The Portland physiognomy

This isn’t my observation, I’m just writing it up for someone who can tell me later if he wants credit.

There’s a particular sort of chin, jawline, and clavicle region that are endemic to the Pacific Northwest and relatively uncommon elsewhere. The easiest way to find examples is to look through pictures of famous grunge rockers from the 90s.

2020-08-01 13_14_22-Window

When this was pointed out to me, I noted the similarity of the strange underbite to the Habsburg jaw. While it’s not necessary for the person to be literally pencil-necked, even the more testosteronized examples with thick necks in absolute terms will appear (for some reason I can’t put my finger on) to have thinner necks due to the shape of the jaw and shoulder area. Ardyn Izunia, the villain in FF15 that Obadiah has been talking about, is a good example of this:

2020-08-01 13_08_20-Window

Personality correlates: Moderately high IQ, almost always between 110 and 120, extremely neurotypical (i.e. feminine-brained, tending to schizophrenia and psychopathy rather than autism), remarkable native social fluency and Machiavellianism, disagreeableness, and psychoticism. The attitude of casual factor-1 psychopathy toward other humans reminds me of aspiepaths like Mark Zuckerberg.

And indeed, this seems to match up with the Ardyn’s personality:

He handles the Niflheim Empire’s political operations for Emperor Aldercapt, and is responsible for the expansion of Verstael Besithia’s magitek infantry.

Ardyn is a shrewd, humorous and manipulative man who appears casual and unfazed by the events around him. He has an eccentric appearance and personality, often coming across as patronizingly civil. He is unpredictable, and his exaggerated and performative personality hides his sinister intentions and dark past. He enjoys manipulating events and watching them unfold.

This may be a catch-all degenerative melonhead archetype that shows up when elite genetics are in decline, which is popping up due to the brain drain of the upper-middle class to Portlandia.

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11 Responses to The Portland physiognomy

  1. Obadiah says:

    No Ardyn is basically Abel, he’s an altruist who gets fucked over by Somnus (Cain) and then Somnus and his lineage go on to win the favor and blessing of the world’s pagan God pantheon. Ardyn basically goes crazy because of this.

    It’s like a commentary on the illegitimacy of the human-generated polytheistic pagan Godhead (the plot-central and important God Bahamut is basically a dude wearing a fancy mask and a fancy suit of armor. He’s like Nebuchadnezzar or something–essentially a Venkatesh Rao-ian Sociopath who has ‘gotten behind the mask of God’).

    Ardyn’s character design has conspicuously large facial humanity; he’s an altruistic person who gets fucked over by the Pagan “Gods” (Venkateshian Sociopaths) and basically has a mental breakdown.

    When Noctis sacrifices himself to rid the land of darkness at the end of the game, he’s basically redeeming the sins of his shitbag ancestors.

    Anyway, like I said there’s a lot going on the game.

  2. Arakawa says:

    Archetype, looks and sounds like Steve Pavlina to me. I read him in a particular phase of adolescence when the id is looking for self-destructive sociopathic intellectual self-worship systems. Like Ayn Rand but Ayn Rand was way too transparent for me. I snapped out of it once my thick skull (Edenic type as-yet undetermined) processed the implications of his essay about Las Vegas being just the most high-vibrational conscious free trade organic place to be for hip enlightened people.

    No worries about social collapse ’cause he’s Creating His Own Reality, dontcha now.

    Wonder what a guy like that is gonna do when the daily organic juice deliveries get interrupted.

  3. MM says:

    Fast life strategy

    Fuckin badass guitar riffs tho (cantrell looks a little more normal)

  4. Robotnick says:

    Staley looks to have thalllish brow and socket depth along with what you described.
    Alice in chains are decent. Described as the “Black Sabbath’ of the 90s.

    Jaw/overall face shape lends to a general anti-social unruliness common on the west coast that I find obnoxious. Curt Kobain irks me the most in this.

    No one could tolerate them so they ended up going westward. Many probably tried to “strike it rich” in california. Though that’s a hypothesis I pulled out of my ass.

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