Detaching from normies vs. defooing them


This is bad advice:


Defooing is bad, mkay?

Hating normies is the same thing as hating women. It gives them too much credit. They are literally addicts. SJWs are just hyper-normies. As Jordan Peterson pointed out, simply being female predicts social justice sentiments above and beyond trait agreeableness. The true distinction between foe and idiot is not whether they’re currently virtue signalling anti-whiteness. They’d flip in a heartbeat if they felt the wind changing, and if you think otherwise then you’ll have to explain why the Jews think it’s a good idea to continue operating YouTube, CNN, and The NY Times at a huge loss.

Rather, the litmus test for a foe is if your normie would still be anti-white after two weeks of pro-white media. Feel free to defoo the ones who would be anti-white regardless of what the TV is saying (they could still be saved, but it’s not worth the cost). 95% of the time, the answer will be no. And if you just wait, you may find that a lot of girls can be convinced by getting a personal beatdown from a black flash mob while crying “we’re on the same side!”

The ones that aren’t convinced by that…no loss, right? Frankly, I agree with most of BLM’s political platforms for the wrong reasons. It should be illegal for white women to call the police for any reason.

That doesn’t mean white women aren’t doing damage (recall the woman in the red dress). Like alcoholics and drug addicts, they’ll steal your money, lie to your face, and invite criminals over to have sex in your marriage bed. The correct action then is not to defoo, but rather to detach (and slowly expand your frame into theirs, explained below). As it says in the serenity prayer, “wisdom to know the difference”:

“One beautiful day, a man sat down under a tree, not noticing it was full of pigeons. Shortly, the pigeons did what pigeons do best. The man shouted at the pigeons as he stormed away, resenting the pigeons as well as the offending material. But then he realized that pigeons were merely doing what pigeons do, just because they’re pigeons and not because he was there. The man learned to check the trees for pigeons before sitting down.
Active alcoholics are people who drink. They don’t drink because of you or me, but because they are alcoholics. No matter what I do, I will not change this fact, not with guilt, shouting, begging, distracting, hiding money or bottles or keys, lying, threatening, or reasoning. I didn’t cause alcoholism. I can’t control it. And I can’t cure it. I can continue to struggle and lose. Or I can accept that I am powerless over alcohol and alcoholism, and let Al-Anon help me to redirect the energy I’ve spent on fighting this disease into recovering from its effects.”

Today’s Reminder

It’s not easy to watch someone I love continue to drink, but I can do nothing to stop them. If I see how unmanageable my life has become, I can admit that I am powerless over this disease. Then I can really begin to make my life better.

Pg. 74 in Courage to Change- Daily Reading for Mar. 14

I’m blessed to have already been trained for dealing with unreasonable people by Al-Anon. You don’t negotiate with women, or Jews, or blacks, or Boomers, and especially not with neurotypicals. They will NEVER feel a sense of social reciprocity toward you. They are either at your feet or at your throat. Your only options are a slow death as they pretend to buy in with the conscious intention to defect every time, or to convince them you’re a force of nature. Doing this is simple, but difficult and counterintuitive.

The key is to set personal boundaries that will give you good optics if the unreasonable normie escalates, and that they will inevitably run afoul of. Before getting in the might make sure you’ve prepared the battlefield so that they’ll initiate the conflict, then escalate unreasonably, and then look ridiculous to the authorities they call in to punish you for maintaining your personal boundaries. For example, Karen may be demanding you support George Floyd because she desperately wants a chance to call the police on you for being a racist, which would be good optics for her even though that isn’t technically a crime:

Karen: “Do you affirm George Floyd as your savior?”

You: No, and I don’t think that makes me racist.

Karen: “You’re fired and everyone agrees you should have known it would happen, even if they don’t agree with it. Also, the police are on the way.”

Police: “It’s not technically a crime to be Hitler but we agree with Karen and we’ll get you on something.” *tases you to death*

Instead, reframe it by refusing to support meth dealers:

Karen: “Do you affirm George Floyd as your savior?”

You: I don’t support meth dealers.

Karen: “He wasn’t a meth dealer! Even if he was, don’t you agree black people deserve more?”

You: He was though, and I don’t support meth dealers.

Repeat until the narcissistic rage becomes bad optics or they suffer a nervous breakdown. It will take much longer than you’ll believe is possible but be patient, it will always happen and time is on your side.

Karen: *calls the police*

Police: “This guy doesn’t look racist to me. He says he doesn’t support meth dealers, and that’s just common sense. Huh, I just googled it and it looks like this Floyd guy was no saint…”

The key is that the argument is very simple. Don’t argue the evidence or the details. Keep it simple and maintain frame: He was a meth dealer, and that’s why I don’t support him. Even if you’re wrong about something, they can’t hang you for it because the court of public opinion doesn’t believe in objective facts. UNLESS you admit you got a fact wrong or apologize, in which case they’ll lynch you.

It may help you to remember that when a baby is crying to manipulate you their face will be flushed because they’re angry that their dopaminergic expectations were violated, not actually in need of help. That’s the baby form of what we call narcissistic rage when it’s done by adults. Flushed-face outrage is okay, so when your normie flies into a rage try to imagine them with a flushed face. If it fits their behavior, you’re probably okay. If not, it’s probably unfeigned and you are probably looking like the bad guy. Remember, normies don’t have internal principles beyond what will look good when the authorities show up, so “unfeigned” and “normal” are literally the same thing for them.

The way to change common sense is with meme warfare. Optics are based on common sense, common sense is based on memes, and memes shift people’s values. Laughter is the sound of common sense changing. Turtle up when you’re on the defensive and don’t use any memes or jokes (remember officer, I’m the reasonable one here), but otherwise always be making subversive jokes that stretch them just a little bit. If they’re laughing, they’re losing. You absolutely have to be funny–it’s a matter of life and death now. Humor was originally evolved to defuse social dominance displays.

Update: A couple of quotes, H/T a ZHP Lovecraft thread, H/T MM.

“A man who despises himself nonetheless esteems himself, as a despiser.” -Nietszche

“It was always the women, and above all the young ones, who were the most bigoted adherents of the Party, the swallowers of slogans, the amateur spies and nosers−out of unorthodoxy.” -Orwell

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10 Responses to Detaching from normies vs. defooing them

  1. aiaslives says:

    “Aeoli Pera advises spergs to accept their ‘Autism’ diagnosis and emulate Bugs Bunny”

  2. Richard Cato says:

    Even if you could convince someone to change their opinion, what would be the point? The fact that they held a view hostile to their in-group in the first place indicates bad genetic material. You shouldn’t invite them into your tribe even if they come crawling on their knees and beg.

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