Utah, 2020

H/T Ken.


The lesson of 2020: nobody will rescue you

So many people are awaiting rescue. They hope and hope that a political party, or a leader, or a church, or a spiritual revival… will arise to save them.

Among Christians, people hope that their particular church will be cleansed of its dominant corruption (because they are all essentially corrupt now, at leadership level – as witnessed by support for their own indefinite lockdown and external control); or that there will be a new movement of highly spiritual, brave and motivated Christians that people can join.

The lesson of 2020 is that None of these will happen; no-body and no group will arise to rescue us from the lying totalitarian and insane evil that grows more dominant daily – with solid support from world and national governments, corporations, the mass media, law, schools and colleges, the police and military.

I know I was just saying not everybody is cut out for leadership, but the sheep and libertarian options aren’t looking so great to me right now. You may want to consider putting some social pressure on your neighbors to buy some ammo, it’s not like they’re going to put up much resistance after seeing that so you won’t be spending much of your social credit.

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