We are pleased to announce new direction (+20 social credit to first 10 commenters)

After many insightful talks with our shareholders over the weekend, we at Aeoli Pera have decided we shall corner the market on 2030 post-imperial collapse superforecasting and stonkchat online hypercasinos.

Everyone knows bad things are about to happen, roughly in 2030, but precious little effort is being spent gaming out exactly what, when, how, how much, etc. For example, can you predict the rate of demographic change in South Africa? Would you put money on it? Would you wager your precious social credit score (i.e. your Brier score) against your detractors by making stonk predictions based on your based and red-pilled psychohistory?

All these things and more on StOnKcHaT2040.

There will be challenges, prizes, epic DLC, and catgirl groupies for those with the NUTSACKS to win and never stop winning forever. Get ready to own libtards like you only imagined in your Nazi MLP fanfics. If you don’t want to make REAL predictions with REAL internet social consequences and make insane cash money working from home, then you aren’t even worth my fucking time you fucking loser. Also, spoiler alert: this is partially motivated by a desire to give the melonheads an excuse to talk to each other about business (actually discussing stonks, how to prep and profit, etc.), which for some rreason gives them moral permission to overcome their disagreeableness and get along for more than three seconds at a stretch.

Jokes aside, I haven’t figured out the details yet but it will probably be something simple like a Telegram server. Or it may be a forum to make aggregating the best content easier. Here are the goals:

Purpose: To game out the specifics of the collapse in as much autistic detail as possible. Literally nobody is doing this AFAICT, and the government can’t even make ventilators with infinite money so you know they aren’t gonna do shit.

Method: Get people to take their own loose theorizing more seriously by adding some accountability with predictions and Brier scores to encourage research and granularity. Maybe some actual Bitcoin gambling, but that’s probably against the law somehow.

Audience: Pragmatists who are secretly still idealists deep down but haven’t admitted this to themselves in years. People who would rather prep efficiently for particular contingencies with rigorously justified risk estimations than by spending money on zombie movie fantasies in an attempt to quell their generalized anxiety.

The main thing is this needs to exist and doesn’t. I need to be able to give specific guidance to some people who, all good sense to the contrary, pay attention to my advice on the big things. I owe it to them to look this monster in the face and get the practical answers we’ll all need, to the best of my ability.

Excuse me, OUR ability.

Friend :-)

<3 <3 <3

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14 Responses to We are pleased to announce new direction (+20 social credit to first 10 commenters)

  1. Obadiah says:


  2. Obadiah says:

    Our little Cannabis extraction operation is really starting to get rolling to the tune of a projected 80k/month in sales so my Normieworld workload has increased. I will add this proposed project to my list of things to procrastinate about.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      While you’re titrating weed lmao try to decide what odds you think the US will have troops on the ground in Iran by the end of 2022.

      • Obadiah says:

        Who’s the pres at that time? If Trump, how much influence/pull has Kushner gained and solidified at that point? How legit is Trump about his anti-war stance?

        I’d say a 45% chance of an invasion of Persia by 2022 at this point in time, and a 90% chance we’ll have flexed on and/or effed around with them in a Soleimani-esque manner again by that point.

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          waow melonhead multithreading o.O

          Trump is prez, Kushner’s influence is 1.5x, anti-war stance is low on the priority list.

          A very real possibility that I haven’t seen addressed is that we’ll be at war with someone else first, which would curb our thirst for Iranian blood.

  3. MM says:

    ok fine. INTC down 16.24 percent. AMD +16 something and swinging its dick blah blah blah

    INTC coming back at least a few percentage points tomorrow Id bet around 90 percent. Itd be funny if it somehow kept dumping though :)

    If AMD pops more I may buy a put on it. Though thats way more risky than just buying INTC dip/calls (hmmm…. IV will be high atm so calls maybe not great idea)

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