Livestream Mmmmcast tomorrow at 7 PM EST

Final update (out of order): This should be ready to watch by morning, it’s processing right now

The technology side of things will probably be a shitshow but the test went well. You’ll be able to chat on the YouTube stream. I’ll post a link here on the blog when I have one ready.

UPDATE: Okay, it looks like you can’t post the link until the stream is live, so just go to my channel and you should be able to see it there:

Note there are a few different channels we’ve uploaded stuff to, this is the one with the black and white profile pic:

2020-08-08 16_49_01-Window

Why anyone is subbed to this channel I have no idea.

Okay we’re on now.

Spirited Away link (just turn on English subtitles):

Download it with Clipgrab before they notice! (Both Spirited Away and the live stream.)

The recording will be deleted soon and reposted to Bitchute.

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Maybe do this later?
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17 Responses to Livestream Mmmmcast tomorrow at 7 PM EST

  1. Obadiah says:

    “Video has been removed by the uploader”

  2. Obadiah says:

    Wait I found it

  3. MM says:

    actual content starts around 15 min

  4. MM says:

    This may be the best cast weve done. Deff has the most signal-to-noise of any after about 40 min mark

  5. MM says:

    >Ive used Game on men far more often than on women

    The truth finally comes out.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      I wonder how much of homosexuality is driven by the simple ease of getting sex.

      • Obadiah says:

        Can’t be a lot because jacking off is every bit as physically pleasing and emotionally satisfying as casual empty sex, with much less trouble and awkwardness involved.

          • Obadiah says:

            I shouldn’t be saying this as a suave internet cad.

            But you can get deeper satisfaction from jerking off to a girl you like than you can from infinite amounts of casual fucking. Because with the latter you axiomatically don’t care very much about the girl. Hole will still be there in your heart.

            I understand this will rattle some cages in the internet based white nationalist pick up artist community.

            • Obadiah says:

              Neither will likely give you any lasting satisfaction until you capture the girl that you like as your war-bride. But casual flinging is guaranteed nihilistic behavior that will only give you the most fleeting, superficial, sensual happiness.

              In case, y’know, you didn’t already know that and were thinking about going and slamming out a bunch of random poonjabi.

            • Obadiah says:

              My dream is for you and MM to do a PUA show where you dress like Mystery and MM is Style. You meet some bitchez in the club during episode 1 and meet Roger Stone in the VIP lounge later on that nite. He takes you, MM and the babes back to his crib and gives you all a course in advanced pipelaying 101 (even letting you smash the wifey while he films).

              Later on you guys link up with Alex Jones and discover that Jones is running a massive tranny porn and drug op beneath the surface of the Info-Wars network. You co-star in one of his films, and this ultimately gets Trump re-elected. #KAG

            • Obadiah says:

              Keep in mind this will be a ‘reality TV’ style show.

            • MM says:


  6. chezgr@y says:

    great stream guys

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