Home churches in the Black Iron Prison

Because we are *already* living in the Black Iron Prison – ‘resistance’ really is futile

We are already living in the Black Iron Prison; and since earlier this year we know that this jail is global – with nowhere to escape into (only places where the restrictions rules are currently somewhat less onerous).

Once you have taken this on board, you will realise that this ought to put to an end all this talk of sociao-politically ‘resisting’ the imposition of worldwide totalitarianism. So far as our socio-political status is concerned; are ‘assimilated’ into The Borg/ The Matrix/ The System; and Resistance Is Futile

Too late: it’s happened. It has been imposed. (Past tense.)

The revolution has won. Any action to do more than delay the Great Reset – any action to change to a fundamentally different and better direction – would entail a counter-revolution; and seeing the broad support of the BIP it could not be a ‘mass’ revolution.

The ruling classes are on-board with the programme; and far too many of the masses are clamouring for more oppression, faster, please!

And anyway, a counter-rev to what we had before 2020 would not be worth having – since it was pointing and pushing this way. So it would need to be a new revolution. And to be better; it would need to be a new and Christian revolution.

But it turns-out that the Christian church leadership are in bed with the new regime, support the program, and have closed the churches and all-but ceased their activities (gathering, worship, singing, ritual… and – most significantly – sacraments).

There are individual real Christians distributed across and outside-of the pseudo-Christian churches; but when did scattered individuals ever mount a successful revolution? And (more importantly) when was such a revolution ever a change for the better?

So, let’s stop pretending that there is any meaningful hope of resistance, revolution or any other socio-political mechanism for fundamental change. The System will have-to unfold according to its own evil, and thus self-loathing and self-destructive, tendencies.

Let us instead do what actually can be done – what our religion insists that we ought to be doing; as individual Christians, working on our selves and with those we love; and any real Christians that happen to be in our vicinity.

We are compelled, for lack of any viable alternative, to stop being political and to put everything into being spiritual. And is that such a bad thing?

-Bruce Charlton

Though I left Charlton’s solution at the end for completeness, I’d humbly suggest that we already know the real answer is to bring back home churches (with shotguns). There’s plenty of mass appeal at this point and it’s a sort of revolution that has never been successfully stopped in history.

It’s really a matter of just doing it.

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2 Responses to Home churches in the Black Iron Prison

  1. Death says:

    Wonders flee this world. I am one of dwindling few.

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