Value systems by caste

If these seem tautological it’s because I’m describing a well-ordered society. Most societies are not ordered ideally. However, each caste always has a “base” value system. For example, tradesmen always get off on making money. They don’t always get off on doing the job right. That value has to be ingrained in them by a father/authority figure and take, too. The trick of organizing society is to appeal to the higher nature while keeping the lower nature reasonably satisfied.
You want your tradesmen to be the sort of people who get off on doing the job right.

You want your engineers to get off on being right.

You want your peasants to get off on being managed right.

You want your charity cases to get off on acting right. (This includes artist class.)

You want your rulers/out-of-sight rich people to get off on judging right.

You want your aristocrats to get off on putting things in the right order.

You want your priests/teachers/professors to get off on valuing things correctly.

You want your bourgeoisie to get off on making things right. (In both senses.)

Geniuses = artist + professor. You want them to get off on being right with God.

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5 Responses to Value systems by caste

  1. Obadiah says:

    >Leaving out warriors

    Jim of Jim’s Blog will not be pleased

  2. aiaslives says:

    You forgot the criminals!

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