Kevin Fast, powerlifting preacher

The bit toward the end about the study of his body was interesting. I have pretty good genetics for strength but not this good. Then again, I haven’t tried the “donut and a nap” post-training recovery regimen. Honestly, his training sounds exactly like what Boneflour does.

I wasn’t able to find any published studies, but if one of you does please drop a link in the comments.

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4 Responses to Kevin Fast, powerlifting preacher

  1. Adamantium Boneflour says:

    It’s a shame that the physical trainer, like most viewers, will end up thinking, “That guy is so strong he can train like that and get better results”

    Rather than, “BECAUSE he trains like that, he is strong”

    People would rather believe you are a genetic freak than believe they could get more results with less work. Go figure!

    “How do I get stronk like you?”

    “You must lift heavy once a week or so then drink half and half milkshakes all day”

    “So you’re saying I should do reps 5 days a week and diet, right?”

    “Many such cases!”

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >People would rather believe you are a genetic freak than believe they could get more results with less work. Go figure!

      He actually is a genetic freak though. If he really has learned to dump adrenaline on command (which I suspect is the key), then his gains would make sense as a sort of extreme powerlifting training plan. He’s lifting a car off his baby every morning.

  2. Adamantium Boneflour says:

    Thanks for this, by the way. Always nice to hear that ultimate strongmen use my workout plan. XD

  3. Adamantium Boneflour says:

    Whether he’s a genetic freak or not, people are going to think,

    “That guy is so huge he CAN train like that”

    Rather than, “That guy GOT huge by training like that”.

    Not everyone is going to be benching a fire truck at the end of the big lifts and donuts plan…
    but they are going to see some BIG DAMN results if they keep going.

    If it was just that guy it’d be one thing, but everyone who lifts long enough and gets results eventually hears about “good genetics” and “if only I had free time” from people. Gotta find that post by good looking loser about his “good genetics”

    I gotta do a post about genetics being a scam when it comes to weightlifting.

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