How to tell positive misogyny from a masculinity cult

I think it was Zero HP Lovecraft who pointed out that far right politics is sublimated misogyny. Woodley recently pointed out that there’s a distinct split between Alt-Righters who are positively ethnocentric (I’d use Kmac as an example) vs. merely negatively ethnocentric (he used the example of David Duke), and that by extension there’s a positive misogyny (patriarchalism, chauvinism) vs. negative misogyny (basically a MGToW death cult).

It’s no secret that gays often fetishize far right politics, probably because they fetishize power dynamics (ref. literally all of Foucault). Thus, because they have no use for women, they will come to predominate the negatively misogynistic-leaning far-right political groups, just as lesbians dominated feminism.

Therefore, this type of death cult will have pictures of abs in it, without fail. Heterosexual misogyny has no use for abs pictures because abs have no function, and the male mind is all about function over form, so chauvinists aren’t going to go around posting pics of men with chiseled abs. To them, there’s no point. But you’ll never find homos in a masculinity cult failing to use the opportunity to post their pin-ups.

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12 Responses to How to tell positive misogyny from a masculinity cult

  1. Chezgr@y says:

    Statues of ancient warriors feature abs more often than not. The homos sexual fetishization of abs notwithstanding, abs are extremely functional core muscles, and bronze armor was heavy as shit.

    If I had a six-pack I would demand you ‘post physique’

    • Nottuh says:

      This, however many guys that are fat and strong will have large and strong abdominal muscles that are simply not visible.

      That said, having visible abs is a product of having a low body fat percentage, which is also important for having optimal physical fitness

  2. kensuimo says:

    So BAP.

  3. boneflour says:


    Kensuimo beat me to it!

    The purpose of the He-Man Woman Hater’s Club is to get a gang, get a car, attract a nice girl with said gang and car and then realize…
    Hey, this ain’t so bad.
    Ref: The Little Rascals

    Well, unless you’re gay.

    • Heaviside says:

      If he wants to argue that BAP is grooming his internet fans into homosexuality, then he should provide concrete proof instead of insinuations.

      Also, spandrell is an idiot.

  4. Obadiah says:

    Muscle-worship and sodomy sesh at the Temple of Mithras this afternoon! Afterwards there will be free punch and pie followed by the ritual castration of a twink virgin in commemoration of the solar equinox. Sieg Spencer!

    Come home, white man!

    • bicebicebice says:

      optic cucks are all about muscle worship because they are homosexuals, I would follow that 13 year old who killed 3 jogger house invaders witha glock into battle but I would not follow every bodybuilder in the world into battle. optic cucks like to use the internet and call people who fight back “glowniggers”.

      they need the rope severely

  5. aiaslives says:

    Wikipedia co-founder laments its end

    There’s no excuse to use it now.

    • bicebicebice says:

      “There’s no excuse to use it now.

      Name 10 websites a man should browse daily that are not cucked or catabolic that will increase his overall wellbeing and turn him into a man. I ask this because I couldn’t come up with 10 myself at this point.

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