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I can’t say whether this is legit, just FYI: Incoming Mass Doxxing I have a close friend in the tech industry who has also infiltrated antifa, blm, and chaz. According to him The reddit, YouTube, Twitter and every other ban … Continue reading

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Blockheads: Why, people?

I didn’t make this comic: Black people made that comic in Africa and I done stole it. I did, however, make this:

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First thoughts on a universal mechanical language; Or, an introduction to machines for the conceptually inclined lady or gentleman

Ed: The terms in this little essay are made-up or reverse-engineered, so they aren’t the official terms used in machine design. I’m not an engineer. This is the introduction that I would like to have read years ago but have … Continue reading

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Extrinsic religious orientation and negative religious coping

I was following up on Dutton’s recent video about Black Lives Matter and thought some of you would be interested in these: (This is the study by Crystal Park he mentions) Basically, the combination of extrinsic religious … Continue reading

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Yet another Owl convo dump

Do you want me to hack away at what you’ve got or shall we shitpost? I’m up for either. What are you feeling? Shitposty. My creative instinct has been in the toilet lately. I need a break from this horrible … Continue reading

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I enjoy everything about this ad

It’s like modern America in a single picture. Oh, to be a fly on the wall of that writing room. How many layers of irony are there? I think my favorite one is it shows there’s no point in letting … Continue reading

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Women with muscles – on the impossibility of radicalizing spec ops soldiers

The Friends of Tiger Woods If I were the elected President, I would station the Friends of Tiger Woods in Washington D.C., where they’d be close at hand to defend the Constitution: This should-be-famous photo of 35 Navy SEALs during … Continue reading

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Half-Ironman Retrospective

This is a version of my writeup that I’ve attempted to remove doxxing info from. Anyone who can dox me in a significant way based on this can request a post on anything they’d like. Wednesday, June 17, 2020 I … Continue reading

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The good news is, at least he’s being honest with himself. Seeing sincerity out in the world is a always a big white pill for me, kind of like those Swedish girls doing the remembrance vigils for Tommy Lindh. Meanwhile…

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Value systems by caste

If these seem tautological it’s because I’m describing a well-ordered society. Most societies are not ordered ideally. However, each caste always has a “base” value system. For example, tradesmen always get off on making money. They don’t always get off … Continue reading

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