work, and other normalfag shit, he may not realize what an incredible gift that is. Vaults for 160-IQ billionaire faggots like Bill Gates and George Soros can run you anywhere from six to eight figures, and lack long-term sustainability or real protection from feral barbarians. They can’t maintain their lifestyles without “the help”, and there’s really no reason at all to trust the help in an apocalypse. It’s a house built on sand.

On the other hand, I get the kind of aboveground, open-air, organic food-growing, craft beer-brewing, middle-of-nowhere, Christian neighbors armed-to-the-teeth vault that you can’t buy with money. He might even set me up with a nice girl too, we’ll have to see. And I get this all for the low, low price of being a decent houseguest with a taste for yardwork. But I guess money can’t get you your own genius with a streak of human decency on retainer either, so I should give myself a little more credit.

tl;dr- Normie supremacy is neanderthal supremacy. The Superman was a lie. It’s all multilevel selection theory 101, which any real autist would already know by now.

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12 Responses to A superior treestump (normie supremacy redux)

  1. mobiuswolf says:

    Bout time. You guys were starting to worry me.

  2. Obadiah says:

    Can’t trump the dip, buy the stump, fuckoo gonna sap


    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Bice isn’t wrong, he just doesn’t go far enough. If s a lot easier to pack your rice when you aren’t growing it all yourself.

    • bicebicebice says:

      the moral of the story is to be neither texas arcane nor billy “new zealand bunker” gates, and kwanstanian compound life will be the same as south africa where the niggers control all cities, thousands of them leave every night to go rape and pillage the white countryside, and now you can “I am the man who woke up and stayed awake, in a world of sleepers. If you’re awake, keep watch with me. If you’re asleep, see to it you don’t come here or you’ll see only nightmares.” completely unironically because your life depends on it Every Night lest you want your whtie child in a microwave, your women dragged off into the cities to be gangraped to death or if you are lucky and male just get stumped and gouged.

      itz funny to me when optics cucks say “YOU ARE GLOWING”; as if the kike media hasn’t made white genocide a written law since 1965, before that it was the same all the way back to the neanderthals. if you are whtie you need to die and they will hate you even more for cucking. spiteful mutants are too feeble to live and many of them are whi*oids they are their own worst enemy and they trip up real whites who don’t want to get ITZED I believe they find relief when they are the first to go screaming into the long night all their actions support this fact – if you disconnect from reality you are on your own and you won’t make it chinese supersonic ballistic missile and russian cobalt salted neutron bombs be damned those were never your problems in the first place

      guess the real MAGA was the record low black unemployment we made along the way seeing as they are all “occupied” right now killing whitey again voila and presto 100% employment. how can I as a lowly european even compete with such kwanstanian brilliance? guess I should read gutow and hire mexican landscapers asap and invited 100 million hostile invaders inside my borders to save the economy.

      white american boogaloo

      nigger american oogaboogaloo

      • MM says:

        > guess I should read gutow and hire mexican landscapers asap and invited 100 million hostile invaders inside my borders to save the economy.

        Dont bother. I personally have 300 million I brought in yesterday. Going to go pray at my synagogue now and riot.
        All those damn books on habits and human psych…

  3. mas says:

    Aeoli, what are your predictions with regards to the Negroid question ?

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Same as always, but moreso. They want a second Trump term so they don’t mind a much hotter summer, since Trump can absorb a lot of the backlash by not acting like a cuck for two seconds, and the jignats are always pushing for endgame over incrementalism anyway.

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