Women with muscles – on the impossibility of radicalizing spec ops soldiers

The Friends of Tiger Woods


If I were the elected President, I would station the Friends of Tiger Woods in Washington D.C., where they’d be close at hand to defend the Constitution:

This should-be-famous photo of 35 Navy SEALs during Tiger Woods’ spell wanting to join them after the death of his Green Beret father always struck me as who would have ultimate power in the USA bereft of rule of law.

But nobody else seems to see it this way.

Well, we shall see…

-Steve Sailer

I’m going to spoil this cope ahead of time. An ounce of black pilling now will save a pound of black pilling later.

We’re given to believe that special operations guys are a bunch of near-psychopaths with low GFP scores who are only kept in line by the promise that killing people for Uncle Sam will be more fun than killing people freelance. Supposedly, these are guys who strut around on deployment with full beards and uniforms out of regs to flex on everyone about how long it would take and how expensive it would be to train their replacement. I believed this narrative, and just like how universities used to be places for intellectual inquiry I believe the spec ops used to be a place for disagreeable, stubborn, cantankerous fuckheads such that some accoutrements of that culture (beards) are hanging on by a thread. But during a discussion about screening police recruits recently, I looked into the psychological screening process of special forces soldiers, which puts the lie to this narrative:

Physical performance, demographic, psychological, and physiological predictors of success in the U.S. Army Special Forces Assessment and Selection course

…Several psychological measures were predictive, including intelligence quotient, grade level equivalents, resilience score, military aptitude score, and grit (p < .05).

-Emily K. Farinaa,⁎, Lauren A. Thompsona, Joseph J. Knapika,b, Stefan M. Pasiakosa, James P. McClunga, Harris R. Lieberman

The typical special forces trainee who passes selection has a higher rank (officers were far more likely to pass than enlisted), at least a bachelor’s degree, high general personality factor with extremely high conscientiousness, no children, and verbally tilted IQs averaging in the 120s. This study looks at Ranger school but it’s true across all special operations services in the Western world. Please note that, except for measuring the ability to do pullups, these exact predictors could be used to select head girls for graduate departments in the humanities and social sciences.

Among psychological predictors, intelligence (full scale IQ and performance IQ) explained the largest proportion of variance (6% and 5%, respectively), followed by grade level equivalents (3%), verbal IQ (3%), resilience score (3%), ASVAB GT score (2%), and grit score (1%)…Prior reports found similar patterns such that general intelligence as measured by Wonderlic IQ scores [4] and ASVAB GT scores [4,8] explained a larger proportion of variance in SFAS selection outcome than grit scores measured by the Duckworth short grit scale. Cognitive ability has also been identified to be a primary predictor of success in academic [24] and other occupational settings [25,26], and is reported to be more strongly correlated with academic performance than grit [27] or conscientiousness [28], a measure highly correlated with grit [27].

In my opinion, many of these selection criteria are a mistake due to motivated reasoning. What we ought to be selecting for is men who are moderately high in conscientiousness and resilience and extremely high in grit (i.e. pure stubbornness), and otherwise extremely low in GFP, who are kept in line by an ideological loyalty to American civilization. Of course, that would mean the potential for them to protect the Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic, which goes against the political interests of the people paying for these training courses. So instead we get head girls with muscles who will never oppose the Narrative of anti-racism and will always require black conservative proxies to express their better instincts. A head girl presiding as judge does not become a patriarch just because she follows the fashion of putting on a powdered wig, and a soldier who grows his beard out because breaking the rules in the prescribed way is “just what you do” is not going to bat for a hundred million James Fields.

More to the point, Jocko Willink is not going to shoot anybody to defend statues of white men. He’s just not.

Civilization, law, and order support the reproductive strategy of cishetero white men, who sexually select primarily for beauty, which is why civilizations run for the benefit of white males become more beautiful over time. The feminists and minorities were right all along: civilization, law and order, and truth and beauty are all manifestations of white supremacy, and anyone who runs from this idea because RACISM will be useless to protect them. White nationalism has nothing to do with principles or universal morality, it’s nothing more or less than facing extinction and saying “No.” The rest is logistics.

As a final point, psychopaths and self-aware sociopaths are actively screened out:

Former Special Forces Assessment and Selection Instructor: What NOT to Do If You Want to Pass Selection


These are the things you shouldn’t do, ever if you want to get selected and move on to an active Special Operations unit.

Not Taking Everything Seriously

This will sound crazy perhaps but many of the candidates get off on the wrong foot on Day 1 and it can end up costing them down the road. Many of the young soldiers coming into Selection are focused on the physical side and only that. There is a good reason to, the courses are designed to smoke you and wear you down. But remember “Assessment Never Ends”, you’ll hear this often. Remember it and don’t ever forget it.

You’ll be asked to take a battery of psychological tests and they’re quite lengthy. Some of the questions will seem odd and make no sense. And you’ll get asked the same questions multiple times but it will be worded differently. It is designed that way to see if you’re telling the truth and taking it seriously. It is designed to identify potential psychopathic or sociopathic tendencies in some candidates.

