Extrinsic religious orientation and negative religious coping

I was following up on Dutton’s recent video about Black Lives Matter and thought some of you would be interested in these:

https://www.researchgate.net/publication/229743996_Religion_as_a_Meaning-Making_Framework_in_Coping_with_Life_Stress (This is the study by Crystal Park he mentions)


Basically, the combination of extrinsic religious orientation and negative religious coping make for a really, really toxic person. You may find the symptoms are familiar:

In the same study, negative coping strategies were also pinpointed. Some of them are listed below.

spiritual discontent
punishing God reappraisal
reappraisal of God’s powers
pleading for direct intercession

A similar list of negative psychological adjustments was compiled.

negative mood

Emphases added.

Extrinsic Religious Orientation is a method of using religion to achieve non-religious goals, essentially viewing religion as a means to an end.[4] It is used by people who go to religious gatherings and claim certain religious ideologies to establish or maintain social networks while minimally adhering to the teachings of the religion. People high in extrinsic religious orientation are more likely to conform to social norms and demands rather than what the religion requires, and are often prone to twist religious beliefs to serve their own political goals. Gordon Allport stated that people high in extrinsic religious orientation use religion, “to provide security and solace, sociability and distraction, status and self-justification” (Allport &Ross, 1967, p. 434). (Whitley & Kite, 2010)[1]

Here’s the video:

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