On cannibalism – We eat what we worship

People tend to take metaphorical things literally when they’re too big and abstract to comprehend. This example is “You are what you eat.” Therefore, you can always tell a person’s values from their diet:

People who worship Christ take communion.
Romantics (who worship the virtues of youth) eat children.
People who worship product consume product.
People who worship “humanity” consume humanity.
People who worship white supremacy eat white supremacy.
People who worship money eat the rich.
People who worship dick eat dick. Literally, in extreme cases (ref. Haidt’s consensual cannibalism story).
People who worship pussy eat so much pussy they get throat cancer.
Slaves eat away at their masters.
The dead eat the living.
The weak eat their heroes.
Hypocrites eat authenticity.
HR departments eat the best workers.
Corporations eat their marginal gains, their founders’ dreams, and human motive forces. A triple threat!
Postmodernists eat the weak.
The damned eat their saviors.

The idea goes on like this for some time. Generally, people become more literal as they purity spiral away from realism into greater idealism. As the intensity of need increases they go from mere vampiricism to cannibalism proper. You can read a person’s values from the results of their actions over time–if everything they produce over a lifetime ultimately results in eating children (e.g. education, Silicon Valley), then you know deep, deep down they’re romantics.

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8 Responses to On cannibalism – We eat what we worship

  1. MM says:

    All eats all

  2. Obadiah says:

    >We eat what we worship

    More like, “We consume what we hunger for or have a paucity of”

    Aeoli eats my social life and existence.
    I eat Aeoli’s innocence.

  3. Obadiah says:

    This could also explain ur-Neanderthal cannibalism: they wanted their dead back.

  4. richy says:

    WASPs eat bacon sandwiches and shrimp.

  5. bicebicebice says:

    autistic people worship the prince of lies while he shares a joke with the cosmic jester whilst God facepalmes at the humanity of it all

    “why yes I am atomically cobalt-salted blackpilled how could you tell”

    come home white man itz over

  6. William Owlson says:

    Youre not you when youre hungry.

    • bicebicebice says:

      A good take but when it comes to spergs they just get spergier and the coding-sperg-skeleton or bookworm is not a meme, but when it comes to sapes, all pretenses are dropped and the inner cannibal rapist headhunter comes out to play.

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