Has Your Life Been Affected By Someone Else’s Virtue Signalling?

Normie-Anon is for young people whose lives have been affected by someone else’s basic bitch social media politics. Sometimes the dopamine spiral has stopped, or the normie may not interact with us anymore. Even though the toxicity may be gone, and the anti-racist gone or purple pilling after a vibrant encounter, we are still affected. Many of us have received help from Normie-Anon. The following questions are to help you decide whether or not Normie-Anon is for you.

1. Does it bother you that no one is even trying anymore?

2. Do you cover up your real feelings by pretending you don’t care?

3. Do you feel neglected, uncared for, or unloved?

4. Do you hide your politics in public? Do you feel the advice “never relax” may not only be applicable around blacks?

5. Do you stay away from people as much as possible because interacting with them actually makes you feel more lonely?

If you have answered “Yes” to any of these questions, Normie-anon may help you.

(Disclaimer: Normie-Anon is not a real thing. This is just copypasta from Alateen with some edits.)

Not joking, this book actually helps a lot:

You won’t even have to read it through a cipher, the parallels between blue pilling and alcoholism will jump off the page at you. In white people it’s the same brain
circuit, since alcohol replaces meaningful relationships and blue pilling is how whites maintain their memberships in moral tribes.

You may think I’m exaggerating but I’d encourage you to take a moment and consider why people delude themselves to fit in, and what effect it has on their brains and lives, and compare it to drinking. You will be shocked to realize there is no difference at all.

Always remember, especially in your darkest moments, that just as every alcoholic has a rock bottom, every white man has a nigger event horizon. It’s lower than you’d expect–a lot lower, actually–but it’s there. White women just need to be ignored unless they’re mudsharking, it which case just defoo. But even in South Africa, the citycuck women voting for black supremacy still aren’t mudsharking very often. I’d guess even American women wouldn’t get above 30% in the very worst case, and I’m no great respecter of wamen.

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12 Responses to Normie-Anon

  1. Qatamite (mm) says:

    The only thing I need is Q-Anon.

    Kabal was just rounded up in these “riots”.

    ANTIFA= patriots.


    • fearlessfreak says:

      I am not at all surprised that BAP is a Russian asset. Creating the Hegelian dialectic. Don’t worry about the literal National Socialists now in power in all nations, look at the left instead. BAP sounds so gay, like his faggy boss Vlad. Both pushing post-post-Christianity, the channers will love it and will be deceived unless they are shown the Truth.

      Neon Revolt comparing Trump to Christ (linked by Vox). Trump literally pushing literal globohomo, literally, to all nations, free the sodomites from the evil oppressors. Yup, inversion and deception abounds.

      Make the connections.

      Trump, Bolsanaro, Duterte, Macron, Johnson, Orban. Xi, Putin. Modi. Khan. Birds of a feather.

      All are in place now, the left will be defeated shortly, but the other left will have the reigns, and the lockdown powers too. The lawless man is on the planet, c.8 years until he makes his big move, as the peacemaker, after the Damascus-destroying fake war.

      All the navel-gazing and self-help books of the atheists won’t them, these heathen will rage all the more, whilst Bice calmly sits on his tree stump, in the world, but not of it, awaiting the arrival of our Lord, n’am sayin’? I am sure the manna and quails will be delicious.

      • aiaslives says:

        > I am not at all surprised that BAP is a Russian asset
        > BAP sounds so gay, like his faggy boss Vlad

        BAP is a good guy, definitely NOT a russian asset or anything similar. He is not a preacher, he is a comedian. A very smart one. He’s the evolved m00t and he isn’t selling out ever. An “asset” doesn’t get a large following, influence and manages ~$3k / month on gumroad for eight hours of podcasting per month from notoriously miserly and penny-pinched online shitposters.

        Frogtwitter is just SALOtreans and phora-people shitposting on twitter. BAP was mildly famous even before he was on twatter.

        It will only be possible to judge Trump and the events happening now coherently a few years after he isn’t the POTUS. Until then, I think he’s doing well and even if some might say he exaggerates, he sure isn’t as bad or incompetent as any of the other candidates.

        It’s either Trump or Vermin Supreme (free ponies!) for me.

        • MM says:

          It will take you three years to figure out sucking israeli dick and ignoring every single meaningful campaign promise is bad?

          Brb, still deciding if Obama was bad or actually our guy.

        • fearlessfreak says:

          BAP is a Russian agent undermining the West, in the same way that Dugin does, the same way Jim does, the same way Vox does. Anyone stupid enough to fall for their ‘look over there’ schtick deserves every iota of misery heading their way.

          The one thing you’ll never hear any of them advocate is the Truth and the Light and the Way and faithful fearful obedience to Yehovah God. You will never hear them mention the name Yehovah (or derivatives) because their God is Satan. Trump sold his own daughter to one of Satan’s sons btw, she literally renounced Christ. What a great Dad.

          The whole of politics is theatre, and anyone that spends their time looking at it as ‘real’ is hopelessly lost. Miles W Mathis gives you the truth on H1tler and Stal1n, Jim and Vox give you the narrative, ditto AC, Neon Revolt, all of them.

          And you dopes lap it up as the clock ticks quietly toward your doom. Anyone else lol at the cyborganiser siding with whites over Christians btw? Phew, he’s finally revealed he’s totally lost the plot.

          Ah well, reap what you sow.

          • Peaceful Boneflour says:

            I liked glosoli better as a handle, personally.

            • glosoli says:


              I think I am still banned, for speaking stuff from the bible.
              Am I still banned?
              Who can tell.

              I mean you all no harm, the opposite in fact.

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              Yes glosoli, you’re still banned. I can’t remember why exactly.

            • glosoli says:

              Please consider un-banning me brother.

              I will not attack anyone, no criticism of you on your blog, which could be considered rude.

              But my perspective on things would no doubt be interesting to some readers, even if they disagree with me or with scripture or are pagans. We shouldn’t be in enmity, we both know this.

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