While working at SFAS, there were a few, not a lot of soldiers who took this part of Selection as a joke. This isn’t the time to be cavalier, it matters, everything does. Not answering truthfully will raise its head in the test and it may ultimately cost you.

I think this selection factor is a great idea but it also mediates against the possibility of special forces guys chimping out and Making Boogaloos Real Again. What they’ll actually do is preach black conservatism while practicing white flight.

Stop looking around for the adults in the room to restore order. We’re it. If you need a boost, watch The Two Towers again.

Don’t turn fantasy into something it isn’t. Keep your reasons and your realism separate in your headcanon.

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16 Responses to Women with muscles – on the impossibility of radicalizing spec ops soldiers

  1. Heaviside says:

    A lot of what special forces do is train foreign proxy forces.

    >White nationalism has nothing to do with principles or universal morality, it’s nothing more or less than facing extinction and saying “No.”

    What if you aren’t facing extinction?

  2. Obadiah says:

    >Muh magic masculine testosterone-autism leads to questioning the anti-racism narrative

    I know plenty of high-test, masculine, physically-dominant guys who, in intellectuo-spiritual terms, might as well be braindead bunny-ear-bedecked sodomite slavebois. The predisposition to question the anti-white narrative (and to question narratives in general) comes from having a high associative horizon, not necessarily testosterone. The independence of mind that emergently occurs from having high AH is what is going to predispose people to not buy the narrative–if they are high-test, then all the better. Get on Gab.ai and discover a world of women who are very much onto globohomo’s hijinks–not because they have muh masculine autism, but because they have high trait AH.

    A testosteronized individual without independence of mind is just a psycho-spiritual pleasureboi who is more autistically effective at, dedicated to and focused on his Satan-sucking-servitude. We call these people “Cro-Magnons”.

    TruThals were matriarchal and their descendants have to consciously avoid speaking in falsetto.

    >Stop looking around for the adults in the room to restore order. We’re it.

    Agree fully.

  3. fgth says:

    >Stop looking around for the adults in the room to restore order. We’re it.

    Anime boyz to the rescue, lolz. Oh, and some self-help books on influencing people and selling…something. Oh, and a digital quadzillion word personal organiser.

    Nah, order will be restored in the period from 7th September 2032 til 7th September 3032, and you dopes won’t have anything to do with it.

    Buckle up for the next twelve years though lads. Do not be deceived.

    • Qatamite (mm) says:










    • fgth says:

      Where do you get this idea I am doing nothing? Is this gas-lighting?

      You have no idea what I am doing for our Father in heaven, and in fact I do something/many things every single day, and lots more to do.

      It’s you who is doing nothing, other than reading self-help books and writing lists about them, and reading Anonymous Shillservative every day. Pointless, you cannot save yourself, the world will be put right now, you will not enjoy it, none of us will.

      If humanity doesn’t repent, with urgency, the death and destruction, the wars and famines, the oppression by evil, non-stop suffering, all that lies ahead will be terrible. I dread it, but I know I will be safe throughout it, as He promises to bless and protect and feed people like me, who fear Him, even as my nation and the world endures the wrath of God. I don’t wish to see anyone burn, but God’s will be done, and billions will die, then their bodies will burn in 3032. Choose eternal life with God, or choose to burn, tough choice, oh, hang on, no it’s not.

      Young children (younger than age 7-8) don’t burn, they remain sin free, so may that be a comfort to you, knowing that.

      I have and seek no glory, just doing a job for God, it is prophesied that it will make heathens like you very angry. Prophets never accepted amongst their own of course, but the Muslims will love my message, when they see biblical prophecy coming true.

      It does feel good to be on the winning team, you got something right there. I feel so relaxed and calm, so full of His wisdom about the mysteries of the world and the heavens, so appreciative of the beauty of the world, and the chance to know Him, and soon to spend 1,000 years helping His son reign on earth whilst Satan is out of the way, then to spend eternity with Them both, seeing God’s face, being literally with Him forever. That’s winning, all of that. How does it compare with your life and prospects?

      I count my blessings every day. Why me I ask? I don’t know, but if free will is a thing (it is) I used my free will to submit to God totally, to become His slave. Seems He appreciates that, especially in this day and age.

      Plenty will turn back to their God in the last few years, others will become more angry at Him. Which category will you be in I wonder? Any time you or others need help with HOW to come to know the truth and to allow God into your life, please let me know, it’s easy, but it’s your choice.

      • MM says:

        >It’s you who is doing nothing, other than reading self-help books and writing lists about them, and reading Anonymous Shillservative every day. Pointless, you cannot save yourself, the world will be put right now, you will not enjoy it, none of us will.

        1. I havent read a “self-help” book since 2018 and have not posted on FF since May 2019… I do apologize for ever desiring to help people like you.

