On Star Wars, in brief

The thesis is “The way of the warrior has changed. In the future, influence is the most important weapon. The spirit of war hasn’t changed, but it has to be expressed through the weapons of financial and status competition rather than with swords.”

You can track this by the associations between Luke’s magic swords and his maturity in “the Force”, which is a stand-in for influence. There’s a lot of “law of attraction” mixed in to the Force, but generally it’s about perception management like magic usually is.

1) Obi Wan gives him the first lightsaber at the same time as the Force 101 tutorial.
2)After Luke falls into Hell at the end of The Empire Strikes Back, he comes back from his long night of the soul with a different-color lightsaber and masterful Force powers.

The pen may be mightier than the sword, but the media organ is mightier than the pen, and the maymay is mightier still. The less effort on the part of the perceiving audience, the stronger the propaganda. Who wants to watch a five-minute fake news clip when you can get half the story in a funny image made by an optics cuck?

“In my opinion, the purest expression of will-to-power is those Murdoch Murdoch cartoons. I fuckin love that show. It always makes my dick so fuckin hard.” -Yoda

The lightsaber colors match my initial thoughts on color aesthetics too:
Blue = Ideals
Green = Holism
Red = Desire, passion

It’s sort of corny that Star Wars would be about The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale, but on the other hand it explains why it was the perfect myth to encapsulate American idealism. It was popular everywhere because in 1977, America seemed like an excellent idea. Less so perhaps with 2020 hindsight.

Mind over matter was the idea, but it turns out matter has a mind of its own.

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