I enjoy everything about this ad

It’s like modern America in a single picture.


Oh, to be a fly on the wall of that writing room.

How many layers of irony are there? I think my favorite one is it shows there’s no point in letting a woman buy auto insurance since she’s just going to kill herself in that car crash (and anyone else in the car silly enough to let a woman drive), so the insurance company won’t even have to pay out…huh.

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Maybe do this later?
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5 Responses to I enjoy everything about this ad


    That lady is looking back at ME, brother! The man that’s going to school you in the CHIN UP CHAMPIONSHIP


    I hope you bought some term life insurance, because I’m gonna BURY YOU IN VOLUME

    When Q talked about The Storm, he was talking about ME!


  2. Sheetz says:

    She looks like shes peaking.

  3. aiaslives says:

    What if it’s yooropean, though?

    Also please release blog stats

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