Things not to do

It became clear that what was needed was for me – consciously and by choice – to initiate direct intuitive contact with Beings, thereby to dicover from experience that they were alive.


One clue is that this must involve ‘heart thinking’; a term which means the same as intuition – and thinking with the heart is distinguished from head-thinking/ reason/ logic on the one hand; and gut-thinking/ instinct/ spontaneous impulse on the other hand. In practice, heart thinking is happening when knowledge ‘appears’ in conscious thinking, knowledge that we know to be from another Being (not our-selves) inserts-itself into our stream-of-thought.

-Bruce Charlton
Experiencing the animated world – what, specifically, do we need to Do?

Bruce, this is divination and you need to cut it out. You’re playing with fire and you think you know what you’re doing, but you have no idea.

This may be a common stumbling block for intuitive thinkers in a world unmoored from close contact with God, like in the days when the prophet Samuel came on the scene. I engaged in some divination once over a period of a couple weeks, basically by accident, and became convicted of this in church during a Bible reading. I immediately swore off it and destroyed all of my notes of the “insights” produced and never looked back. If you understand how genius operates as an addiction, you should understand how serious this business is.

Speaking to Bruce again: Ignorance never saved anyone from the consequences of their actions in the history of the world. Mens rea is a legal concept for showing mercy to children and the village idiot with no counterpart in the natural world. You don’t need to understand why it’s a bad idea for it to be a bad idea and you don’t need to understand why you need to stop it in order to need to stop it.

On a sad note, anytime I interact with someone now I find myself trying to discern whether they will turn out to be a fool or a moral coward or both. To have this belief continually reinforced–that there is no one to look up to in the natural world–is a worse form of loneliness than the physical isolation of Covid. But without exception it always turns out to be one or the other or both.

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17 Responses to Things not to do

  1. Arakawa says:

    My impression from earlier years of Bruce’s blog is that he was heavily burned by his attempt to get into (Russian) Orthodox Christianity and in the process immersing his intellect into the particular strain of passive-aggressive epistemic Calvinism that permeates writers such as Seraphim Rose.

    e.g. Since Orthodox Christianity is true Christianity, all other brands of Christianity must be powered by demons. If Catholicism also has saints and miracles, as well as sincere believers, that only goes to show how crafty the demons are. Judging by the fruits? Pah! Any apparent good fruit produced in a different Christian denomination is just a deception of the demons to more deeply ensnare the pseudo-Christians in their heresies.

    The reason I call this ‘epistemic Calvinism’ is that, after subjecting all other beliefs to such radical doubt as demonic deceptions, it’s inevitable to turn the same doubt against one’s own beliefs. Then religion turns into displacement activity to avoid expressing that doubt, along the lines of:

    “But how do I know that *my* apparent justified true belief isn’t the product of Demons?”

    “Well, God loves me and is leading me into His True Church.”

    “But God also loves everyone else who ends up dying in a false church and thinks they have justified true belief, but was actually misled by Demons?”

    “Well, God only helps those who seek Him sincerely. Clearly the ones who ended up in Catholicism weren’t seeking Him sincerely enough.”

    “But those Catholicisms also think they are seeking God sincerely. How do I know that I’m really sincere about the sincerity of my seeking?”

    … and so forth. Which leads to the unspoken conclusion that there must be two types of people, one type that is granted (through no merit of their own) the extraordinary grace of epistemic certainty required to bring forth a sincere intention to seek God, and another type that only thinks they have that epistemic certainty, but is unaware that they don’t (because they’ve never actually experienced it). Hence Calvinism.

    After making a presumably-sincere attempt at trying to think through (or, more likely, avoid thinking-through) that noxious miasma, I would expect the opposite position of ‘just do what feels intuitively right and pray for repentance for what feels intuitively wrong’ to be a load off one’s mind.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Sounds like this is what Lizard King is doing right now. He just recommended Seraphim Rose to me on Sunday.

      • Arakawa says:

        For fairness, the original Orthodox solution to these dilemmas (as modelled by monastery life) would be more along the lines of ‘stop thinking so much; you’re wasting valuable time that could be used for peeling potatoes / tending the garden / making useful things’. The projection of this ancient but not especially complicated wisdom onto Seraphim Rose’s American style of intellectualizing produced a self-negating intellectualizing about how the intellect is totally evil and you should replace your brain with the brain of the Fathers.

