Heaven is normal: White people competitive delusion explained

White people are reproductively specialized to believe that “nice is normal”. All of human history is, to them, a horrifying aberration best forgotten. This is a form of costly signalling, because it weeds out competitors who can’t maintain the pretense. Things that are “not nice” are therefore taboo. The central motivating belief which gives rise to this anti-reality principle is:

1) Nice things are normal (for “us”).
2) Normal people deserve normal things.
3) We are normal.

Therefore, anti-realists deserve nice things for maintaining the pretense, and openly realistic people must be excluded. Realism is a shameful activity, best engaged in behind closed doors if at all. One must believe that utopia is the lowest energy state of mankind, toward which the arc of history flows like water going downhill. Anti-racism is a good example of this. In heaven, the lion lays down with the lamb. Therefore, a clever white person will post pictures of their pet lion and pet lamb living in the same pen. Even better, they’ll post pictures of their children playing with and petting the lion, because their home is already like heaven (and if yours isn’t, you just need to improve your instinctive morality).

It’s not necessary in the course of these status games for the pictures to be representative of daily life, as long as plausibility of the pretense is maintained. White people are always walking a fine line between risky acts of signalling and the suspension of disbelief. In order to navigate SWPL high society, you must enter what Haidt calls “motivated reasoning” as a primary mode of thinking and never trigger anyone’s “not nice” radar. To compete, you must also be dedicated to status striving and possess high agency and cunning. Jews have managed to co-opt this moral signalling instinct to create a belief system entirely based on two “moral facts”:

1) Racism is bad, minorities are good.
2) Heaven is normal and expected.

The former can be proven if the latter is assumed, as in the example of lions and lambs. Anti-racism became a fetish because of this, so that you can imagine most people have whites in their “not nice” mental box. You are NEVER allowed to even hint that these aren’t your highest values. Adherence to these predicts how included you will be in white groups.

The reason white people care about moral signalling so much is because we form “moral tribes” rather than ethnic tribes (ref. Kmac). Thus, the highest possible status is that of a moral authority. The reason Jews dominate is because they have dominated positions in all the institutions that shape moral authority. They are best described as a race of anarchotyranny-adapted superbureaucrats. Here are two examples of the sort of motivated reasoning you must be able to mimic to be accepted by nice SWPLs:

1) Everyone should be a professional because that would be nice, and nice is normal.
2) Moral therapeutic deism.

If it would be nice for something to be true, then whites will compete to act the most like *it’s already true for them*. This anarchotyranny, of course, incentivizes the elevation of toxic neurotics. Real victims learn to hide their weakness, but neurotics who get on a power trip will often learn to appeal to this utopianism: “You say you live in heaven? Then unlock your doors and feed me.” This process is explained in more depth as the “Agreealluminati” in https://aeolipera.wordpress.com/2018/07/30/adaptive-personality-types-during-major-periods-in-the-pyrrhic-cycle/. If the lambs publicly fail to unlock their doors to let the lions in, then they’d be admitting they don’t live in heaven. That’s fine if it’s not on camera, but if they can’t weasel out of it they’ll put themselves right in the lion’s mouth before losing status.

Further reading: The intro to the 48 Laws of Power, https://archive.org/details/THE48LAWSOFPOWER_201810/page/n3/mode/2up

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8 Responses to Heaven is normal: White people competitive delusion explained

  1. Obadiah says:

    >They are best described as a race of anarchotyranny-adapted superbureaucrats

    Yep. “As above (heat, lucifer, chaos), so below (cold, ahriman, order)”, right there on the star. They are “metaphysically and thermodynamically adapted”.

  2. Man of Men says:


    As Nietsche and the followers of Abraxas say; meaning is found in Becoming. (Not a fan, but I cannot fault…)

    This observation is, of course, based in our nature.

    The transition from dopaminergic idealized dream into cold and unsatisfying reality. (Much more exciting than attempting appreciation of the existing)

    (But you can always dream a new dream!
    This time it shall satisfy! I PROMISE!)

    Constrained by their nature, humans naturally burn through their genetics and stagnate in cycles.

    But this particular time we can dream a truly new dream past our current Hell-Heaven!

    How will this all turn out I wonder?

    I’m sure we will recieve a hell worthy of us.

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