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Woodley’s recommended reading for multi-level selection theory

He doesn’t mention the titles so I’m guessing which books exactly. Taken from 1:44:15 or so in Michael A Woodley of Menie’s recommended prerequisite reading list for group selection: Keller: Richerson and Boyd: Wilson: Okasha: reading

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Superbureaucrats vs. geniuses

“Superbureaucrat” is an idea I first heard on the Delingpod 3 interview of Dutton and Woodley, starting at around 10 minutes. It is what it sounds like: A superbureaucrat isn’t so much a great scientist and he is a great … Continue reading

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On retaining humility in the face of success

2020 has been very good to me. Having been a Christian for a long time now this fills me with foreboding, since I know from experience God doesn’t spare the rod in his zeal to raise faithful children. And as … Continue reading

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RIP random girl

People like me have to do this sort of thing or these things just don’t get done. It’s our job to see the gaps and then fill them in. I didn’t know her or what she deserved but I know … Continue reading

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Keeping you apprised of the Q copes

This is the latest cope for why Trump isn’t such an ineffectual bloviating retard that even normies are noticing it: What’s fascinating about the Q phenomenon is that it reveals a psychological law of anti-parsimony: in conspiracy theories, the theory … Continue reading

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My primary complaint, reflected in the title of this post, is that embracing horizontal morality makes the gospel unnecessary, and thus renders the rest of Stanley’s thoughts on Christianity irrelevant. Irredeemable – Notes from Andy Stanley’s book “Irresistible” I haven’t … Continue reading

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Peak trust economics

Peak trust economics is the dogma that the purpose of economic policy is to optimally encourage mutual cooperation and strongly discourage one-sided cooperate-defect equilibria, such as monopolies and mafia activity. This is implicitly white nationalist because it’s a moral theory … Continue reading

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Apologia for the riots

I wholeheartedly support disbanding law enforcement agencies in this country. Our entire government from top to bottom consists of freaks, traitors, and retards with a handful of exceptions. We would be better off if there were no one to enforce … Continue reading

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This melonhead deepfake project is getting out of hand

I took a long walk just now to clear my head after a long day of screentime. Usually this is a great way to provoke whatever is feeling the most salient to find it’s way to the top of my … Continue reading

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Faustian baubles

This is a pretty common trope that’s related to the behelit myth, but I couldn’t find it on the tvtropes site. Here’s how it goes. 1. Someone, often an authority figure, comes into possession of a cursed something-or-other. Most often … Continue reading

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