Potential model for modern white women’s extreme wokeness

Re: https://www.bitchute.com/video/iVs4LpysvUPn/

As I’ve mentioned several times in the past, SJWism is primarily a phenomenon of Gen Z women (with Trigglypuff serving as the archetypal example). Being a woman alone is a better predictor of social justice beliefs than trait agreeableness.

Assumption of Power in High Risk Situations


Leadership is about trust.

It means that someone trusts you to function in a capacity that will benefit them and care for their interests. And for that, they grant you power. No matter how you cut, power is given by others. Let’s look at some examples.

Authority comes from a group/societal organization and your ability to fulfill a need in that structure. For example a manager is not made a manager by the people who follow him/her, but instead by those above him/her. Who believe that he/she can fulfill their business needs.

Those ‘below’ a leader elect a leader to look out for their interests. Even the most despotic leader has a cadre of people who are profiting from his regime, and it is those people who keep him in power. When such a person no longer serves the needs of a group, the power is revoked. In a Banana Republic, the person is assassinated. In developed countries, the person is either not re-elected or is fired.

But this principle also works the other way too. In an example more immediate to your lifestyle, you accept the leadership of you boss/manager ONLY as long as you stay at that company. If a manager abuses that position of power, what do people do? They quit. They reject that person’s authority and by quitting, they take back any power that person had over them.

That’s looking at power in the context of a job or society. On a personal scale, people just quit listening to you. Your power is revoked. People have either A) lost trust in you B) abandoned the hope that you will benefit them, or C) in a combination of A and B, become angry with you


The reason all of this is important is that many young women don’t realize that the power and influence they have over young men is given to them by the men. It exists only AS LONG as the man is willing to listen to her. And, as stated earlier, the reverse also is true. Men only have power over women as long as they grant it to them.

But, many young and inexperienced women assume that the power and control they have over other people comes from within themselves (1) . This gives them a false sense of confidence and often a dangerous overestimation of their own abilities. They assume that the power is always going to be there and that with words alone they can control others.

While this can be true as far as it goes, there are many situations where words no longer have power.

There is nothing like watching two men deciding to fight to show the conditional nature of this power. Think back to the last time you saw two men engage in violence — not the build up to, but the actual physical conflict itself — especially if other women were there. What did you see?

Among the men, they would be like two otherwise voice-command-trained dogs suddenly locked into instinctive behavior and ignoring the owner’s commands. These animals are operating on pure canine instinct until the owner can physically establish control again. This analogy works very well for the men, since they’ve gone feral. The only thing that is going to break them of that pattern is either its completion or the intervention of a greater outside force.

But what about the women in the situation? What did they do? How did they react?

We have personally seen every reaction from storming away in disgust to standing there in shock, standing back shrieking orders for the males to stop, helplessly screaming for someone else to stop it, to women jumping into the middle of the fight to break it up and even going so far as attacking the other male. Believe it or not, we’ve even seen women physically attacking their males for ignoring them and engaging in unacceptable behavior. She doesn’t care about the guy he’s fighting, she’s attacking her male for not listening to her. These are the most common behaviors, although there also are others.

All in all the most common reaction is for the woman to stand in total shock and confusion when her normal influence is temporarily shut off by the male. For that moment in time, she has absolutely NO power or control over him. This sudden and unexpected stripping away of her perceived power and control is as much a complete and overwhelming shock to her as the savagery of the fight itself.

Afterward — WHEN he is willing to listen again — the male is going to be either seriously upbraided or ejected from the woman’s life. Once again, the woman’s power and influence will be re-established. The nature of this new power structure, however, will be strongly influenced by the experience.

One should take particular note of the female intensity when re-establishing her control and influence over a male. There is often substantial anger involved. While there are many other factors, due to the intensity and degree of this anger, it is not unreasonable to assume that female pride, ego and trauma from the loss of perceived control is involved to varying degrees.

Watching a fight is one of the most blatant examples of what can happen when males choose to temporarily ignore normal social conventions and act primitively. The truth is that a woman’s power over a man only lasts as long as he is willing to listen to her. Young females are often extremely traumatized and confused when this reality about their power over others is thrown in their faces.

I believe these two things, late imperial collapse under female solipsism and the unreasonableness of female will-to-power, are related.

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  1. Obadiah says:

    Theory 2: these bitches be cray out here

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