        2. They werent at all useless; IE “The Speed of Trust” introduced the vital idea of societal trust as a key explanatory factor to myself and AP.
        Peak- deliberate practice and learning
        The winner effect- how wining is a dopaminergic process that can hijack your mind and do a bunch of things (not all good)
        Rhonda Patrick post for best diet and supplements….
        Extreme Ownership- obv
        The Happiness Advantage- relationships, happiness, and resilience etc.

        All legit good shit if you want to just do better in everyday life. What’s so wrong about that? You live in the same world I do, presumably. Hopefully your effectiveness here has some bearing to your god.

        3. >reading Anonymous Shillservative every day.

        This just doesn’t even make sense. I hate AnonCon. Do you even know who you are talking to? Have you read TAR? This is legit baffling.

        >it will make heathens like you very angry.

        Being a fucking prick like you tends to do that to people, yeah.

        Go on prophet, I’m sure you have others to spread your toxic Da’ath to.

        • fgth says:

          ‘People like you’. LOL.

          People like me do not need the help of humans, and one day, perhaps, you and the others in this sphere will realise that there is only way to find help, or shall we call it salvation.

          All of your books are useless, they will not stop the turn of the tide, and they will not avert the global reckoning that lies ahead. Only one book is needed, called the Holy Bible.

          I imagine you don’t read AC, my jibe was aimed at the peanut gallery, as was my initial comment, but you took the bait, I think they call you a gamma. But you guys love the theater put on for you, whether it be AC, or Jim, or Vox, or Sailer, or the books, or the youtube videos, or any of the other shill talking heads, all of them have one thing in common: they want to keep you from the really important truths, the ones that will save you. So you all do critiques of the BS, day after day after day. Navel-gazing and a waste of time. Not one of you is wise. The one that thinks he’s wisest is the most stupid.

          The truth is never toxic, but when your mind is full of crap, the sharp piercing of the sword of truth is bound to cause you pain and anger. I sense your fear, your impotence, and that will grow as the world spirals down into days of wrath. The worst days the world has known lie ahead, and the generations that face them are the biggest pussies to have walked the earth.

          Can I share that truth, do you see it happening around you? The world has forgotten the God of the bible, Yehovah. It’s either atheism, muslims, churchy-Christians, judiasm. Even those who try to know Him have stuff stopping them from doing His will, traditions, fear, something, lack of faith.

          So, He’s not going to sit by and be forgotten or mocked is He? He created it all, including us, and we ignore Him. He’s mighty pissed and rightly so. The fact you don’t believe in Him is neither here nor there, you will do eventually, trust me on that, then you’ll kick yourself, to be told the truth now, and to just get pissy about it. Sad, many such cases.

          I have told you the date, not long, it’s up to you (collectively) whether you sort yourselves out or not. I doubt you will, but there are men out there now, seeing what’s happening, and they are seeking true righteousness, and they will be taught it, and they will be saved, and blessed. Anyone can join them, I am wondering if bice will do so, tree stumps aren’t the answer brother bice, the answer is obedience and faith and bringing truth to the world now. China is doomed, totally doomed, they will never repent, they think they know better, but they are children of Satan.

          • Aeoli Pera says:

            So far I’ve been pretending I don’t know this sock is glosoli so people can have a little fun with the drama, but I’m going to put a stop to it now and put you back on the ban list.

          • Mr. T. says:

            Spiritual truth and politics are quite different and getting too involved in politics can probably cause great spiritual errors. Politics won’t give you peace or love toward your neighbours or the body of Christ.

            Bruce Charlton wrote this recently ( http://charltonteaching.blogspot.com/2020/06/the-boromir-strategy-revisited-or.html) : “You cannot use the One Ring to fight the Dark Lord, who made it. You cannot use political categories such as aristocracy, patriarchy, nationalism or race/ism to fight the Left; because ultimately all primary politics is of-the-Left: on the side of the Dark Lords.

            Again: all those who discern primarily by Political categories, are on the side of the Enemy – even when they favour those categories that are (apparently) against the Leftist Establishment.

            The primary battle of the spiritual war is to assert the primacy of the spiritual.”

    • bicebicebice says:

      “fgth says:
      June 21, 2020 at 9:20 pm”

      “Oh, and some self-help books on influencing people and selling…something. Oh, and a digital quadzillion word personal organiser.” I agree but the irony is that it worked in CHYNA. Also, you can never influence an inferior being to being a superior one (https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/guy-simultaneously-raised-chimp-and-baby-exactly-same-way-see-what-would-happen-180952171/), you can dope them down to commit less violence, but why do that?you are always risking an uprising when the breaks come off and all that time you spent training circus niggers could have been spent on colonizing Mars.

      at least the memes were fun and the black unemployment was record low for a while back there

      I clocked my browsing, including this comment, at 7 minutes and I had to stretch it to see if there was something surfing on da weebs but alas the low tide and no waves today either, just like the last decade.

      don’t forget to like comment subscribe donate and buy my tshirt if you want to live in 1950s americana in 2 weeks

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