        (The Russians have their own brand of intellectualizing, of course. But it tends to be much more flamboyantly weird.)

        cf. ‘You should be simpler.’ Complicated people spend their entire lives thinking up complicated ways to be more simple, while simple people aren’t so afraid of being complicated once in a while. As long as the potatoes still get peeled, of course.

  2. Mr. T. says:

    Well, Charlton’s theology is not very orthodox Christian and he likes to make his own interpretations on scripture/reality, based on Mormonism and David Icke for example. Would be probably considered heretical by most Christian theologians. May have some good ideas and interpretations occasionally still, but taken with a grain of salt IMO.

    • Mr. T. says:

      “Would be probably considered heretical by most Christian theologians.”

      Badly worded, but his theological interpretations are pretty far from mainstream was the idea.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Yeah, and we should expect geniuses to have some weird ideas about things, but divination is one of those life-ending mistakes, like drugs. It doesn’t matter why, he needs to quit.

  3. Mr. T. says:

    Personally I don’t have very good understanding/mental models of divination or what Charlton is doing. But hopefully he’s not doing anything spiritually/mentally harmful or against God.

    I would personally hope to be more spiritually led by the Holy Spirit, but I probably have pretty poor discernment. “Don’t know what’s happening.”

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Being more led by the Holy Spirit = capital-g Good.

      Opening one’s mind to “Beings” in general = capital-b Bad.

      The Holy Spirit is already with you if you’re a Christian (literally inside your body AFAICT), so you don’t need all this Rudolf Steiner shit.

  4. boneflour says:

    The Boomer Samurai guy talked about this in the Hagakure. In decadent times, there’s no one fully-fledged role model to look up to… So one ends up having to combine the good qualities of several flawed people to figure out something to emulate in different situations.

    The prototypical story for me was Jesus was going out to literally sweat blood while praying in the garden. He takes the disciples with him and told them to pray and keep watch… Aaaand they’re asleep.

    Reading it again… Right before that happened, one of the dudes is all, “I’ll never deny you!” and Jesus is like, “Dude, you’re going to deny me like three times before morning.”

    And right after that, Judas sells him out. So you go from disloyalty, to not being able to stay awake for like 5 minutes when the dude is sweating blood, to a guy going “Jesus, my buddy! (that’s the guy, officers!)

    And those are the good guys! All the rest of the people He was dying for were way worse! Kids these days, no respect for the literal Son Of God dying for them like the next afternoon.

    (not 100% sure on the rules for paraphrasing the Bible, delete if no good)

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      No rule against, and that was a very good paraphrase.

    • bicebicebice says:

      >be normie
      >read about jesus
      >sounds good being overtly good booy!
      >next chapters…
      >decide to emulate judas instead because you need money and you dont want to die a gruesome death as an austic backstabbed friendless childless sperg inb4 jesus was the last neanderboon

      this is why the western gay anglo-germanic church turned jesus into faggot who loves homosexuals (everyone in the west basically) in order to cope and why people gravitate to eastern churches because they have human saints n shit which offers more approchability to the average person

      many such cases. sad!

      in regards to the “boomers and beings” question this is basically why Q is a phenomena they can’t leave said western church because of mommyism as tex pointed out so they start to dabble in boomer-woo cue the preaching of holisticism(cavorting with demons thinking women can be leaders), transsexual dwarfs in WOW and another round of the end of the planet.

      This is why noone should not use the internet, every engagement will lead to another distorted turn(the more you fail finding the holy grail the more you will disconnect from reality) and eventually your brain will turn against itself because you redpilled yourself into a bluepilled retard.

