Damning Q with faint praise

In between dozens of gloompoasts about how the world is clearly and obviously going to shit at an accelerated pace (LAW AND ORDER), Vox likes to throw in some ego-pandering:

Of course, the readily confirmable fact is that the Qanon narrative has proven to be vastly more reliable, and a better predictive model, than the mainstream media narrative.

Qanon is winning the Narrative battle

(No word yet on whether Q’s ground forces won the 3GW battle against the USNS Mercy.)


^Also “vastly more reliable, and a better predictive model, than the mainstream media narrative.” I learned it in a public bathroom stall at the beach. There was a link to an anarchist website too but I didn’t have my phone in my swim trunks, so I don’t have any other red pills for you today.

(The truth behind truths is Epstein didn’t kill himself ENOUGH.)



Q is consumerism in its purest form. Bernays never believed a consumerist democracy was going to work because he knew what consumers want is to be personally shepherded to heaven by a charismatic and all-powerful God after putting up token skepticism, not unlike the experience of the female orgasm. If he only knew that one day, you would be able to sell people nothing but hope and make them come up with their own justifications from coded language to double down on the ego investment forever while taking all their freedoms and property rights and giving them literally NOTHING, he might have turned to Jesus. Vox’s mistake here, like other Boomers, is wrapping up his ego (as a diagnosed narcissist!) in a narrative that can’t possibly last longer than his natural life. Which means when the double-reverse mortgage bill comes due, and they send immigrant repo men to collect it with no legal ramifications for their methods, he’s going to be alive to atone for it.

“Creating my propaganda for me makes you the better type of person, and soon (not now, but soon!) I will give you moral authority to kill any of the people we hate that you feel like.” Why buy furniture to signal your high-status lifestyle and clutter up your house when you can purchase narcissistic supply directly? No wonder Boomers can’t get enough of this Q shit. Can you imagine a more direct form of weaponized Freudian consumerism? It’s like those Free Beer Tomorrow signs except they make you rent space for the sign so you can keep up the inside joke. At least in Antifa they get their posters made for them, Q-tards have to make their own merch and then buy it too. (Maybe make it a streaming service for Millennials? “You’re one of the few, you diligently seek out the facts in a world of lies and question everything with logic and a sixth sense for TRUTH, just $4.99 a month.”)

Question for Vox: How many IQ points does it take to sell a T-shirt that says Epstein didn’t kill himself? Can we line up the words in a Q shape so other truth-seekers (with the requisite intelligence to decode the symbolism) know where to find other such world-shattering truths?

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6 Responses to Damning Q with faint praise

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Given that superstition will be on the rise during the coming dark ages, this may have the unintended effect of actually reducing abortion numbers.

      “Don’t wanna be no mama!”
      “Girl, you stay away from dat hoodoo tho.”
      “Don’t want no kids but don’t want no problems neither. SHEEIT.”

  1. MM says:

    Konaka (the OG writer) wrote a Big O play set between the first and second seasons. It’s a short read but very comfy IMO

    Click to access The_Big-O_Theater.pdf

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