Also please remember the reason decadent societies exist in the first place is because places that go through industrial revolutions conquer and despoil the ones that don’t. There’s no such thing in life as “being left alone”. And as a rule, it’s never a good idea to assume that something that took over the world was maladaptive a priori. But enough with the apologetics.

More and more lately, I’m attracted to “Ford-ism” as a political platform. America got a few things right, and we should take care not to throw those out with the bathwater of egalitarianism. Ford was right about basically everything, with very, very few exceptions.

Summing up: Industry-as-paternalism.

Also: Financialization-as-enemy.

The idea is to temper what Ford got right with what Kaczinsky got right, strip the egalitarianism and replace it with Western chauvinism and the genius evolutionary strategy, and modernize Ford with some Peter Thiel.

The founding books:
1) The Autobiography of Henry Ford
2) The Genius Famine
3) The Unabomber’s Manifesto (corrected for anxiety issues)
4) The Soul of Science
5) Zero to One
6) The Hero with a Thousand Faces
7) Race Differences in Ethnocentrism

Owl came up with a great mnemonic for this: “First comes the pudding, then comes dessert.” It corresponds to the authors like so:

1) Ford
2) Charlton
3) Ted
4) Pearcy
5) Thiel
6) Campbell
7) Dutton

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