      “you can only go to heaven if you are jesus-tier level christian” a good call to see if you are led by the holy spirit or the unholy is to check if you are right now lying down in a gutter with a needle in your army basically these boomers are taking it to far because they are anxious over the fact that the first steps they never actually took arent enough which is som real fine ass distorted logic cue the blogg journey on the internet and voila the year 2020.

      unplug from the gaytrix before itz too late and get a treestump unfiltered “religious” “Thinking” from a boomer is simply not good browsing this is how heresy start getting a feeling that isn’t bibble canon and presto satan rules the clown world. I need a nord vpn so I can browse chinese internet where such profanity is scrubbed by the government almost as if they have a point because these e-gurus all seem fucking wretched tbqh. “HURR DURR ITZ NOT THE DESTINATION ITZ THE JOURNEY” famous last words from someone who is content to burn in the lake of fire forever whereas others got treestumps in heaven.

      semi-anonymity and thus internet poverty from no sold t-shirts has kept the blerg! free from boomerism lets pray to God it stays that way because they are here now posting among us

  5. Mycroft Jones says:

    Good post. Paul Gautschi, the man behind “Back to Eden” gardening, described in one video how he tried dowsing briefly. The curse didn’t leave him for 20 years! Now, the Scriptures do say to “test every spirit”. How do you do that? Paul Gautschi has some good ideas on how to ask God for answers and how to tell when it is Him talking to you. Unfortunately it is buried in various videos on YouTube and I don’t know how to retrieve the info. It is the kind of stuff you regret not writing down right as soon as you hear it. The miraculous healings happening in Paul Gautschi’s garden are a matter of record. If you are in the USA, it is worth paying him a visit. If you can’t travel, give him a call on the phone. He doesn’t internet, but one of his friends has made a website for him with contact info.

    • Arakawa says:

      There’s a problem worth pointing out in that. Unlike drugs that destroy your life with pretty much 100% reliability, any preaching against a practice like what Aeoli is trying to do has to take into account the variability of outcomes. For every true story along the lines of “I tried an I Ching reading and my laptop became infested with demons!” there are dozens of people who try the same thing and don’t have any particularly bad experience. Effective preaching has to explain the subtle ways it screws up your life as well as the overt ones.

      Speaking of preaching, does Aeoli actually submit these posts to Bruce’s blog and then Bruce deletes them?

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        No, maybe I should post them there too.

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        I’m hesitating because I don’t have any rapport with him, and coming into someone’s blog and telling them what to do is bad manners. Here it’s more justified as a cautionary tale.

      • Arakawa says:

        I found discussions with Bruce fairly interesting. But apparently he deletes a lot of commenters (e.g. his post on Weightlifting triggered Vox Day’s comment section). Not sure there’s a magic criterion besides, exactly as you say, manners.

        • bicebicebice says:

          “Arakawa says:
          August 13, 2020 at 2:31 am
          I found discussions with Bruce fairly interesting. ” engaging someone or something on the internet will always be interesting but never productive that is the crux of the matter and im sure it will be Really interesting engaging a boomer who is coping with his fear of dying over what he and his whole generation did and keep on doing under the guise of christian theology contacting the dmt clockwork laptop demon beings in order to help him sort himself out…for good this time meaning holistically (no benzos no lobsters no mynewpolitics©). if the internet is/was intended as a search tool then surely a 100% success rate means you inevitably stop posting one day of your own accord but alas you can go from ITZ OVER to “may I interest you in the transsexual dwarfs in WOW” on a job application site in less than a second.

          the tragedy of the nu-internet is that the ride never ends people think they are going somewhere but the wheels of the bus aint even be spinning ’round while them people be throwing their hands up shout * WEEEEEEEE’ thinking they are going on a roller coaster ride

          if “social” “news” is your cup of tea meaning neuroticsism and disorders fueled by non-neanderthal genetics then buckle up fuckoo pour your inner-sape another glass of high fructose corn syrup because you are about to get served again∞

          the sad irony is that everybody had something better to do before the matrix took over the entire planet basically the escapism fuels more escapism because you are stuck so much so that people dream about living in space which is an arid shithole to the point that one tesla stock will soon be worth 5k fuckoo-bux.

          tldr: aint nobody be gonna acting like jesus untill you stop getting killed for it come home white man you are very in need of restfull peace you sleepy like 400 yar koala beer itz over

          ** this free-comment was brought to you by your friends at the ccp for the facil sum of continued neglect at the tangible outcome of no-shit-to-show-for irl stop watching the skies and have a good one

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